Love Your Body Again With The NEW Balance Movement Method!

Say Goodbye to belly fat and hello to a leaner, stronger you in midlife

Boost Your Energy, Reset Your Metabolism & Feel Your Youthful Self Again!

Love Your Body Again With The NEW Balance Movement Method!

Say Goodbye to belly fat and hello to a leaner, stronger you in midlife

Boost Your Energy, Reset Your Metabolism & Feel Your Youthful Self Again!

After the age of 40...

You lose up to 5% of your lean muscle mass each decade and that loss accelerates even more once you hit your peri & post menopause years!

Does this sound like you?

you Feel like you've lost control of your body

Does it feel like your body is betraying you?
Your waistline is ever-expanding....a little bit every year. Your fat distribution is shifting to places it has never been before...😳

You feel "mushy"

The firm muscles you had in your 20s & 30s are shrinking -you swear it happened overnight. Does it seem like you're playing a game of hide & seek searching for that muscle under an extra layer of cushioning? No, it's not your imagination... refer back to the FACT 🔝

The loss of lean muscle mass leaves you feeling weak, unmotivated, frustrated and blah.

your weight just won't budge

Now that you've hit your 40s, 50s or beyond, no matter how much exercise you do, you are not seeing any results from your efforts. What worked in your 20s & 30s (cardio, cardio, & more cardio) doesn't work anymore.

And let's not forget the...

  • Slower metabolism -your body's calorie burning furnace feels like it is on the low setting
  • Fatigue, mood swings and sleepless nights
  • Joint aches and pains that you never had before
  • Loss of your core strength, flexibility and balance
  • Decline in bone density that could lead to osteoporosis- a silent disease for women in midlife
  • and MORE...

Remember the days when dropping 10 lbs seemed easy to do?

Now that you’ve hit midlife, there are reasons why your body reacts differently than in your younger years.

Things are harder…

Feeling fit and recapturing your energy when you hit midlife can be discouraging if not downright disheartening in the peri and post-menopause stages.

FACT: peri-menopause can start as early as your late 30s and last up to 10 years!

We understand how frustrating it can be to feel like your body is betraying you.

You’re not alone in this struggle!  

Countless women just like you are experiencing the same thing.
But the good news is,
there is a way to take back control and reclaim your fitness and vitality.

regain A more youthful you again

We're here to show you how you can adapt your fitness to get awesome results in this Season of Your life.

You can say hello to a fitter, healthier you!

You can feel energized again in your 40s, 50s, and beyond without:

A program specifically designed to address the unique challenges of women in midlife that is time efficient, simple & easy to follow.

Hi! We’re Deanna Pizitz, Well & Worthy Life and Lori Carter, Whole Body Health

We know how hard and overwhelming it can be to get your workouts in let alone plan what to do that will move you towards your goals. You have no idea where to start, what exercises to do, how often or even how long.

That’s why we came up with a simple method to help you rebuild your beautiful lean muscle mass and shed that midlife belly fat – the Balance Movement Method!  The best part is our movement routines are only 15 minutes!

When you move your body effectively, you’ll finally see the progress you desire. You’ll start feeling vibrant & confident on the inside and out.

Plus you’ll reap so many other benefits too… 

  • boosted metabolism 
  • more energy
  • less joint pain and aches
  • more strength
  • better balance & flexibility
  • better hormone & bone health
A Strength Training program for midlife women

Introducing the...

The Balance Movement Method

By Deanna Pizitz, Well & Worthy Life featuring Lori Carter from Whole Body Health

The Balance Movement Method is a specialized approach to strength training and fitness for busy women in midlife (like you) that are ready to turn back the clock. You will start to rebuild lean muscle and increase your strength for a more toned youthful appearance without spending hours at the gym or doing endless cardio! We’ll show you our signature Balance Movement Method Plug & Play Formula. You’ll learn how to squeeze in effective workouts into your busy lifestyle effortlessly.

Yes, it’s possible!

The Balance Movement Method Plug & Play Formula breaks it all down. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

The Balance Movement Method Focuses On These 3 Key Pillars to optimize Your Fitness in midlife...


Strength training can help you finally lose that extra weight! Yesss!
More lean muscle increases your metabolism to help you burn more fat. When you are stronger, your quality of life is enhanced and every day activities are easier. Strength training also protects your joints and helps maintain your bone density.


Your core is your center of gravity. Weak core muscles can make you more prone to poor posture, lower back pain and muscle injuries. When you have a strong core, your balance and posture is enhanced. Beautiful posture gives you a more youthful look! And who doesn't want a more cinched in waistline too. 😉


Why is mobility so important? Focusing on your mobility and flexibility will help you move and feel better! You can do daily tasks with more ease. The more ease of movement your body has, the more youthful and energetic you will feel. You'll also gain more muscle coordination and reduce the risk of injuries & muscle soreness.

Take a closer look at what's included in the

Balance Movement Method

4-Week Online Program - New Session Starts May 31st!

You’ll get access to the Balance Movement Method online program and group community in the Well & Worthy Life App.

This online program is designed to help you to start building back lean muscle for a more toned appearance, and provide the additional health benefits of optimal fitness. You’ll move towards your goals with even GREATER success with our guidance! You’ll get our personalized help in the group community and on our weekly group calls. You’ll be able to get your questions answered there.

We are here to support you fully through your journey! We’ll provide step-by-step guidance throughout the program and accountability to move you toward your fitness goals!

Total Value $1997

ONLY $397

Plus These Bonuses Too!

1. Our wonderful friend and yoga instructor extraordinaire, Allison Labianca is sharing...

  • Morning Stretch Routines to start your day energized

  • Evening Stretch Routines to help you wind down and get a better night of sleep

  • An invigorating Yoga routine

    2. You'll also get a special edition barre routine from our very own barre expert, Deanna.
    ...Deanna is sharing her favorite barre routine that will help you tone and elongate those muscles.

    I know if you take this leap into BALANCE MOVEMENT METHOD, you'll be stepping towards making your second half of life your best!

  • Want a sneak peek?

    Here's What You Can Expect Over The 4 Weeks When You Join The Balance movement Method:

    Welcome + Week 1

    This might be the most important week because it will kickstart your progress!

    We’ll begin with mindset work…. Yes, you read that correctly! A positive mindset is a critical component to reaching any goal you set for yourself. So we are taking the time to focus on it right out of the gate.

    You’ll learn Deanna’s signature MASS Method to help you build lasting habits for continued movement. You’ll master how to create new habits you can stick to so that you can start transforming your body.

    We’ll also get you ready for weeks 2-4 by building a strong understanding of what movement (3 key pillars) is the best for YOU!

    With our ‘Get Started Essentials List‘, you’ll be set up & ready to start using our signature BMM Plug & Play Formula.

    Week 2

    What you learn in this module will change how you move your body forever!

    We’ll reveal our Plug and Play Formula for the optimal combination of movement that is strength focused. 

    When you learn to use this Plug & Play movement formula you’ll never get bored with your “workouts” again. You’ll be inspired and motivated to be consistent and stay on track.

    You’ll actually look forward to movement... How wonderful would that be?!

    Week 3

    Now that you have the amazing Plug and Play Movement Formula in your back pocket, you’re ready to get moving efficiently and effectively! 

    Last week you hit the ground running. This week you’ll build upon that. It’s the small consistent steps you take that will lead to the biggest transformation. 

    We’ll provide you with more short 15-minute movement routines for you to add to your arsenal of transformation. You don’t need to do as much as you think. Before you know it, you’ll start feeling stronger and reenergized again!

    Week 4

    Let’s continue your journey to build your strength and reverse aging

    That’s right, we’re going to tell you how you can stay motivated and maintain this new lifestyle of more intentional movement. You’ll continue to build upon your first 3 weeks of BMM.

    You’ll learn the next steps to take to keep focused, on track and loving moving more for an energized life!

    In case you’re wondering…

    The BMM program is for you if: 

    ✔ You’re tired of being uninspired and unmotivated when it comes to your fitness. The “old” way of doing things just isn’t cutting it anymore. You’re ready to try something fresh and new that works for YOU now! 

    ✔ You’re in your 40s, 50s or beyond and either in peri or post menopause. You are experiencing lean muscle mass loss, and the other not-so-fun changes in your body from fluctuating hormones.

     ✔ You want to be in a group of women just like you, who have the same struggles and who can help keep you motivated. 

     ✔ You’re 100% committed to moving your body optimally to re-energize and live a more active life. 

     ✔ You’re ready for a transformation that lasts.

    The BMM program is NOT for you if: 

    ✖ You’re looking for another quick“fix” and only want to do endless cardio 

    ✖ You haven’t yet experienced the “unique” symptoms of middle age (Lucky you!)

    ✖ You’d rather just figure this all out on your own and go through this stage of life by yourself. 

    ✖ You’re not ready to move more. 

    ✖ You’re more focused on today than lasting, life-changing fitness that incorporates strength and muscle rebuilding.

    Client Love... Julie's Story

    Again, Here's What to Expect From The Balance Movement Method Program...

    You’ll learn…

    • The most ideal movement for YOU so you can exercise more intelligently and efficiently. 
    • Simple movements that you can incorporate into daily living.

      Life is already complicated… your fitness doesn’t have to be!  

    You’ll also get access to…

    • Our easy-to-follow Balance Signature 15-minute Movement Routines.
      You’ll need little to no equipment since you’ll be using your own body weight and inexpensive equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, and resistance bands.

      We’ll show you step-by-step how you can comfortably fit this series of 15-minute movement routines into your busy schedule.

    We designed these impactful short movement routines for everyone… regardless of age, current shape or how much time you have in your busy day!


    We are going to make Movement fun again!  


    AND you’ll get awesome results in a gentle way.

    There is something for everyone here and you can follow this program without feeling overwhelmed.

    We’ll be there to keep you motivated week after week!

    Join Balance Movement Method!

    Disclaimer: Please have your doctor’s approval before beginning any wellness, nutrition or exercise program. The information provided in any programs, resources, guides or on the website are for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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