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  1. juli jordan
    November 21, 2019 @ 10:31 pm

    Opening up to the idea that most of the things we put on our bodies have harmful ingredients that get into our bodies is a process, isn’t it. Over the past 6ish years I’ve been doing the best I can to make this switch.
    Deodorant was first and pretty tricky.
    I recently switched to BeautyCounter’s make up, even though I wear very little. I’ve been looking into City Lips. So this is a 2nd thumbs up there.
    Skincare is a big deal. I had acne growing up and in college (Acutane! it worked but pretty scary stuff) & I thought wouldn’t be a problem as an adult. Not so! Even in my late 40’s.
    Then I found Renu 28 which works with the bodies naturally process for healthier skin. Renu contains molecules that are the communications network of our cells. When the cells can communicate magical things happen. What I love is that it’s safe for everyone.
    I haven’t had a breakout since then.
    My skin texture improved along with elasticity, line depth, & cellulite of all things!
    It’s is marketed person to person also, and it’s patented so no one else has anything like it. I started out not intending to share….but my family & I had so many improvements I couldn’t not let people know it’s an option.

    We are fortunate that there are so many options out there now!

    What kind of lotion do you use? That’s my next change. Beauty Counter has some but it seems a little pricey.


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