Recalibrate with a Digital Detox

Episode Overview

Today we’re getting real about the need for a digital detox as we gear up for the new year. We’ll break down why taking a step back from our screens is crucial, share some practical tips for a successful detox, and discuss the impact it can have on our overall well-being. So, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the constant digital noise and want a reset for the upcoming year, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in and talk about why a digital detox might be exactly what you need.

Questions Answered

  • What is a digital detox and why are they important to implement?
  • What are the benefits of stepping away from technology for a period of time?
  • What are some of the reflection questions listed in the Digital Detox PDF?
  • Activities or experiences to replace time on technology to create room for what matters most.

Action Items

Key Moments in the Conversation

[2:37] There’s so many different reasons why we turn to food for comfort.

[4:13] It’s (digital detox) an opportunity to step back, recalibrate, and create space for real-life experiences. The benefits include improved focus, reduced stress, better sleep, and a chance to reconnect with your passions.

[13:37]  What can I do that is small, manageable, and consistent that will lead me to improve an area of my health?

[14:51]  We all have different goals and different things that we want but think, are these goals realistic and achievable in your current lifestyle or do you have to change things up?

[22:43] Let’s have some great ideas of how we’re going to make 2024 great. We’re going to set our goals using the MASS method. Remember, it’s manageable, attainable, sustainable, that equals success.

Hello, welcome back to Well and Worthy Life podcast. Oh my goodness. Okay. So I’m recording this a couple of weeks before it’s coming out. And the reason why is right now on December 26th. So when you’re listening to this, we are in the midst. Of a digital detox. Yes, we are. So I always record these at least a week before they’re aired, but I wanted to record this a little bit even earlier than that, because I’m preparing for this digital detox and I’ll get to that in a minute.

But anyway, I’m just so glad that you’re here. I hope you had a wonderful, a wonderful Christmas and nail. If you’re like me, you’re like, Oh my goodness, what am I going to do now? You know, it’s so funny because there was so many years that the day after Christmas, I would wake up and have a little bit of a letdown.

And now as I’ve gotten older, sometimes it happens on Christmas day because I don’t have little children anymore. And sometimes my children will not even be with me on Christmas. In fact, this year, my, none of my children will be with me on Christmas. So it’s, you know, that’s what happens as we get older and we have to adjust and adapt and go on with life.

Right. And so we have to figure out ways to kind of get out of our funk. Years ago, a few years ago, not that many years ago, I might head to the pantry and emotional eat. Yep, I’m sure you’ve been there too. We all do some sort of emotional eating, and it’s so, it’s a lot of times because we’re feeling sad, or just down, and let’s face it, it’s dark this time of year.

It’s just so many things, and coming off of a big holiday, if it’s not what you expected, or Or maybe it was a wonderful holiday, but everybody just left. So there’s so many different reasons why we turn to food for comfort. But I want to challenge you to shift that this year. You know, If you can shift that, , and I’ll be honest, doing that alone is really hard. That’s why I’ve created Revive Now, the membership program, where we do things together. Because when you do things as a group, you’re there for accountability and support. And we all go through this together. these things. You know, so many times we feel like we’re alone and that’s not a good place to be feeling alone and that we’re the only ones.

And I want to tell you, you’re not the only ones. And if you’re looking for a group of like minded women and you’re ready to make some changes for the new year, I would tell you, you should join us. But you can’t join us right this minute. So we know you can, you can join us and you should join us right now, right now, when you’re listening to this, because like I said, we are in the middle of a digital detox.

Okay. So what is a digital detox? So let me just tell you what it is. It is a conscious break from digital devices and online activities. It’s an opportunity to step back, recalibrate, and create space for real life experiences. The benefits include improved focus, reduced stress, Better sleep and a chance to reconnect with your passions.

Oh my goodness. At midlife, we need this more than ever. Right. And it’s kind of funny that this is what I would pick for us in our revive now group, because It’s all online, but we’re taking a week off and we have a PDF that I’m actually going to give to you this PDF. So that if you want to do this with us, so it will be linked in the show notes and it’s a PDF that will take you through some different questions.

And I’m going to kind of go through this with you right now. So you’ll kind of be prepared. And maybe if you don’t want to download the PDF, you can at least. Think through some of these things. So here’s the thing, no matter what we do, we have to do it so that it works for us. So a total digital detox may not be the thing that works best for you.

And I think that’s for everybody. We have to figure out what is best for us. So maybe like I’ve heard of some people doing a digital detox where They completely, they don’t even take their phone anywhere, so they don’t answer calls, if they have a way, if somebody needs them in an emergency, they don’t check emails, they don’t check texts.

I’m not doing a total digital detox that way. I will use my phone for text and phone calls with my family. Friends and family, because to me, that’s really, really important. That’s part of my happiness. So so anyway, I don’t want to not be connected there, but really my biggest focus is to not look at my emails and to not look at social media.

To give myself a break, to give myself this. Ability to, just like it says to create space for real life experiences, to become more creative, to have these thoughts. And, you know, I loved what it said. The benefits of it are improved focus. Yes, we, yes, I want that. Reduce stress. Yes, yes, yes. Stress is out there and when a lot of times all this digital stuff that comes at us can cause so much stress, better sleep.

And I, I mean, that’s my goal in life. Is to sleep through the night. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I have, I’ve not slept through the night in years. I have to wake up, but I do focus on my sleep and try to get it really good because it’s just, I mean, if you don’t have your sleep, that’s where your health starts right there.

So, better sleep. Yes, thank you. And a chance to reconnect with our passions. And it’s midlife women. Boy, do we ever need this? so again, if you’re going to do this with us, you need to think about how it’s going to work for you. What’s going to be the things that, that you will do with the digital. And what will you not do if you have a job that That you have to do digital digitally, then you’ll have to do your job, probably, but if if there are ways that you can eliminate, like scrolling, social media, I think most of us could eliminate that for a week and boy, probably would feel so much better for a while.

And so what do you do in place of this? And I think this is a great time to do some reflections. So in our PDF, we have some reflection questions because it’s, we need to take the time to look back on 2023. And I think this is the perfect week to do it before we start 2024 next week. Look back on 2023.

What were your victories in 2023? What did you get right that you feel so good about? Think about that because here’s the thing. When we celebrate what we do good, we are more apt to change and keep doing things like that. We don’t change when we feel bad when we beat ourselves up, you know, this is one of the main things we talk about in our mindset module in revive.

Now, we change when we feel good, not when we feel bad and this is. This is scientifically proven and just think about it. I mean, if you wanted your child to change, you wouldn’t tell them all the things they do wrong. That’s just going to make them feel worse. You’re going to find those things that they’re doing right.

However small it is and encourage them and cheer them on, right? So that they keep doing those things and they build upon that. So what were your victories? Specifically in revived. Now we’re going to look at our health and wellness victories, but look at all of your victories because I’m sure you’ve got a lot of them.

Right? And then the next thing, the next question is what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? Again, another positive spin. Like we all have challenges. And if you don’t have any challenges, then maybe you’re not doing enough. Okay, so we all have challenges. So. What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

You’re stronger than you think you are. You know, you’re much more resilient. And the older we get, the more resilient we become. And then the third question, in what areas can you improve for better health and well being? So, You know, you’ve celebrated your victories. You’ve celebrated and looked about how you’ve overcome some challenges.

And now, what are those areas that Maybe still need improving. I know for me, you know, I have improved tremendously on reducing my sugar. But that’s an area that I still want to continue on and I can do better. I know I can do better. And I can do better about my strength training. And so those are the areas that I want to really improve upon for 2024.

I’ve got several other areas too, but we’re just going to concentrate on those for right now. And then we have the MAS method, which I go to in more detail in Revive Now. But our MAS method is called, is manageable, an acronym. Manageable, attainable, sustainable equals success. And so we use that to set our 2024 health goals.

And you can use it to set any kind of goals that you want. Maybe it’s business goals, but we’re, we’re in revived. Now we really are focused on our health and wellness as midlife women, women that have been are in perimenopause headed towards menopause postmenopausal. You know, that. If where things start changing, things start going wonky maybe you started getting belly fat that you’ve never had before, or I talked about this so funny on Instagram the other day, my eyelashes going crazy or maybe that chin hair, you know, just all the things that happen as we get older, that the night sweats, the hot flashes I don’t know.

Cannot think of what we want to talk about, you know, that brain fog, all the things. So like I said, so now we’re going to go back and set our 2024 health goals using that mass method. So manageable. Think of what small, steps that you can take consistently. So remember, and that last question, you asked yourself in what areas can you improve for better health and wellbeing.

So maybe you take something related to that and. Say, okay, what can I do that is small, manageable, and consistent that will lead me to improving that area of my health? So for me, let’s just say strength training is something that I’m really I did well in 2023, but I’m going to do better even in 2024. So what small thing can I do consistently that will leave me there?

And that one small thing will be that I’m going to spend at least two of my workouts a week. And that’s small for me because I’m going to work out five to six days a week so I can take two of those workouts and make them strength related, picking up heavier weights than I normally do. And that’s manageable for me.

I can do that. So do that with all the things that you want to improve upon in 2024. And then. Look at it and assess it. Is this attainable now? Everything’s different for everybody. We all have different Goals and different things that we want but think are these goals realistic and Achievable in your current lifestyle, or do you have to change things up?

So for instance, yes, my goal is achievable in my current lifestyle because I already am going to do a workout six days a week. Making two of those workouts, a strength workout is very attainable for me. But if I wasn’t already consistently working out six days a week, then Making two workouts.

Maybe I was, let’s just say I was consistently working out three days a week. Making two of those workouts be strength training workouts would not be attainable. That’s not realistic, because that’s not gonna be small enough. Do you, I hope you get what I’m saying. So really make sure it’s going to fit in your current lifestyle or, or how are you going to change that current lifestyle so that it will fit?

Maybe you need to make some adjustments with that current lifestyle and what will those be

next? The S for sustainable. So how can you make these changes sustainable for longterm success? in other words, so many times we start off, and I’ve seen it so many times, start off the new year, we’re like, gung ho, we’re going to do this, and Then we burn out, we become overwhelmed, which makes us paralyzed and we stop doing anything.

So, what can you do to make these sustainable for a long term? The best thing you can do is make them the attainable, right? And manageable, okay? So keep it small. Don’t make it overwhelming. Don’t try to do too many things at one time. Say you have a bunch of things that you want to improve. Okay, great, wonderful.

But let’s just take one or two things that you want to improve and work on those the first quarter of the year. And then once you have those down, then take one or two more things and focus on those. But do not take too many things because that’s when we stop doing all of it. Okay. I’m just telling you, I’m telling you from experience.

I’m telling you because we just had this conversation in our Revive Now Zoom call recently about how we become overwhelmed because there’s so much information out there. And so many people are telling us so many different things that we don’t know what to do. We try to do it all. And then we’re like, done.

you’ve got to make it sustainable. And then. Remember that success. Remember that small, consistent actions. Lead to significant results. you really have to think about that if you want those significant results, they aren’t going to happen overnight. Right? But it’s the small changes that we do consistently that make the big difference.

And that’s why it’s so important to be with a group of like minded people in the world. Going after the same things in life. So make sure you are surrounding yourself with like minded people. If you want to be healthy and well and and you’re trying to make some changes in your life, then get with others.

Who are doing the same thing if you’re struggling with perimenopause and menopausal symptoms, and you are just just ah You just don’t even know what to do. You feel like you are the only one you feel like Frustrated the things that you used to do are not working anymore I mean, you just, I remember, I was there, I was there, I was there.

Then join us in Revive Now, because we can help you as a group. And and I’ve been there. I, I learned, it took me a lot of years to learn all that I know. And boy, I wish I would have known. Okay. So, so we focused on our 2024 goals. We’ve got a plan. Now let’s talk about some other things that you can do in your digital detox.

Cause now you’ve freed up some space, right? So movement and look, we all need to move more. And I know it gets dark early right now. It’s so dark. I’m like, I don’t like this, but. Try to get out and get in some early walks, get out in the daylight, in the sunshine, even if it’s cold, bundle up walks in nature are so healing.

And even better while we’re doing this digital detox, because you can be out there and let your mind wonder, right? Really get back in tune with who you are. You can also do yoga class, go to a yoga class, be around other people, or any other form of activity, journaling. Oh my goodness, journaling is something I started off last year doing so well with and have gotten away from it.

So I’m taking this time to journal and write down my thoughts and feelings and, and The gratitude practice. I mean, all of that is so change. It just really helps our mindset and just everything. And it’s a great way to start your day off reading. I love reading. There’s so many great books. We read forever strong last month.

Well, in December, November and December in revive now. And if you have not read that book, I highly recommend picking up that book forever strong. Another great book that I I’ve read the four, eight principle, a great book to read on mindset.

Love that book connection, spend quality time with your loved ones. Really, you know, I, I tell you, my husband gets so mad at me when I’m scrolling on my phone and let’s be honest, that’s just rude, right? I’m rude sometimes. And so I’m going to be so much better. He’s going to like me so much better during this digital detox.

And then. Just some self care rituals, you know, that just nurture your mind and body. Maybe it’s meditation. Maybe it’s painting for you or, being with your granddaughter. That’s not going to be with my granddaughter a lot during that time.

And then here’s the thing on your commitment. You’ve got to decide what your digital detox is going to look like. It’s yours. You get to decide, nobody’s going to decide for you. You get to decide what it looks like. You’re going to reflect and you’re going to answer those questions about Looking back and then looking forward to 2024 because it’s going to be a great year.

Let’s just make it great. And let’s have some great ideas of how we’re going to make it great. we’re going to set our goals. Using the math method. Remember, it’s manageable, attainable, sustainable, that equals success, and then we’re going to come back and revive. Now we’re going to come back right after the 1st of the year on a zoom call and discuss it.

All of these things and what we learned and what we’re looking forward to in 2024 and all the things. So if you want to join us and revive now, you can, you can click on the link in the show notes. You can join us. You can join in on this digital detox with us, and then join us in on that zoom call and get yourself ready.

Better than ever for 2024. I would just love it. I would love to meet you on that call. So so that’s it. So again, in the show notes will be the PDF that we’re using in our digital detox. And. If you try to message me through Instagram on the 25th through the 1st, I will not be on there. If you email me, I will not be there.

You will not be able to get me unless I see you out in person on those days. So, But after the first, I’ll be answering all my emails, all my DMs. Yes, you may see some activity on social media because I can schedule some of that because I know not everybody will be doing digital detox but I hope you will join us.

I hope if you’re listening to this, that you’re like, yes, I’m ready to make 2024 the best year yet. It’s going to be a great one. So join us. Okay. I’ll see you in January 2024. Can you believe it? Also, if you do me a big favor, if you like this podcast, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the episodes.

And I would love it if you would give me a review, a five star review. That would be the best because that’s how more people find out about the podcast. I just want to thank you and thank you for a wonderful 2023 and let’s make 2024 better than ever together. We can do this.

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