About Me

Menopause health coach Deanna sitting in an office

I'm Deanna, a midlife coach for women

I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Life Coach for midlife women, a blogger, & a podcaster.

I created the Well and Worthy Life (a southern-based style and wellness company in Birmingham) with a mission to inspire midlife women through wellness and lifestyle content and programs.

As a midlife health coach and life coach, I want to reach women searching for the ultimate resource for a happy and fulfilled life whether they are in Birmingham or live somewhere beyond.

I am always on my own personal journey to be the best I can be today, tomorrow and every day in between.

As a midlife coach, I am a firm believer that everyone can live a well and worthy life based on the notion that what someone does today and the choices they make today affect their tomorrows.

Drawing from the challenges in my own personal life, and as the work I’ve done with clients through my midlife coaching services, I am motivated each and every day to bring my passion for helping others to live and hope my readers will join in on the journey to self-inspiration, self-care and most importantly, self-love.

Peace & Love, Deanna

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Reset To ReEnergize!

Reclaim Your Energy & Vitality: Discover the Pivotal Changes You Need to Make in Midlife To Feel Your Best!

You can defy the effects of midlife –peri & post-menopause and rediscover your youthful self again! Begin your journey with this free podcast series as your guide to thrive in your 40s, 50s & beyond. 

The Reset To ReEnergize mini course podcast series is for women experiencing changes after 40 like peri and post-menopause symptoms who want a wellness jumpstart so they can begin to say goodbye to their low energy, belly fat, insomnia, (and that’s just to name a few of those pesky symptoms!) — and hello to a more vibrant youthful you that is just waiting to return.

What you’ll learn from a health & life coach over the 7-part podcast series: 

  • Mindset… the (little-known) thing that can sabotage all of our efforts
  • Nourishment for balanced hormones
  • Movement that is balanced & optimizes your results
  • Stress Management: how it affects your health and how to combat it
  • Sleep: Why it’s so important at this stage of life (and what happens if you don’t).
  • Hydration & why it affects e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g
  • and more..
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Reset To ReEnergize

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