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Breast Cancer Risk & Awareness with Tammy Pugh

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Today I’m honored to have Tammy Pugh, a nurse practitioner in Mobile, Alabama, on the show. Tammy runs a high risk breast cancer clinic. When she took over the clinic she found that 90% of the patients were women at high risk.

Tammy breaks down the factors that put a woman at high risk of developing breast cancer. She speaks to the value of early detection for long-term survival as well as ways to minimize the risk.

A few of those high risk factors for are:

  • Having dense breasts
  • Someone without children
  • A strong family history of breast cancer

If you’re in the Mobile and surrounding area and you’re wondering if you’re at high risk, reach out to Tammy. If you need support finding a high-risk breast cancer clinic in your area, contact one of us. We can help you get connected to people in your area that can help as well.

Give this episode a listen or read the transcript below and learn the importance of regular self breast checks and exactly what to look and feel for when doing them. Tammy is an expert in the breast cancer risk and awareness field and shares valuable information with you so you can be your own advocate in this area.

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