The Denim Skirt You Need This Spring And Summer

When I am buying clothing, I really like to think about how and when I will wear it. A skirt is a perfect item to wear year around.  You can change it up so many ways.

denim skirt

denim skirt

In my closet, my denim skirt is one of the basic pieces that I can build my outfit from. In my post My Fall Uniform I talked about my basic pieces being my jeans and a white t-shirt. The denim skirt adds another basic to my spring and summer uniform.

A denim skirt is a good buy if you buy the right one.  It can be timeless.  I searched for the perfect denim skirt for years.  A couple of years ago I found the right one at Gus Mayer.  It is made by Frame.  Unfortunately, they do not make this exact skirt but I have found some others that I like here.



The look I am wearing here is perfect for a spring day when I am running errands or meeting a friend for a casual lunch.  In fact, the top and bra I am wearing are from my activewear clothes.  So I worked out (I didn’t really sweat), and then just changed my leggings for my denim skirt and sneakers.

denim skirt

denim skirtWhat To Look For When You Are Buying A Denim Skirt

  • Make sure the length feels good.  Not too long and not too short.  I have bought mini denim skirts only to have them expose too much skin when I sit down.  Try it on and make sure you can sit comfortably in your skirt.
  • If you are only buying one denim skirt, I would stick with one that is more of a medium to dark wash.  This way you will be able to wear it year round.

denim skirt

In spring I wear layers.  That way as the day warms up, I can shed my layers and still be comfortable.  I have made the mistake too many times of not wearing layers and then either being too hot for the day or too cold.  The jacket I am wearing I bought this fall and it has been a great stable for me.  I will wear this through the spring for sure. The price is pretty awesome too!

Here are some other items that I will be wearing with my denim skirt this spring and summer:


My outfit:

Photos by: Rachel and Noah Ray

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