Finding Your Vibe Means Finding Your Tribe

Deanna’s good friend Denise joins her in this episode. The two have been friends for nearly thirty years, having first met when their children were very young. Today’s discussion revolves around friendships and how important these are to our overall health.

Deanna and Denise used to talk every day, but now they live in different cities and can go months without talking. Though this may seem like a negative, they are extremely happy that they can always pick up their conversations with each other right where they left off. Deanna expresses how thankful she is for having friends that know everything about her.

Friendships have to be worked on; they don’t just happen. Denise describes the hesitancy that can occur when trying to make friends as an older person and admits that she has caught herself holding back when she should be opening up. Deanna shares a story about someone establishing great new friendships in her 50s.

When Deanna’s friends met her second husband, they were very skeptical. She did not listen to their warnings, but now reflects on how she should have taken them more seriously. Even though she got divorced from that husband, her friends are still there for her. We hear about how Deanna approached her friends’ thoughts with her third husband.

If you have become disconnected with your girlfriends, Deanna and Denise encourage you to call them today. Denise says that if your friend is not reaching out, there’s a reason. They probably need you to reach out more than ever.

About the Host

I too, struggled in my late 40s when I hit peri-menopause! I was experiencing all those not-so-fun physical changes in my body, as well as mental and emotional fatigue. What worked for me before was not working anymore. 

And the mainstream wellness advice I was following was not for women my age but for women years younger. I also realized very quickly that there is no one formula that works for all women. We are all different and need a customized approach. This aha moment was the first step to my transformation…