Making the Most out of the Empty Nest Stage with ‘Empty Besting’ Author Kristi Huss

We’re talking about empty nesting alongside Kristi Huss in this episode. Kristi is an author, blogger, and mother of six girls. She recently wrote a book called “Empty Besting” which is about making the most out of becoming an empty nester and this stage of life. Her last four children (quadruplets!) left the home last year, giving her a very unique perspective as an empty nester.   Kristi starts by sharing more about herself and her life. She’s been married for 27 years, and she had all of her children in her 20s within five years. Despite being busy with six children, she always kept a toe in the working world. Needless to say, her life has been crazy, but she loves it.   In this next chapter of her life, Kristi thought she would instantly feel free and excited. What she found instead was a feeling of loss and sadness. She decided to reach out to other women who are experiencing joy at the empty nesting phase in their life so she could pick their brain and discover how they accomplished that.   Kristi discusses how her role has shifted since her children left the home. She transitioned from micromanaging as a mother to being in more of a friend role. Or, as Kristi describes it, “a manager to a consultant.” It was a subconscious transition that Kristi was able to fully enjoy by letting go.   We also hear about how being an empty nester has impacted her relationship with her husband. There have been ups and downs throughout their relationship, and they’re excited to be in this phase of their life together. Kristi is looking forward to embracing being an empty bester with her empty besting partner.   Kristi’s Website: Kristi’s Instagram:

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