My Aging Smile – Aging Beautifully

When I was younger one of the first compliments I use to get was how pretty my smile was, well lately I have not heard this compliment at all. I actually didn’t even realize it so much until my husband mentioned that I needed to get my teeth whitened again.

My Aging Smile

When he mentioned about my teeth getting darker,  I couldn’t help but remember my mother and how she use to get the same compliment as me about her smile but as she got older her teeth got darker and even started shifting and giving her problems with TMJ.  Ok, this is something I know I can avoid with some help from my dentist.

I am going, to be honest, two things I dislike the most is going to the gynecologist and going to the dentist! However, both are necessary.

My aging smile

So I enlisted the help of  Dr. Koch at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry on my aging smile. His waiting room feels more like someone’s home instead of an office.  Even better the dental chairs have a Tempurpedic cushion and I got a paraffin hand treatment.  I actually feel more like I am at a spa, which is way more my style than a dentists office.

Dentist office is spa like

After taking some pictures and talking with Dr. Koch of what I liked and didn’t like about my smile, we came up with a game plan. He also did a thorough exam on my teeth to check bone loss (something I hadn’t even thought of),  it turns out I need to start being concerned about this as well.

I actually learned so much from Dr. Koch after he finished my exam.  He explained to me systemic diseases first manifest themselves orally in the form of various types of mouth inflammation. That is why oral health is key to preventing all kinds of diseases.

Most importantly he helped me find my “why” to flossing.  He explained to me that if I did not start flossing every day that I had already lost some bone and I would lose more and therefore lose my teeth. This would really affect my aging smile! That is a BIG reason to start flossing every day.  Then he showed me how to floss properly. (I had been doing it wrong) Are you flossing every day?

Stay tuned I will be sharing more of my journey on My Aging Smile.  If you are looking for more info on Aging Gracefully check out these posts:



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