Do You have 5 Minutes For Self-Care?

Self-care looks different to everyone. The more I talk with other women in my Health Coaching practice I have come to the conclusion that most women just do not take the time for self-care.  They are too busy.

Health Coaching

Have you said that before, “I am too busy …”?  I bet you have.  Every day I catch myself saying the same thing.  My husband wants to oversimplify it and he tells me to quit something that I am doing so that I am not “too busy”.  But what am I suppose to quit?  Taking care of my step-father with Lewy-Body Dementia? No chance, I am the only one who takes care of him.  So what about my blog, my health coaching, my coaching for FASTer Way To Fat Loss, this is my purpose and I LOVE it!  I am not going to quit exercising, this is a small part of my self-care and it is important for my health.

Then there are all the other little things that take time in my day, cleaning up the house, laundry, grocery shopping, preparing meals.  Also, what about lunch with friends or my son’s.  I guess that could be considered self-care. Even getting a manicure and a pedicure would be considered self-care to most people but is it really when you are getting both a manicure and a pedicure at the same time?  It is not like you get to really relax during it.

I know these are all ridiculous when you look at the big picture.  I know I am super blessed!  One of the lucky ones some people would say and I would have to agree.

What Self-Care Means To Me

But self-care to me means to slow down, breathe, enjoy the moment.  For some reason, this is a real problem with me and other women.  We want it ALL!  And we want it ALL right now!

A few weeks ago, I booked myself a spa day at The Retreat Day Spa.  I will be honest I was looking forward to it so much but when I saw it on my calendar at the beginning of the week, I thought to myself, I am really too busy. But once I drove up and walked into the spa I was instantly greeted with a soft voice, soft music, and relaxing scents.

I started with a body scrub and a massage and ended with a facial.  About 30 minutes into my treatment I felt my body relax so deeply that I realized I needed this more than anything. It seems like such a luxury and believe me that day it was a luxury. It was magical.  I can’t even describe how my body and face felt after so much pampering.

Having a spa day may not be possible to do on a monthly basis (however, that would be great). But taking time to slow down, breathe and relax for even 5 minutes a day is a wonderful form of self-care.

How To Take 5 Minutes A Day For Self-Care

  • Download the Free Meditation App Insight Timer.
  • Go To Meditations (it is at the bottom right, where you see the headphones)
  • From there you can pick out anything you want even if it is just music.
  • Sit in a comfortable spot, hit play, and close your eyes.
  • Breathe


Meditation can look different for everyone.  Some of my friends have told me they do not feel comfortable with yoga or meditation because it is based on Buddhism or Hinduism.   However, after doing a bit of research (googling) and reflecting on my own beliefs, I believe yoga and meditation can help you your “inner well-being” regardless of your belief system, religion, or community.

How do you practice self-care?



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