A Strength Training Program for Midlife Women

Episode Overview

We are beyond excited to share Balance Movement Method with you all, a well-rounded strength training program for midlife women! Lori is a fitness, nutrition, and functional movement specialist, and a women’s fitness instructor. I can’t think of a more perfect person to lead this program with me. Feeling fit and recapturing your energy when you hit midlife can be discouraging if not downright disheartening. Especially if you hit the peri and post-menopause stages. In the Balance Movement Method, we’re here to teach you how to adapt to get awesome results.  

Questions Answered in the Episode

  • How does strength training support symptoms of perimenopause?
  • The benefits of joining a strength training program for midlife women.
  • Is it necessary to spend hours in the gym to see the results of strength training?
  • What is NEAT and why is it important for our health?
  • How does physical strength impact mental strength?

Action Items

  • The Balance Movement Method is going to make you feel your BEST using our efficient and effective movement method! Get on the waitlist and join us starting March 15th.
  • Follow Lori on Instagram for fitness and healthy lifestyle tips.

Key Moments in the Conversation

[4:17] We want to show women that they are stronger than they think mentally and physically. Often times when you are in strength training and resistance training you start to see that about yourself.

[7:40] Muscles are torn down during the workout, but they’re rebuilt in the kitchen. You have to pair both fitness and nutrition to reap the benefits.

[28:05] I don’t do one-on-one coaching anymore because the magic happens with the group. I found that I don’t have all the answers, and when we’re all together, we can bounce things off one another and learn so much from each other. 


Welcome to the well and worthy life podcast. I’m your host, Deanna Pizitz a certified integrative nutrition health coach. This podcast is designed to inspire and motivate you to become a better you through sharing solutions, to your biggest struggles and concerns. In this second half of life, let’s change how we age by focusing on creating a positive mindset that allows us to flourish.

Nourishing our bodies for longevity, optimizing our hormone health for better balance movement that keeps us feeling young and active, and managing our stress to improve our mental health. Things are different now in our second half, and we have to do things differently. Hey friends. Welcome back to Well Unworthy Life podcast. I’m so excited to have my fellow health coach with me today, Lori Carter. Lori and I are super excited because we’ve got balance movement method coming up. Soon and we cannot wait to introduce you to it. So let me tell you a little bit about Lori.

Lori and I met through coaching another program and let me go through some of her certifications so that you’ll be as impressed with her as I am. Like I said, she is a health coach and she’s certified through nam, which is the Help me out. Lori National. What is that? National Academy. National Academy of Sports Medicine.

There you go. So Nam and she’s a fitness and nutrition specialist, a functional movement and screen specialist, and a women’s fitness instructor. So there’s a lot of different certifications. And you know, it’s, I don’t think a certification makes you everything. I think there’s. So much more to it. It’s experience and everything else, but certification is a good place to start.

And we both started there with certifications, right, Lori? Yeah. But you’ve been doing this for how many years now? 17, 18 since I was 34. And I’m. 50, almost 53 . So that’s 18 years. About 18. 18. 18 years. Yeah, because my youngest is 18 and I started when he was born, so. Oh, wow. Wow. Well that’s so exciting.

You know. It’s if anybody’s been around for a while, they may have heard my story about Peer bar and and me becoming an instructor with Peer Bar. And I, when I was younger, when my kids were young, I always wanted to be a personal trainer and or a step instructor. Remember step. Did you teach a step back in the day?

No, but I loved it. Oh my gosh. And those outfits, those outfits would wear with the thong. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe, I really cannot believe we wore those kind of things, but we did . But I always wanted to do that and it just, it just was never the right timing. My ex-husband that I was married to was not encouraging and didn’t want me to do anything like that, so I never got certified to do something like that, but I always wanted to.

And then it is funny cause, and I’ve talked to you about this too, I tried to I. Probably about a year ago, I thought, well, I’ll get my personal training certification from namm. Oh my goodness. I, that’s where I started. That’s where I started. That started is a hard thing to do. So I started it. I did not finish it because, and I’ve done lots of certifications.

I’ve done my yoga certification pure bar trained. I went to I I n I may have done a lot of certifications. Yeah. But this was by far the hardest certification cuz you had to know so many parts of the body. All the muscles and what they did and just it was just way too much for me. I was like, lots of flashcards.

I remember a lot of flashcards when I was studying . Oh my gosh. Yeah, exactly. But but let’s talk a little bit about why we feel so passionate about this newest program and the balanced family. I’m, I’m really excited. So we’ve got balanced wellness method, we’ve got balanced eating method, and now we’re gonna have balanced movement method.

What excites you about. , the biggest thing is to show women that. Well, a couple of things. One is to show them that they are stronger than they think mentally and physically. And I think a lot of times when you are strength training and resistance training and all that, you really start to see that about yourself.

You learn that about yourself. I know I did when I started it. And I think from there you just start to feel really empowered about your whole. It just really helps you in all areas of life. So I’m excited to teach women that not only was it something that you needed to focus on back then, but even more so now as we get older, I think, I think that probably gets lost somewhere as we move through life and we’re like, oh, you know, probably, well, it, it actually matters more now than it did back then in my opinion.

Yeah, I, I totally agree. I mean, I have done strengths training some throughout the years, and now I find it more important than ever, and this goes right along with, you know, our foundation. Foundational program, balance, wellness method. You know, we talk about movement in there and about finding the movement that that you like.

I don’t, I used to say that you love, but I don’t think that anymore because maybe you’re somebody who doesn’t love exercise, period. That’s hard for me to understand, to be perfectly honest. I’ve always. Movement has never been my problem. It was probably the eating more than the, the movement for. But we know that eating right and moving right at this stage of our life is what’s going to make us feel our best.

And I think that’s the most important thing. So, so, but we’ve learned and, and there’s new science emerging. all the time, but we l we have learned that protein is more important than ever. So, you know, in balanced eating method, we really focus on that protein and, and eating those plants and now in and balanced movement method to go along with eating right?

We’ve got to move our body, right? We’ve gotta do that strength training, that resistance training, which will help us avoid. a lot of problems that we can experience as we get older. Mm-hmm. , right? Mm-hmm. , absolutely. And will help us, give us the confidence and we’ll look better in our clothes, but we have to pair the two of those things up together, when I started out I hired a trainer after my third child and my body was just wrecked and I had no energy. And and, and I have to say, I hired the trainer not knowing anything about anything , I was starting from a whiteboard that never had been written on as far as movement and especially strength training stuff.

But when I did that, I found. I really wasn’t focusing on changing up my, my nutrition with that. What a, what a waste of time. Once I started eating better and moving, as you know, really getting into the strength training stuff, I was like, whoa. I, I truly was blown away. I was like, whoa, I’d never seen that muscle before.

And I’m, I mean, because muscles are, they’re torn down during the workout, but they’re rebuilt in the kitchen. Right. So you, you gotta pair the both to really reap the benefits of it, mm-hmm. . Yeah. So I love that. And you know, and it does change, you know, we grew up in an era that it was all the cardio do the cardio, cardio, cardio, cardio.

I know I was guilty of that. I was a runner mm-hmm. for a long time. And I didn’t really do any strength training. In fact, I used to say, oh, I can build muscle really easy. I don’t wanna have too much muscle and. And now we know that that’s not true. And we especially all that . Yeah. And especially as we get older, that’s certainly not true.

And we want to do everything we can to avoid osteopenia and sarcopenia, we have to, we know that we’ve got to do resistance and strength training, but a lot of people, and I am the same way sometimes.

Well, I know if you just say, well go to a gym, I’m gonna be like, well, what am I gonna do? I mean, yeah. Kind of know what to do. I mean, I’ve been in this world for a long time, I kind of know, but it’s so much easier when you can put it together in. Small, doable segments because yes, that’s the thing. We talk about this in all the balance programs is the small things that we do consistently.

And I think we, we used to think we had to spend hours even some people still think they have to spend hours in the gym and that’s just not true because that’s not sustainable. No, it’s not fun. It’s not fun like, I’ve gone from out an hour of training throughout the years when I was younger.

Then I went down to 30 minutes, like late forties, maybe early 50. There’s some days I’m 15 minutes. and you know, and then I give myself a little warm up, maybe some walking prior and then some stretching after and that kind of thing. But , the physical movement of strength training, sometimes I’m in and out 15 minutes and.

When I’ve said that to , some of my friends and even clients in the past, they’re like, what can you barely get a workout in that absolutely you can be super effective. It’s what you’re doing. It’s the, the type of movement that you’re doing, there’s variables within that to make it really effective, but absolutely can kick your butt in 15 minutes and, and you feel.

I’ve worked it all. And personally I like to work my entire body in a workout. It seems that my body responds really well to that. So 15 minutes and I like that too. And a, actually, I’ve already done one of the workouts in in the program that you created. It was the first one Yes. That we’ve done.

And it was 15 minutes. Mm-hmm. , it was just body movement and I was like, I was sore The next. And I loved it. 15 minutes, but you know, we’re not saying 15 minutes is all the movement you need in a day, you know? No, not it at all. No. But for that strength, because we want you moving all day long. I mean, there’s, there’s this term called neat.

Why, why don’t you explain NEAT to them if they’ve never heard that? Non-exercise activity thermogenesis. So it’s movement outside of a formal workout, sleeping and eating. So it’s, you know, walking, walking into the grocery store, it’s taking your dog on a walk. It’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

It’s all of that movement. And like Deanna said, you know, it’s not just that workout, that formal workout, that’s that workout. We, we need to be doing that strength training, but it’s really It totally encompasses all the other movement that’s paired with it, that really helps with longevity and all the benefits that we’re, you know, putting in day to day by adding that increased meat.

You think could just get creative with it even, you know, like, Sitting at an office desk, you know? Mm-hmm. , maybe you eat, you know, maybe you take a call or you eat your lunch at your desk. You know, maybe walk down to the cafeteria and meet up with your friend or take a walk around the office building on your call if you can’t, you know, just little things like that that we can do to increase our movement cuz it’s, again, it’s just not that one workout.

We’ve got all this other movement that is as important, if not more important. . Right. And I think, I think that’s the whole thing, and this accountability support showing you how to make it, how to incorporate it in your life. Because we all have different lifestyles. We, we, we tend to live in this busy, busy, busy life right now, right?

I mean, everything’s go, go, go, go, go. But you can carve out this time for yourself and it’s important, but it doesn’t have to be so long. I was in New York City with Jeff and we ice skated. I saw that , it was so much fun and I couldn’t help but think about how our, our core and our stability, we had to be very stable.

We had not, I asked Jeff, I said, how long has it been since you’ve ice skated? Now he’s 65. He said probably 40 years. Wow. For me, it was probably 20 years, but, . you know, skiing and stuff like that, I, I, and he skied too. So that was kind of, it’s kind of similar, but I was thinking about that, that our core had to be really strong and it is strong and we can do things like that because we do other things.

We ride bikes, we we walk. I do strength train. He doesn’t, I wish he did , but, but we’ll get him, he plays tennis. You know, we are very active and I think that that is really important so that you can keep doing these things. Because the last thing that, one thing I did worry about a little bit when we were ice skating yesterday, and there was a couple of wobbly times for him.

That I thought, oof, he loses his balance. He’s gonna fall. In fact, one time he almost lost his, that he grabbed onto me like, man, we’re.

But but neither one of us fell and we had a great time, but I really, I did think about that. I thought, you know, the reason that we can do stuff like this is because our core is strong and strength training strengthens our core. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Mobility core. You know, I even though in a lot of strength training moves, you are using that inevitably because of just in by nature of the movements that you’re doing.

But it’s important to work specifically on mobility. For things like that. Skating, you gotta that balance and core because the, you know, I always think and explain our core as the trunk of the tree. Mm-hmm. , you know, our arms are the limbs and everything, but the trunk needs to be, and I’m not talking six pack ab Right.

I’m not talking about that stuff. I mean if that’s, that’s the goal, that’s great. Go for it. I think it’s awesome. But I’m talking. that you feel your body feels confident in movement. Mm-hmm. , it feels that it’s not straining. It’s, it’s at ease as it’s trying to be fluid while you’re doing things like skating, but it’s got this confidence about it that I can hold, I can hold Jeff up.

I can hold Dana up. Right. Mm-hmm. , it’s, it’s, that’s the trunk. . Yeah. That’s where it’s gonna start. Yeah. And I, I do, I just I’m, I’m so feel, so passionate about this because we need to have that strength. Years ago I read a book called Younger Next Year. Mm-hmm. . And he talked about that, that in your, the way you live in your thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, will dictate how you live in your seventies, eighties.

Nineties and maybe, maybe we’ll make it past a hundred. Who knows? You know? And so we’ve got to do that strength training so that we can be strong through those years so that we have our balance, so that we have our mobility so that we can try different things without getting hurt. Yes, we know that when we’re in our seventies and eighties and nineties, if we fall and hurt our.

You could be down for the count at that point. Yes. You know? Yes. So, and it, I know it’s hard to think like I’m, I’m 57. So I’m not that far away from 70 when you think about it. I mean, I’m really 13 years away from 70, which that. Even you just saying that, you’re like, oh, that was an eye opener.

Wells, that gonna happen. I mean, like what? But and then I, I wish I knew, even like if you’re on social media, everybody’s talking about strength training. Everybody, you know, we’re really, as a society are understanding the importance of it. And yes, of course everybody, there was, you know, a lot of people that recognized it when we were younger.

But I really did not even get into it until after my third child I hiring that trainer just really, I was like, wow, my body can do so much more. I just. Felt physically stronger, and as I got physically stronger, I got mentally stronger. It just really, I could see that transformation myself, but I wish that I would’ve taken it serious.

I remember going into the gym with my husband in our twenties, and he was all into working out. It really was him that got me working out. I was like, well, I’m just gonna go to the gym with him, . And I’d watch him and I’d say, you know, okay, well what are you doing over there? And he’d say, Baby. You like, I think you train, you’re gonna train different.

I go, well, what do I do? You know? And he’s like, . He’s like, you know, on the side of the machine, it’s got the explanation. Oh yeah. We’ve all been there. Right. But I, I don’t know anybody that hasn’t said to me over the course of my 18 years in this that said, I, I remember I had to read the side of the panel.

I said I did too. We all have to start somewhere, but I wish I would. Taking it more seriously back then, and didn’t have that gap in my life. Mm-hmm. That I wasn’t engaging in it at all. You just, you don’t know what you don’t know, you know, and Well, and I think that’s the thing, and, and to know that it’s never too late.

Right? Yes. I mean, we have women in their sixties that have signed up for balance movement method. I mean, so it’s, it’s never too late. And if you’re somebody who you’re. I just don’t like to work out, period. Yeah. Yeah. And this really is perfect for you because it is 15 minutes, we’re gonna ease you into it, but by the end of the four weeks, you’re gonna feel better than ever.

Mm-hmm. , I mean, we just know that it not only helps us physically, it helps us mentally. If you’ve got signs of perimenopause and menopause, it’s going to help those symptoms. Yes. Those hormonal problems that you’re having, like the belly fat. The body composition even can help with hot flashes, stress, stress, all of the things just bring stress management.

There’s just so many benefits to it that’s why it’s just the perfect piece of the balance puzzle right here is this balance movement method. And I’m super excited, like I. I’ve done one of the workouts. I’m like, oh, I cannot wait to do more of these workouts and do ’em with a group and have that accountability to really to do it.

Because I will say the one thing is like, I’ll see somebody on Instagram. I’m like, oh, I, I. Like, I’ll save those moves or whatever. I never get around to doing it. The thing about what I like in these 15 minute videos that you’re doing is that I do it with you. I don’t have to count. I don’t have to do anything.

You’re counting. You’re keeping up with it all, and we do it together and it’s great. I can see somebody doing it the right way, that’s the other thing, form. Form is so important. So important. Yeah. You’re not gonna get the benefit of the exercise if your form is all jacked up. It’s just that’s where injury comes in.

Next thing you know, you’ve pulled a muscle and then you’re not doing anything because now you’re nursing that in certain movements you can’t do. It really helps, you know, to be able to break that all down and. Understand the, the best form possible, and also to, to be able to understand where to start with weights.

I, I get that question a lot. It’s like, well, where do I start? How much should I live? Exactly. You know, there is going to be you know, there’s phases and there’s gotta be a stepping stone. And I think this is a great place to start. Whether you’ve, whether you’ve kind of gotten out of strength training.

Or you haven’t done it before, or you know, just whatever. To understand that you can be so effective in 15 minutes and then you can see what the progression is. Okay, I’ve done this for a while now I know where to go. It’s just a great stepping stone. Oh, I think so too. And a again, the other thing I’m excited about is we’ve brought in Allison, who is a yoga instructor and she’s.

Going to do the stretches. She’s already actually recorded the videos for Mor two morning stretches and two evening stretches. And I’ve done those. I did those when I was in New York. I was like, oh my gosh. You can tell she’s a yogi. They are so good, such great stretches because that’s another one of the things that we are not doing enough of.

And that was the other thing when I was in new. I was walking like 20,000 steps a day. You know what I mean? Oh, you know when you’re in New York, you walk a lot. Yes. And then I was sleeping in this bed that was so soft, my body. So bad. Ugh. So I used those stretches tremendously, and I think that that is so important to remember that we’ve got to stretch, we’ve got to open ourselves out.

I’ve had lower back pain issues, and so, so the stretches were geared towards that. It was really nice. Mm-hmm. Like I said, I’m just, I’m so excited, you know, really about the program. For me personally, but then we’re gonna have Zoom calls with everybody mm-hmm. every week so we can answer questions and we might have some live workouts.

I was gonna say, I, I’ve put together a little fun bonus. I didn’t know if you wanted to mention it or not. Yes. But yeah, I you know, I was and have been an instructor for years and there’s something about. When you are in a group like that and you’re together and I’ve realized, you know, it might feel a little different cuz it’s Zoom, you know that thing, but you’re, you’re seeing everybody and it’s that community and it’s, you’re feeding off each other and you’re pushing each other, you know, you’re helping lift each other up, like,

Just being there, being supportive. So I’m, that’s a little something we added at the end, and I thought to myself they’re gonna love it. Clients are gonna love that because there’s just something fun about that. And it needs to be fun. Yeah, it needs to be fun. Oh, we always have fun and all of our balance groups, especially when people show up for Zoom, call to me, it’s one of our.

Fun times. I think that’s probably one of the things that kind of set us apart from other programs. Well, first of all, what sets us apart is we don’t tell you this is what you have to do and this is what we have to do. Yeah. Yeah. Because we want you to figure out what’s gonna work best for you. Look, we’re all have different lifestyles.

We all have different lives, and we’re all different. . And so how can you make it fit into your life And we help you? Yes. Along those ways. So we don’t have like this cookie cutter approach to any of it. Cuz we don’t believe in that. Cuz we believe that we’re all different, right? I mean, we’re all different.

Even the three of us, me, you and Melanie we’re all three different and the way we do things, we’re. But so much alike. Yes. And so, and I love that and I think that when you are with like-minded women, You want to accomplish the same sort of things. And so so anyway, I, I’m, I’m so excited. I, I think I went up on a tangent there, which is not unusual for me.

Sorry. , or when we get on any, we just, we do, we get talking about all the fun stuff and. But yeah, it’s a, you know, like Deanna said, we really want to help each individual figure out what’s best for them. I remember, cause I started with you as a client of the balance wellness method and.

You did, you talked a lot about, we’re gonna f you’re gonna find your own thing. And I, and I’m sure that this question that I had is what a lot of people are thinking as they’re listening. It’s like, okay, well how do I find that? You know, I had that question like, okay, well how am I gonna find out what’s good for me?

You know? And, and it wasn’t the fitness part cuz it’s always sort of been a love of mine, but it was navigating some other things and. The Zoom calls, like you said, bouncing ideas off each other, talking through some pain points. Mm-hmm. , and really maybe someone has a suggestion, Hey, this worked for me, or, Hey, try, you know, there’s just that camaraderie and that community that really takes.

The experience of the balance programs to the next level. Mm-hmm. , and you really, you wonder how you’re going to find your own thing, but you do. Mm-hmm. you find it along the way with the help of the coaches and the community, and next thing you know, you’re doing it and you’re feeling good and you just, you’re ready for more.

It’s, it, it’s gotta be fun. You know, one of the things, Deanna, this, I was thinking of this when you brought this up. You said, you know, it has to be fun. So I, I’ve done tough utters. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Tough Utters. I have. Yeah. Those do not look like fun. . They’re look my favorite.

They’re like, are they? Of course, they’re, oh, yes. Yeah. I would build teams. Oh, how fun in community. And then there’s one called the Dynamic Dirt Challenge that is so fun locally, it’s on a, a big what they, what they call Pineland Farms here, and it’s like a big farmland. So you’re jumping over hay bales, you’re going under town.

Oh my goodness. Yeah. It is so fun. So I . , I would teach women I was teaching classes and I would do it right here at my house. I have a really good size driveway and yard and everything. I would set up obstacle courses because a lot of these women were doing those relay races with me. Those uhhuh, type of obstacle course races. Literally, we had the pogo. Uhuh, you had fun. You had to pogo and I would like that. I would like that. Yeah. And so they were circuits. So I’d have a timer. Someone would go to the pogo stick, someone else would be flipping a tire, somebody else would be jumping back and forth over a trash.

Can you name it? I had it set up and everybody was like, this is so fun. This is, cause it didn’t feel like exercise. I’m kind of a goofball. I can kinda be a goofball. So I hope that in the videos that, you know, people are enjoying that. I think I, I tend to bring sort of, you know, lightheartedness to it, and that’s what it needs to be in order for us to keep doing it.

If it’s all rigid and stern, it feels like work. I’m not doing it and I don’t expect other people to do it. . No, I agree. I definitely think it needs to be fun and you need to find a way to incorporate it in your life so that it is sustainable. Like I know, you go into these challenges sometimes and you’re like, okay, I’m gonna do this challenge, I’m gonna take this challenge on, and then, , it’s so much that it’s not sustainable for the long term.

Yeah. And yeah. Or you know, I mean, even think about it, any kind of challenge that you get too sore because you’ve done too many things all at once. So we’re going to ease you into this. Mm-hmm. . And and you know, the thing that you said about the community, Lori, to me, I did one-on-one coaching for two or three.

I don’t do one-on-one coaching anymore because the magic happens with the group. Yes, that’s where the magic happens. I found that I don’t have all the answers, and when we’re all together, we can bounce things off and we can learn so much from each other. And so I, I love the community aspect of it. We’ve got so much, it’s all right there in the app.

So you don’t even have to have social media. You’ve got your phone, you’ve got. You know you got the workouts, you’re in New York. Exactly. You’re pulling up the stretches right from your phone. Exactly. I love that. I love that. . Yeah. Okay. Well we’re gonna wrap up our podcast, but you guys, if y’all are interested in joining us, you can click on the link and join us . If you’re hearing this a little bit later, don’t worry. We’re gonna have lots of different sessions on, so we kind of rotate balanced wellness method, balance eating method, balance movement method. So we rotate them each program’s three times a year.

You have an opportunity to buy all three programs together or just one program at a time. Whatever works best for. We know that all three of the programs work best together. But it may be that you just feel like there’s one part that you really need to work on. So I’m super excited about getting started , me too too.

Any last words, Lori? This has been a long time coming. We’ve been working on this for a while, so I just can’t wait until that first day that, that we are seeing all the clients that, I mean, we’re already got big list. Yeah, we do. We already have wait list. Exactly. Exactly. There is ready as we are.

That’s, I, I’m excited about it. I can’t. Yeah, me too. Okay guys, so don’t forget. If you’re ready to join us, just look in the show notes. You’ll find all the links right there.

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did, but before we go, can you do me a favor and rate and review the podcast rating and reviewing the podcast? Not only helps others find it, but it’s also similar to that. No, like, and trust factor you have with your friends and family listeners, respect the reviews of other listen.

So your glowing reviews are like trusted recommendations for other listeners. Hey, and go ahead and hit that subscribe button. So you don’t miss an episode until next week. I hope you make those small consistent changes that lead you to your best to you

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The Reset To ReEnergize mini course podcast series is for women experiencing peri and post-menopause symptoms who want a wellness jumpstart so they can begin to say goodbye to their low energy, belly fat, insomnia, (and that’s just to name a few of those pesky menopause symptoms!) ––and hello to a more vibrant youthful you that is just waiting to return

What you’ll learn over the 7-Part Podcast Experience: 

  • Mindset… the (little-known) thing that can sabotage all of our efforts
  • Nourishment for balanced hormones
  • Movement that is balanced & optimizes your results
  • Stress Management: how it affects your health and how to combat it
  • Sleep: Why it’s so important at this stage of life (and what happens if you don’t).
  • Hydration & why it affects e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g
  • and more..
Menopause health coach Deanna Pizitz standing in a kitchen drinking Pumpkin Smoothie


A wellness membership for this time in your life, connecting you with a dynamic community of women also navigating their second chapter. Discover unwavering support, expert guidance, endless inspiration, motivation, and transformative experiences on this shared journey. Let’s thrive together!

Revive Now menopause coaching program with module mockups on computer and phone screens

Ready to Revive In Your Second Chapter of Life?Here's what's waiting for you in the REVIVE NOW Membership Experience...

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where vibrant transformations happen.

Picture this: You’re not only getting the support you crave, but also expert guidance and a never-ending supply of motivation and inspiration that’s like a friendly cheer squad by your side.
And guess what? Get ready to be pleasantly surprised by unexpected extras, conquer exciting challenges, and dive into a flow of hot topic content tailored to your journey.
This is your zone, your time, and your chance to radiate!

Personalized Coaching At Your Fingertips

Elevate your journey with personalized laser coaching at your finger tips during our lively monthly Zoom call. I’ll help you overcome those obstacles, find solutions, and give you custom guidance to rock this new phase.

Unlock a Treasure Trove of Wellness:

Dive into a wealth of tools! Enjoy my Signature program’s 6 transformative modules, explore my workout and recipe collections, and discover a range of valuable resources that cater to your unique journey.

Connect in Our Private Hub:

Join a sisterhood of like-hearted women in our exclusive app. Access all your content, engage with fellow companions, and thrive together in a supportive and lively community.

Reset To ReEnergize

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