Let’s Feel Our Best Year-Round -It’s Not All About Bathing Suit Season

We are nearing the end of summer, where most people start to slack off their diets and fall into old habits. Gone are the pressure of having to put on a swimsuit in public and the delicious flavors of fall and the holiday season are practically begging to be indulged in. 

FASTer Way To Fat Loss

But here’s the thing…

We Want to Feel Our Best Year-Round


The cycle of dropping weight for the summer and then regaining it in the fall and winter is terrible for your metabolism and for your overall health.


The yo-yo diet roller coaster can actually slow your metabolic rate and cause your adrenals to become overworked. This leads to a whole host of problems that can include chronic fatigue, aches and pains, headaches, depression, and much more. 


Not to mention, your diet should be about more than how you look in a swimsuit! It’s not bad to want to look smoking hot on the beach, but the energy, strength, improved sleep, better digestion, and confidence that comes from a healthy lifestyle should factor into your desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle year-round. 


When you drop a bunch of weight just before the summer with some simple, quick fix, you often restrict too much, which makes that lifestyle hard to maintain. 

Living A Healthy Lifestyle Year-Round



What if you could live a healthy lifestyle that had you rocking your bikini in the summer and feeling just as lean during the winter without depriving yourself? What if your energy levels could be high and your sleep cycle regular all year long? What if you could be healthy and fit through every season?


You can be! Whatever diet and exercise plan you choose to partake in should be one that can be sustained year-round. 


Don’t put your body through the damage of yo-yoing up and down with each season. Continue your efforts even though your swimsuits will soon be put back into the drawer for a while. 


A Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle


If you’ve already done one round of the FASTer Way and saw some great results during your 6 weeks, don’t stop now. Continue to live this flexible, healthy lifestyle into the fall and winter so that you look and FEEL your best all year round. 


If you haven’t joined the FASTer Way to Fat Loss yet and think it’s pointless because the summer is over, you couldn’t be more wrong. Feeling lean and fit during the fall and winter is just as fun as feeling lean and fit during the summer. And…feeling healthy, energized, strong and confident is pretty incredible no matter what season you find yourself in. 


So, don’t leave healthy and strong in the summer. Let’s carry it throughout the year so that next summer you don’t have to lose any weight, you can just continue to live your lifestyle, fully confident in your own skin! In fact, did you know summer bodies are made in the winter!


If you are ready to feel your best year-round then join me in my next round of FASTer Way by clicking  here or if you have done a round and you have gotten off track click here for a discount on a return round.

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