Why the All-Or-Nothing Approach to Diets Doesn’t Work

Deanna has Meredith, AKA The Peachie Spoon, as her guest in today’s podcast. Meredith is a holistic life coach and certified personal trainer. Her aim is to help others have a healthy relationship with food. Today’s discussion is about learning to approach food and your body in a healthy, positive way, and why the all-or-nothing approach to diets doesn’t work.

Everyone is looking for a quick fix to lose weight, but those quick fixes don’t work. Meredith tells us about creating a solid lifestyle foundation to set you up for success. You must add small habits gradually and build up that foundation to reach your goals. There is no freedom in an all-or-nothing approach; it leaves you in a constant battle of the scale and leads you to stress and guilt.

We need to approach our health and our bodies from a place of love. You should be able to have an enjoyable life. Remember that our clothes should fit our bodies, but our bodies don’t have to fit all clothes.

Meredith has experienced eating disorders in the past and knows about the need to obsessively control what we eat, but you don’t have to obsess over food. Learn what works for your body and be mindful of how it makes you feel. Remember to have balance in what you eat and to be in tune with your own hunger.

To end the episode, Meredith reminds us that it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach to diets. The world is always changing and we should be flexible. Think about all the choices you have the opportunity to make with your food and don’t let guilt rule your relationship with it.

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About the Host

I too, struggled in my late 40s when I hit peri-menopause! I was experiencing all those not-so-fun physical changes in my body, as well as mental and emotional fatigue. What worked for me before was not working anymore. 

And the mainstream wellness advice I was following was not for women my age but for women years younger. I also realized very quickly that there is no one formula that works for all women. We are all different and need a customized approach. This aha moment was the first step to my transformation…