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In today’s episode, we talk about meal planning and travel with Francie Kaufman – Fairway Finds. Francie is 27 years old and has loved cooking since a very early age. With the changes brought on by the pandemic this year, she has found herself in the kitchen more than ever.  She is here to share tips on her go-to meals, using up the ingredients in your fridge and planning ahead.

Francie’s husband is a professional golfer, so previously, traveling often was a large part of their lifestyle. Even then, she was able to find a rhythm for eating healthy on the road. Once the pandemic began, Francie and her husband started traveling less and staying in more. As a result, they had to adapt their lifestyle and the way they manage meals day-to-day.

There are some strategies that Francie utilizes to stay efficient in the kitchen. For example, she uses up everything in the fridge before doing her weekly shopping to keep perishable foods from going bad. She plans her weekly grocery trips ahead of time, making the most of them so she can limit her visits.

Francie notes that one of the most important aspects of making the majority of meals at home is to acknowledge which dishes will take some considerable preparation time. Of course, that must be accounted for to keep things as efficient as possible.

Francie not only dives into where she finds inspiration, but also the tools she uses to make food prep a little easier. She shares her weekly menu on her Instagram story if you need some inspiration for what to cook this week.

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