3 Must Haves For Your Spring Wardrobe

It is time to start thinking about your spring wardrobe.  There is 3 must haves for your spring wardrobe.  Each one of these pieces is versatile and can be mixed with what you already have in your closet.

If you are like me you have worn a lot of black during the winter months so by spring I am ready for colors.

Spring Wardrobe

White Jeans

Everyone should own at least one pair of white jeans.  The great thing about white jeans is you can really wear them year round.

When you are shopping for white jeans the best thing to do is try on several pairs to see which looks the best.  I usually go up a size in white because I do not want them too tight.  Another thing you want to be sure about the pockets.  In one of my favorite pairs you don’t have to worry about it because they have already sewn the pockets shut but in other jeans where the pocket is visible, I have my alterations lady cut the pocket out and sew it shut.

I have added 2 new white pair of jeans to my spring wardrobe this year.  They are both bell bottoms!  Yes, I am continuing to channel my 70’s Farrah Faucet vibe.  Why would I need 2 pair of bell bottoms?  Well, this pair has an exaggerated flare that I just loved.

If you don’t have a great pair of straight legged white jean then you should consider this pair.  Here are some other pairs of white jeans that would be great additions to your wardrobe.



stripe shirt

stripe shirt

Stripe Shirt

Remember when I was talking about spring trends and I said you know if it is going to be a trend if you see it a lot.  Well, I have seen stripes a lot so my thought is it is going to be a trend. If not a trend then really probably a basic for sure.

Recently, I bought this striped shirt and I have already worn it several times.  On my recent trip to NYC, I wore it layered under my navy sweater and I loved the pop of colors.  The one I am wearing in the pictures reminds me so much of spring with the pastel colors.

Here are some more that I would like to add to my closet.



army jacketArmy Jacket

The army jacket is really a basic in my wardrobe for all seasons.  I have so many in my closet right now so I will not be buying a new one.  However, if I was buying a new one…the one I am wearing in this picture is the one.

You can pair the army jacket with white jeans, blue jeans, black jeans, black pants, a skirt and so much more.  It could also be paired with a denim jumpsuit.

Check out these affordable army jackets.



All 3 of these must haves for your spring wardrobe can be mixed and matched several ways and will never go out of style.

What I am wearing:





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