Blogger Shannon Mann shares her breast cancer journey, treatment, and how she’s finding balance

We’re joined by returning guest Shannon Mann. Shannon was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, so she is back to talk about what her breast cancer journey has been like so far and what she’s focusing on moving forward. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it’s important to share information and support early detection.


Shannon begins by discussing when she was diagnosed, what prompted her to get checked for breast cancer, and what she’s focused on right now for her health. She’s been doing a lot of digging and research so she can continue to support her health in a way that aligns with her values.


At the time of recording, Shannon is a week and a half out from her last chemotherapy treatment. She’s trying to find balance and focus on eating nutrient-dense foods. So many doctors, nurses, and other health professionals she’s met on this journey so far have been vegetarian, so this has piqued her interest.


Shannon reveals what her chemotherapy treatments look like and how many she has left. Once chemotherapy is over, she will have to make a decision regarding a possible lumpectomy or mastectomy. Overall, she feels most comfortable letting her body do the work and minimize the amount of pills required to support her own health.


Shannon emphasizes how important it is to be an advocate for your health. If you can’t stand up for yourself, she recommends bringing someone to your health appointments who will be in your corner. It’s also important to remember that while western medicine can be helpful, it doesn’t paint the full picture of health. A healthy lifestyle and mindset are important to wellness too.



Learn more about Shannon on her blog Oysters to Pearls.

Follow more of Shannon’s breast cancer journey in her Instagram highlights.



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