5 Tips for Losing Weight in Your 50s

Losing weight in your 50s and beyond can feel a little overwhelming. What once worked for you may not anymore but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. There may be other factors to consider when trying to lose weight in your 50s. Try incorporating some of these listed below.


Prioritize Sleep

lose weight in your 50s

Having a sleep routine can be an overlooked step to weight loss in middle age. Inadequate or disruptive sleep leaves you with less energy for movement and activity. Having evening rituals to help prepare you for good sleep is a must. I work to avoid screen time about an hour before bed, drink my Kava Stress Relief Yogi Tea, and make my room dark, quiet and cool. Find what helps you and commit to that plan so you’re getting a good night’s rest!


Eat Whole Foods

Simply put, whole foods are foods that are not processed at all or are minimally processed – think grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Jumping on the next fad diet never works for the long term and can actually be damaging to your overall wellness. When you choose to incorporate more whole foods into your diet it’s sustainable over time and helps you reach and maintain a healthy weight. 


Move Your Body

It’s so important to keep your body moving as you age. The kind of workout you do in your 50s will likely look a little different than in your 20s 30s and 40s. For instance, I used to focus predominately on cardio but have shifted to incorporate resistance or strength training at least 2x per week. I also work to get those 10,000 steps in a day with nice long walks. If you’re looking to lose weight in your 50s, check out my menopause workout plan that helps me maintain a healthy weight.


Reduce Stress

Stress affects the production of stress hormones in your system which can lead to changes in your appetite and metabolization. Finding ways to become more mindful of the stressors in your life and techniques to decrease their effect on your body is important.  As integrated beings, we need to prioritize stress relief to aid weight loss.


Start Small

The small things you do consistently will make the biggest difference in your weight loss journey. Focus on one of the things above and start there. Once it’s become a habit add in another one. Slow and steady is the way to lasting change. 

Which one will you try first as you work to lose weight in your 50s?


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