Cultivating Relationships with Adult Children


When I polled Instagram to see what topics you all would like me to talk about on a solo podcast episode, many people asked about relationships with adult children. This is such a great conversation and I am by NO means an expert but I do have a good amount of experience on the topic. 

As a mom of three boys ages 33, 31 and 28 along with two daughters-in-law, I have learned a few key things along the way that helps cultivate positive relationships with them. The truth is, much of this starts when they are younger so for those who have younger children at home, there is something for you in this conversation! Building a solid foundation with our children when they are young allows us to shift into friendship with them as they become adults. 

So for moms of young children or adult children, listen in for some of the top tips that have helped me cultivate positive relationships with adult children. Be sure to listen to the end as I’m sharing strategies for connecting with your daughters-in-law as well. 

Family dynamics are never easy but putting allowing our children to be who they are and guiding them on their unique journey can be a game changer!   Before I go, there’s another round of the Balance Eating Method starting soon! Get the support and coaching you need through the holidays; signup to get on the waitlist today!

About the Host

I too, struggled in my late 40s when I hit peri-menopause! I was experiencing all those not-so-fun physical changes in my body, as well as mental and emotional fatigue. What worked for me before was not working anymore. 

And the mainstream wellness advice I was following was not for women my age but for women years younger. I also realized very quickly that there is no one formula that works for all women. We are all different and need a customized approach. This aha moment was the first step to my transformation…