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Turning Back The Clock With Peptides with Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. St. Petery

We are joined once again by Dr. St. Petery, a functional medicine doctor practicing out of Birmingham, AL. She returns to the podcast today to discuss turning back the clock with peptides. 

Dr. St. Petery starts by explaining what peptides are, how they are made, and what they are particularly helpful for. Our body actually makes peptides, but you can often get them prescribed. Deanna shares her experience with using peptides and how it supported her body composition. It has also made a big difference in her skin and her libido. 

The key in using peptides is to mimic how our body would naturally cycle them. There is a proper way to purchase and use them, and Dr. St. Petery wants people to be aware of what that means. She also discusses which peptides she finds to be the most beneficial and powerful, although they are not readily available in every state. 

After chemotherapy, Dr. St. Petery’s hair didn’t grow back the same. She started taking peptides for this recently and has noticed a significant improvement in the growth rate, thickness, and health of her hair. Her nails have started growing longer, too. These are physical changes, but they imply that there are changes also happening internally as a result of the peptides.

Peptides are an alternative option to bioidentical hormone treatments. They can also help with weight loss, thyroid health, libido and hormone health, gut health, and more. Peptides are not a fix all, but they can help. The best thing you can do is implement a lifestyle change and use peptides alongside that if you choose to.

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