Talking All Things Fashion, Food and Lifestyle with blogger Shannon Mann

Shannon Mann, of the blog Oysters to Pearls, joins us today. We are talking all things fashion, food, and lifestyle. She is going to be sharing why she started blogging, current fashion trends, her views on food and dieting, and how she maintains her healthy lifestyle.

The Oysters to Pearls blog started  in 2018, and it became a hobby that helped distract her when her daughter went away for college. Over time, her blogging evolved into what Oysters to Pearls is today. It has been a blessing, and through this experience she has met so many new people and found a great outlet. She loves talking all things fashion, food and lifestyle with her followers. 

When she turned 20, Shannon found weightlifting and it changed her view of food along with how she perceives herself. It was at this time she started taking her health seriously. Shannon believes that health looks different for everyone and you have to be willing to adjust – what works for you at one time may not make sense at another time in your life.

Shannon and her husband enjoy a highly plant-based diet that contains a lot of healthy fats. She is also on hormone replacement therapy and feels like she couldn’t live without it. She opens up about her daily wellness routine and what is currently working for her. She also delves into the different diets out there and why restriction doesn’t work.

She describes her perfect day as mundane and simple. Feeling grateful to be alive, looking at the big picture, and being with family are all important aspects. Finding contentment in where you are is the feeling of a perfect day. 

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About the Host

I too, struggled in my late 40s when I hit peri-menopause! I was experiencing all those not-so-fun physical changes in my body, as well as mental and emotional fatigue. What worked for me before was not working anymore. 

And the mainstream wellness advice I was following was not for women my age but for women years younger. I also realized very quickly that there is no one formula that works for all women. We are all different and need a customized approach. This aha moment was the first step to my transformation…