Jeff’s Story – How He Saved His Life

In this episode, we are joined by Deanna’s husband, Jeff, who is sharing a life-changing recent experience with us.  About 6 months prior to this episode, Jeff was playing tennis. Suddenly, he felt dizzy. The dizziness faded and he decided to head home. This is Jeff’s story of how he saved his life.

Halfway home the dizziness returned, followed by some chest pressure. The chest pressure was not severe, but he wanted to check it out before going home. He decided to stop at the nearest fire station to have his blood pressure checked. Once inside the fire station, they recognized that his pulse was alarmingly high – yet he didn’t feel like it was. They tried giving him an IV and medication, but neither of these worked to slow his pulse. They called an ambulance for Jeff right away.

Jeff was shocked when he realized he was headed to the hospital. Once in the emergency room, he asked the doctor if he was having a heart attack, but the doctor confirmed he was not. The next thing he knew, he went into full cardiac arrest and had to be defibrillated. 

Fortunately, Jeff’s story ended much better than it has for many others in similar situations. He is sharing his story to encourage others to get help or tell someone if they aren’t feeling quite right. Men especially tend not to ask for help for health and medical concerns. It’s important to listen to your body and your intuition, and take whatever action you need to ensure your health and safety. Going home to rest is not always the answer. 

Jeff feels like he’s gotten a second chance at life and shares his story so that others may have one too. It wasn’t his time yet. Deanna and Jeff are so thankful for that. Grab your husband or boyfriend and listen to Jeff’s story of how he saved his life.

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