Midlife health got lost in the chaos?
You're not alone. Let's find our spark together in...


Refocus & Revive Your Motivation In 2024

Hey there!

Remember those “rock your midlife” goals you made last year?
No judgment if life got in the way!
This year, let’s ditch the January overwhelm and create a guided path to feeling amazing again in your second chapter.

Join me for the Motivation Uprise workshop: 
Your roadmap to conquering 2024’s goals(in health, mindset, and intentional living) with a plan that inspires, motivates, and sticks. I’m Deanna, your midlife cheerleader and coach, walking alongside you this year. 

Let’s reignite your inner spark that outlasts the January buzz.

Your Midlife Transformation Awaits...

Ready to Refocus & Revive Your Motivation?

Reignite your energy, shrink your waistline, and glow like never before – one sprinkle of motivation at a time!

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Join Me To Learn...

Understanding Your Triggers:

Identify the factors that lead to unhealthy choices. We'll delve into practical strategies to overcome the challenges and overwhelm. You'll transform your mindset and ditch the all-or-nothing attitude that sabotages your progress.

The Power of Pre-Planning and Pre-Deciding:

Discover the game-changing technique of pre-planning and pre-deciding. Learn how this proactive approach can empower you to make healthier choices effortlessly.

How To Create Your Plan For Motivation:

Create a plan that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. From goal setting to integrating a healthy routine, you'll craft a plan designed just for you. Make motivation a natural outcome of your actions.

Hi there, I'm Deanna!

I’m not just a midlife health expert & life coach; I’m your companion in this empowering journey to Refocus and Revive Your Motivation. Imagine someone who understands those midlife struggles, the late-night cravings, and the endless diet mindset. That’s me – your friendly guide who’s been there, navigated the challenges, and emerged stronger.

Let me share a personal secret: motivation isn’t a constant feeling; it’s a series of actions. I’ve found a way to turn actions into habits, helping me feel my best and thrive in midlife while avoiding gaining those extra menopause pounds. From planning meals to sneaking in quick exercises, I’ve mastered the art of making wellness a part of every day, even during the busiest times.

Join me in the Motivation Uprise workshop, where I’ll share these practical strategies, infused with warmth and encouragement. I promise, it’s not about drastic changes but simple, actionable steps that fit into your life seamlessly.

Together, let’s transform your motivation, so you can avoid the typical pitfalls, and welcome a healthier, happier you in 2024.

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