Overcoming Obstacles – Using Obstacles In Life To Make You Stronger

Deanna is alongside Neillie Butler in today’s episode. She was actually a client of Deanna’s, and despite also living in Birmingham, the two had never met until recently. That changes now as the two finally get together to talk about overcoming obstacles. Someone might look at Neillie and think she has it all but you never know what someone is going or gone through so be careful to judge.

Today Neillie is an open book and she shares those obstacles that she overcame so that it might help someone else going through something.  She and Deanna want all the listeners to know overcoming obstacles aren’t easy but it is possible.

Neillie recalls how a learning disability made schooling very difficult for her at a young age. She shares a shocking statement that a teacher made in front of her and her parents. Progressing through the education system did not get much easier as she was diagnosed with cancer in her freshman year of college.

After getting married, Neillie and her husband divorced after about eighteen months. She and Deanna agree that a lesson that should be learned from a divorce or any obstacle is the mindset of “it’s not what happens, it’s how you respond.” We can choose to stay down when confronted with hardship, or we can choose to use it in a positive and constructive way.

Neillie worked for a company that did corporate events and decided one day that she wanted to start her own business. She explains why this seemed like a crazy idea at the time and tells us her husband’s justified response. We then hear about how she bootstrapped the business to find success. Every day is still filled with challenges, but Neillie welcomes them and thinks strategically about how to move forward. She brings up some of the obstacles that get presented in the wedding planning business and the importance of giving people slack.

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