Jingle All the Weigh: How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Episode Overview

This week, I’m bringing you into a Revive Now members call on what we can do to avoid holiday weight gain. We’re discussing why we gain weight during the holidays, identifying triggers, uncovering our motivation, and the power of planning ahead. It may be helpful to have your pen and paper and write down your goals as if you’re on the live call. Let’s dive in!


Questions Answered

  • Tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain this season.
  • How to develop a plan to combat the triggers we face during the holidays.
  • What is the value of pre-planning and pre-deciding around the holidays?
  • How we can stay motivated when life gets stressful and challenging this time of year?
  • What are ways to use pre-planning and pre-deciding to avoid holiday weight gain?


Action Items

  • Create a list of possible triggers that may come up around the holidays.
  • Commit to one small change you can make to your diet or exercise routine during the holidays.
  • Decide one action to take today to start pre-planning and pre-deciding for a healthier holiday season.
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  • Get access to my FREE podcast series, Reset to Energize


Key Moments in the Conversation

3:27] There are so many tempting foods and drinks everywhere and you don’t want to feel deprived. Then there are the social pressures that throw us off our game.

[6:52] A key component is to be mindful about stress eating and emotional eating. We have to pay attention to our hunger cues and follow them.

[8:36] Prioritizing your protein is a must because your protein will keep you full longer and it will keep you satisfied.

[14:50] How are we going to deal with our setbacks and stay motivated? Number one, we’re not going to beat ourselves up if we overeat or over-drink.

[16:12]  This is the biggest thing right here, motivation comes from action. We have to take small steps each day to move closer to our goals.


Motivation Uprise. Okay. So this time of year can be the most difficult time of year.

This and vacations can be the most difficult time of year to avoid those extra pounds. Right. And so how do we, you know, I get this question, how do you stay motivated?

Here’s the thing. You’re not alone when you struggle with this. We all struggle with this at different times in our life. I have even struggled with motivation at times. So, It’s not something that we haven’t all struggled with. You’re not alone. So what we’re going to cover here is understanding why we gain that weight during the holidays identifying our holiday triggers and uncovering your motivation, the power of pre planning and pre deciding.

I think one of the biggest areas that’s changed my life is this pre planning and pre deciding and developing a plan. To stay on track because we got to have a plan, right? And staying motivated when things get tough, when things come up. I mean, and things come up. That’s just life, right? And then I’m going to go over how the Revive Now program can help you achieve your health and wellness.

And I’ve got a lot of people on here with me that are already in my Revive Now program. So I love that. Makes me so happy. So again, let’s talk first about why we gain weight during the holidays. Okay. We eat more. Okay. There’s food everywhere, right? And some of this food reminds us of when we were younger and it’s hard to resist it.

The other thing is, we’re less active, right? I mean, think about it. There’s so many more things to do, parties, holiday shopping, just other things. And that we let that, that, interfere with our quote, either workouts or just our movement in general. The other thing is this can be a very stressful time of year and stress can lead to overeating stress can rise.

Our cortisol, all the things, right. And then. Of course, at this stage of our life, we’ve got all the menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and that can make it more difficult to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Again, the hormonal changes. And that’s really what I’ve realized.

It led to the belly fat that I was like, wait, what happened? And then that slower metabolism, because we are losing muscle quicker than ever at this stage of our life. And muscle is what keeps our metabolism up there. Okay, so we’ve got to identify, identify our holiday triggers, right? And so, what are the things that make you most likely to overeat?

So, let’s think about this, the menopause symptoms, okay? The hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings. That can lead to overeating because, especially if we’re not sleeping well, right? Our cortisol arises and it makes us trade those carbs and all the things, right? So all of that can have a big impact on us that we didn’t even experience, you know, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, whatever age you are.

Then again, There’s so much tempting foods and drinks everywhere. It’s like, well, why not? I mean, like, I don’t want to feel deprived, right? And then there’s social pressures. I mean, you’re at somewhere and Maybe there’s a lot of alcohol And your friend wants you to partake, even if you’ve decided not to, because, you know, nobody wants to drink alone, or what if it’s Aunt Sally’s, you know, dessert that she’s made, and she’s going to be offended if you don’t join in and eat some.

Right. And then there’s a stress and I have found myself eating stress eating for sure. When I’m stressed, I’m like, I head to the cabinet and the pantry, the refrigerator, and I’m like, what can I have? And then boredom, although I don’t feel like most of us have a ton of boredom, although, you know, you could if you’re an empty nester and nobody’s coming back home could even make you feel sad and so make you emotionally.

So, I want you to take a minute and write down your top three holiday triggers. Again that you’re not alone. I think that’s the biggest thing that we all need to understand that. We all experience this. It’s not just one person. You’re not an anomaly out there that we all experience things like this.

So think about it and then write these things down. This will help you. And like I said, if you want to share it in the chat, love to see that so that people can see you’re not alone. Yeah, yeah. The pretty food, drinks, all that. The stress. I got it. I know. I’m, I’m the same way.

It’s, it’s can be tough. Moving less. Yes. Yes. Okay. SO here’s what we have to do. So we’ve got our triggers. We’ve got to develop that plan. Okay. So that we can stay on track. So let’s go over a few tips that can help. One is we’ve got to be realistic about this, right?

So many times we’re like, I’m going to this party and I’m not going to eat anything, or I’m not going to eat any dessert. I mean, that’s not realistic and that’s not fun. Like, all about fun, right, during the holidays and I don’t want to go to a party or something like that and just can’t do it all. So we have to start small.

Maybe we just eat one less dessert or, you know, or we just decide what we’re going to do. I mean, maybe it’s exercise three times a week, but it could be. You know, whatever, it’s just small things. So we got to, we have to be realistic about it and then making healthy choices. So, you know, we, I talk about this a lot on Instagram and, and revive now, but we’ve got to really prioritize that protein so that we can make those healthy choices when we’re at a party.

I think that’s really important. Be mindful, that is the key on stress eating and emotional eating is really pay attention and pay attention to your hunger cues, hunger and fullness cues. I’ve told, I can’t say how many times I’ve been eating something and it is so good and I know I’m full. But I keep eating.

Has anybody else been there? Okay, I think we all have at times, right? But if we pay attention to how we’re feeling, and so really becoming mindful of that, it takes time. It takes practice. It doesn’t happen overnight. And then find healthy ways to release stress. Exercise, meditation, spending time with your friends, loved ones, laughing, all of those things reduce Stress.

One of my favorite things is to get out and walk in nature, especially if I’m super stressed. That gets me away from my pantry, away from our refrigerator. And then we’ve got to manage those menopause symptoms because Those, I mean, that, those are real, they are real, right? And there’s so many menopause symptoms.

So, I mean, really talking to your doctor and being your own advocate. I mean, that’s what we have to do. And then we have to eat that healthy diet. So making sure that you’re getting plenty of whole foods, real foods, like if it comes from a mother, it comes from the ground or come as a mother, then that’s the real food, right?

And try to avoid as much of the processed foods and sugary drinks and all the stuff, you know, again, it comes back to this prioritizing your protein because your protein will keep you full longer and it will keep you satisfied. I Think exercise regularly, look, we need to be aiming for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise.

At least two to three times a week. I would, you know, even venture if you could do more, but if you need to put it in 10 minute chunks, that’s fine, or five minute chunks, just try to get that movement in. And then this is probably one of the biggest things I see is when people aren’t getting enough sleep.

Oh, man, it can lead to way over eating that you consuming the wrong foods and everything. So really prioritizing that sleep. And that that could be a whole workshop on itself. So here you go. I want you to take a moment and write down one small change you can make to your diet or your exercise room routine to stay on track during these holidays.

You know, they’re coming up. So what is one thing? Just a small thing, doesn’t have to be big. Usually we know what that one thing is. It comes to mind pretty quick. Again, if you want to put it in the chat, I would love to see it. Get in a daily walk. Yes, yes, yes. I love that because that reduces stress. It gets their movement in there.

All those things. Mindful eating, mindful movement. Yes, I totally, totally agree with you. I love this. Thank you for sharing, y’all. Simply eat less of the good stuff. Yeah, and you know, that’s so important, because I think that eating less of the good stuff, think about this, that first bite is the best bite, the second bite’s pretty good, too.

The third bite, there’s this law of diminishing return, right? So yeah. Don’t fill my pantry with temptation. Oh, yes, yes. I love this. Okay. Stop eating when I’m full. That’s a good one. I love that thank you so much. Here’s the, I think one of the most important things, the power of pre planning and pre deciding and why we need to do it.

So why does it help? How does it help? It reduces our stress. When we know what we’re going to do and eat ahead of time, we don’t have to, it, it relieved that decision fatigue that decision fatigue is real and it’s hard to make good decisions when when you’re in the moment. Right? And then it improves our mood because when we achieve our goals, it releases that dopamine in the brain that makes us feel good.

So, by pre planning, pre deciding, we can set ourselves up for success and boost our mood at the same time. And even more important, and we need this, it can boost our energy levels because when we’re eating the right food and we’re moving, we have more energy.

So, we’ve got to schedule that time and really think about it, pre plan the meal, schedule the time for the workout so that we can take care of ourselves. Because we have to put our own oxygen mask on until we help, you know, we try to do it all, right? And we’ve got to take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to do all the other things.

wAys that you can use pre planning and pre deciding to avoid that holiday weight gain. Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. And look, it’s just thinking through the day, the next day. It doesn’t have to be some formal thing. It could be on Sunday thinking about your week ahead. What’s coming up?

What do you have? How can you make those meals and snacks? Can you do some pre planning on that? And think about that. You know, I try to think at least the day before what’s going on the next day. And then, Or even better have a list of your healthy snacks. You know, even Another thing I really like to do is if i’m invited to a party Bring one of those snacks.

Can I bring something so that you aren’t tempted by all the other stuff? Listen, you’re helping somebody else out, too and then decide in advance you know, I learned the biggest thing i’m pretty much alcohol free and that That helped me more than anything, deciding in advance that, so I didn’t have the decision fatigue, so I decided in advance I was going to go to the party and I wasn’t going to have a glass of, of alcohol, or if I was going to, I was going to have one drink.

And then water the rest of the night or a mock towel or something like that. So pre decide, cause that will help you you know, avoid overeating, but you know, drinking too much so that you feel bad. The next day, all of that. What one action can you take today?

To start pre planning and pre deciding for a healthier holiday season.?

Going to look at what I have in my fridge and pantry, decide what I can make the next couple of days. That is healthy. I love that.. Thank you. Get a cute journal and spend time planning during a morning routine and coffee. Yes. Yes. Yes. I’d love that. And cute journals just add to it. Doesn’t it? .

pLan alternate desserts to add to the traditional desserts. I love that. Because there are other desserts that aren’t so crazy, right? Plan what I’m going to eat and drink all Saturday at the OU football games. Here’s the thing.

So, how do we stay motivated when things get tough? Okay, when it’s, you know, when things are, people are around and all the things. So how are we going to deal with our setbacks and stay motivated? That’s the key. Okay. So number one, we’re not going to beat ourselves up if we overeat, if we over drink or I mean, like, look, we’ve spent years doing that.

Let’s stop doing that. Give ourselves grace. Just move on. Let it go. Right? And then we’re going to focus on our long term goals. And remember, those goals don’t happen overnight. Sometimes they take, you know, a month, two months, three months, a year. So, remember your why. We have to remember, why do we want to avoid that holiday weight gain?

And I love this one, find a support system because we all need a group, a community, friends, family members that they’re trying to do the same thing that can help. Keep you motivated. I try to avoid those people who want you to join in the glut thing with them I’ve had people like that in my life too that that are not very supportive So you need to kind of push those people away and bring in your support system more And then reward yourself for your progress reward yourself by giving yourself some time Not not a Food item, but you know, give yourself some time to just kind of, you know, maybe go on a walk or maybe an outfit you wanted or just something, just something little, maybe a cute journal.

Something like that. Okay. But this is the biggest thing right here is that motivation comes from action. We have to take small steps each day to move closer to our goals. So motivation is just a feeling, but unless we take that action, I mean. The motivation is not going to be there. Most days I don’t get up and I’m like, Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to go do a hard workout or, Oh my gosh, you know, it is taking the action and then being, Oh yes, I did it.

And then we need to ask for help. Don’t try to take on everything. We are the world’s worst as women. I think a lot of times we want to do it all. And but. People care about us and they want to help us. They want to see us succeed. And I think that’s really important. So what are one or two things you can do today to stay motivated and avoid those extra holiday pounds?

Really think about this. Like. Think about that. Why? And what, what are you going to do? So that you can stay motivated. Do you need to ask for more help instead of take it all on? So you’re feeling so stressed. What is it that’s going to keep you motivated when things get crazy?

I love that. Prioritize my schedule. I think that is Make a plan. Yes, . I think all those things are so important because if we don’t, then that’s when we get sidetracked. The other thing is, think about this. Jump right back in. Like, if there’s like, let’s just say it’s a workout thing and you miss a couple workouts, don’t worry about it.

Just jump right back in so that you will stay motivated. And remember that why I think the knowing that why is one of the most important things. so I want to thank you all for being here so much. And know that together we can overcome our obstacles.

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