How to Create Healthy and Sustainable Eating Habits

Episode Overview

Melanie is your girl if you want to know how to create healthy and sustainable eating habits! She has taught me many tips and tricks over the years on making quick and easy nutrient-dense meals which is why we created Balance Eating Method. We discovered too many women struggle to get the nourishment they need to live energized and whole from the inside out. In this episode, we invite each listener to join the conversation as we, two best friends, chat about our health journeys and share why we do what we do for women coming up after us.


Questions Answered

  • Why does alcohol affect us differently as we get older?
  • Is it too late to change, even if we’re in our 40s, 50s, and 60s and beyond?
  • What is it like to be on the Balance Method calls?
  • How will the Balance Eating Method help me create healthy and sustainable eating habits?

Action Items


Key Moments in the Conversation

[2:34] Every time I’m on the phone with you, I leave better. I’ve learned something. I’ve been encouraged. Maybe you’re doing something that I was slacking on, like going on a daily walk, and Deanna’s walking and talking and I think, “you know what? I need to move today because Deanna is my encourager.”

[3:51] What I do is try to be better this year as opposed to last year. What can I let go of that didn’t serve me in 2022?

[12:38] We were talking on our Zoom call about community and how important community is with like-minded women, and that’s exactly why we created the Balance Wellness Method, Balance Eating Method, and Balance Movement Method because there aren’t any programs out there for women our age.

[15:22]  I can tell you I feel better now in my fifties probably as good as I felt in my twenties, if not better.

[32:02] Start learning to say no more. You can make time to better yourself, you just have to learn to say no to the things that are not the best for you.


Connect with Melanie:

Welcome back to the Well and Worthy Life Podcast guys. Can you believe we are already midway through January? It’s crazy to me. You may know now that I am doing podcasts every other week instead of every week. I’m trying to find that balance in my life, as well as help you find the balance in your life.

So that’s why we have gone to this format. It gives you time to go check back on any previous episodes because I have, Oh, I wanna say probably 150 at least episodes so there’s lots of information for you to go back to that is still relevant, so be sure and go back and listen to those. Today I’ve got my fellow coach with me, Melanie.

She’s been on with me several times before and we’re just going to have like a little chat about Midway in January, what are we doing and what are we looking forward to. Melanie, thank you so much for joining me. You know, I love being here with you. This is an easy conversation because we love talking about it, so.

Mm. Yes, I’m happy to be here. Oh, well I always love talking to you. Thank you for asking me. I feel honored to be here. Should I say? Well, we always have such great conversations when we are just on the phone with each other, just every day. I feel like every time we talk, we are here to help each other and support each other.

Not only in our working relationship because yes, we are, we are fellow coaches that we work together, but it’s in our friendship and I think friendships are so important at our age, don’t you? Oh my goodness. They’re everything. Every time I’m on the phone with you, I leave better.

I’ve learned something. I’ve been encouraged. Maybe you’re doing something that I was slacking on, like going on my walk, and Deanna’s walking and talking and I’m like, you know what? I need to move today because Deanna is my encourager. Oh, you’re so sweet. I felt the same way about you. And you know, too bad we can’t figure out how to do these podcasts while we could walk.

You know, I mean unfortunately, we have to absolutely, but I think it would be very distracting if we were walking and talking, but who knows, maybe one day we’ll figure it out and we can actually do walk and talks. Although here it’s pretty cool today. Is it cool there? It has the sun shining, but it is.

Yeah. It’s here too. Thank goodness. It’s beautiful today. I’m, I know, cold as long as the sun’s shining. I agree. I agree. Okay. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I haven’t ever asked you that. I don’t mm-hmm. , I, I, I don’t, I don’t call ’em resolutions, but I do go, I do goal setting.

Yes. Is there a difference there? I don’t know. I kind of feel like it’s different. I feel like New Year’s resolutions are, are different than goals, I think New Year’s, this is, well, what I do is just try to be better. Mm-hmm. , how can I be better this year as opposed to last year? What can I let go of that didn’t serve me in 2022?

And then I think back to. Well, I’ll tell you this, I’ll, we’ll start off with dry January. Mm-hmm. If you wanna call that a goal. Deanna encouraged me a couple years ago. I actually, was it three years ago when we met? I just get dis I had, I don’t even know anymore. . I dunno. But when it was at least two and a half years ago.

Okay. It was in October and so in October it will be three years. I think that’s, So let’s go back to the alcohol. When I met Deanna, it was on a girls’ trip, and everybody was drinking on that trip, including me, except for Deanna. Excuse me. Deanna was not drinking, and I just watched her. I mean, she was the life of the party we went to.

a bar after dinner just for a a nightcap. And there was a little piano player there, and Deanna was dancing. She was having a fun, she was laughing. She didn’t need alcohol to have fun. And quite honestly, I don’t need alcohol to have fun. But I, so at that point, after I met her, I was watching, I was like, you know what?

I’m gonna let go of, of the alcohol. And during that year, and so I did 75 hard. Which is a mental challenge and is a very mental challenge, which , I’m like, wow, that you did that. One thing was good was, was not consuming alcohol for 75 days, but that was my way of kind of easing into that. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm.

So after that, easing into that, I mean, if anybody looks at 75 hard, just know I tried it for, I don’t know, 15 days. I was like, forget this, . Well, but anyway, the takeaway from what I’m trying to say, not the 75 heart, I don’t want the emphasis on that, but was that after 75 days of going without alcohol, I felt so good.

I just felt so good. Mm-hmm. . And so then after you, I think you and I have talked about this, Deanna, tell me your experience. You go back a little bit. Mm-hmm. , you know, you may. Then after that I was like, okay, I was at a wedding or something and I. went back to my wine and guess what happened? Didn’t sleep well.

Mm-hmm. didn’t feel my best the next day, had food cravings the next day. Mm-hmm. didn’t feel like exercising. Right. Right. Didn’t even drink a lot. It was maybe two glasses of wine. Does it affect you that way? Oh, yes. And so I, I could, I, you know, it’s funny because I. Could not figure out why it was affecting me so much more.

And other clients that I talked to, it was affecting them like that too. And I did a little bit of research and I actually did a podcast on this, with my friend Jen, Sober Sis. You know, she and I have had several podcasts on this. But, the thing is, we have an enzyme that breaks down the alcohol.

As women we have less of that enzyme than men. And and then as we get older, we lose more and more of it. So we don’t have that enzyme that usually breaks down the alcohol as much. And that’s why it affects us so much more than it did when we were in our twenties and thirties. When you’re in twenties and thirties, you could get away with it a lot more. You don’t need that disruption of sleep with alcohol because we have enough problems at this age with sleep, so we don’t need that, right? So anyway, that’s, that’s one of my goals. I, I did drink some champagne, new Year’s Eve. and the same feelings, and I thought, why are you doing this?

Mm-hmm, the 20 minutes of a little bit of a high is not worth the whole day, the next day of not being my best. So I’m gonna try to you know, less and less of that. So are you saying just for January I’m saying 2023. Mm-hmm. is maybe just completely realizing my year doesn’t serve me.

Yeah. You know, I kind of feel the same way. I’ve kind of dabbled back in it, and again, Jen and I did a podcast on Can You Moderate? And I do believe some people can moderate. And I feel like I have done a pretty good job of moderation. I feel like you’ve done a pretty good job of moderation, but I had probably in December.

Maybe five or six occasions, which is a lot for me, considering the last three years, right, that I had a few drinks and it just, honestly, it did affect my sleep, but, it didn’t do anything for me. It, there was nothing about it that served to me. It’s like, it just nothing. And so, yeah, so I was like, what, what’s the point?

You know, I think more than anything, it’s not like I really like the taste of it. For some reason, I still think sometimes I’m like, oh, if I have a drink, Oh, then I’m gonna have fun. Then I’m part of the crowd. You’re the best at doing the mocktails. You, you really are the best at doing mocktails.

I don’t do a lot of mocktails, but I need to do more because I think that’s where I felt like I was missing out. So true. That’s a, that really is. Now let’s go back to that because let’s say my children, I have adult children. . They we’re not big drinkers at my house. Okay. We’re not. Right. But if it’s the weekend and we’re making, not holiday, I mean of, you know, not holiday.

Sure. People are gonna, they may be having drinks and so having your go-to, mm-hmm really is a big deal. Yeah. Yeah. , but you’ve gotta keep it stock. Like you need to have it. Like in my pantry, I have all my ritual, zero proof. Mm-hmm, you gotta find something you love. Right, Dean? Yeah. Because you don’t like that ritual as much as I do.

I do like ritual. I like that a lot. I don’t like the whiskey, but I like the gin and the tequila a lot. So I need to, and that’s what I need to do. I need to stock my pantry. And then I’ve seen some great recipes from ritual. But I’m like, Ooh, that looks really good. So and I even made John one I this dry January I was making my little mocktail at five. And I’d made John one and I said, you’ve just gotta taste this. And he is like, Melanie, it really is so good. Like, I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Like I, I like. . Yeah. Yeah. So I love that. And I think that, if you do want to examine, for anybody that’s listened, if you do wanna examine, try to go a month or 21 days, it is better.

Cuz we know community works so much better than when we try to do it by ourself. And Jen, aka Sober Sis has a great 21 day challenge. We’ve both done it. Love it. Love it. We love it. Love it. She starts the first of, no matter when you’re listening to this, she starts the first of every month. And so you go ahead and register.

So if you’re listening to this when this drops and you’re like, okay, I wanna do this, just click on the link in the show notes. You click on that link, you’ll join. She’ll have a couple of Zoom calls, or at least one Zoom call before you start on that first of the month. So you would start February 1st and you’ll get so much support.

I tell you, one of the best values, one of the best programs out there. I would definitely, definitely recommend that, wouldn’t you, Melanie? I love it. And I’m gonna throw this in there. For one thing, I, I did her program and I, I love following her on Instagram. Mm-hmm. just for inspiration, cuz you’re gonna learn.

Right. But also the biblical perspective that, she ties it in to, you know, she’ll have scriptures that she mm-hmm motivates you with, and, and I love that. Love it. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Just like we were talking about, you know, we are doing balance wellness method right now, which we got, we do this three times a year.

So if you missed out on this one, don’t worry. We’ll start it again after, I think it will start again in April. I think in April it starts again. So so you can actually click on the link and the show notes here to get on the wait list, so you’ll be one of the first ones to know when it’s available again.

But we were talking on our Zoom call about community and how important community is from like-minded women, and that’s exactly why we created balanced wellness method, balance eating method and then next is balanced movement method, because there really are not any programs out there for women our age.

You know? Yes, you can join the younger women twenties and thirties, but we know it’s different once you hit your forties. It is so different . I posted on Instagram, I don’t know if you saw my post on Instagram, the Real, and I said it was just a silly one. You know those silly ones where you’re like, listen up.

And perimenopause can start as early in your forties. And man, when I read all the comments, I was like, yes, Deanna going back to our Zoom call, had so much fun being with that group of women and listening. Just, just being engaged and just, just the conversations. But I wish I would’ve known , what I know now, if I would’ve only known in my forties.

Because let me tell you, I went to my doctor, I said, I don’t feel good. I don’t have energy. My sex drive is low. I’m irritable. , all these things. Mm-hmm. and it was a, you’ll get through it, and, and then off to what? Deliver a baby or do a mm-hmm. , hysterectomy. Mm-hmm. . And there’s nothing wrong with that, but, you know, there’s not enough communication and a not enough support from our doctors, to help us in this area. It’s so unfortunate. So many doctors say, oh, well that’s just the way things are. You’re older now. Yes. Or you know, I mean, it’s just, we’re dismissed almost like, hello? Like, oh, well you’ve served your purpose here. You’re not having babies anymore. You’re gonna feel bad and you’re never gonna wanna have sex.

And forget the energy. I mean, you’re done. , you know, and, and so having gone through the be balance, wellness and then learned, okay, these are the things that you need to ask your doctor. Mm-hmm. , this is maybe the type of, maybe you need to go to a functional medicine doctor. Mm-hmm. . Right, right. Yeah.

And, and, and look, that was 13 years ago, and I can tell you I feel better now in my fifties. probably as as good as I felt in my twenties, if not better. Mm-hmm. I’m the same way. Same way. Not easily, physically and everything. Everything. Yeah. Yeah. I mean definitely. I, I think I, I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life.

And, but it’s, it has been a process to get here. Right? It’s been a process. Right, right, right. And we’ve had to learn, and by trial and error and trying different things and what works and what doesn’t work, and that’s why we’re so passionate about sharing. Because like you said, if I had only known, it’s almost like we’re big sisters, like we’re on the other side.

It’s not like we’re completely through it though. You know? No, no, but, and I, and we do, I mean, what a joy to share with somebody. Mm-hmm. . And, you know, all the success stories when we read after a program ends that they have their life back, or they’re off high blood pressure medication, or they’ve lost 15 pounds, or their mindset is good.

Like they feel good, they want to go exercise, they’re sleeping, they’re vibrant, you know, they look, oh, here. , they look vibrant. Mm-hmm. , you know, when you say, I heard you yesterday on the call, say take a picture before like this week while the program starts, and then you’re gonna take a picture at the end.

Mm-hmm. . Unbelievable. Yeah. I mean, it really is unbelievable. The other comment that was made on the call that I found very interesting too was a woman. And she was like, you know, I’m 65 and I really thought it was really just too late for me. , and it’s not, it’s not too late for anybody, right?

Mm-hmm. That’s one of those limiting beliefs that that we think, oh, we’re too old for this, or, oh, well I missed the boat on that. So then you go and you put yourself in that box and you carry out the rest of your life. Fill in that way. Yeah. No, no. , no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t do that people. No, no, exactly.

That’s why I’m so excited about our next program coming up that we start in February and I don’t have the exact date, but we’re starting it in February when once we finish finished, we’ll balance wellness movement. Some of the women will move straight over into balanced eating method. And then we’ll have some new ones join us and balance eating method again.

We’ve been running that program for a year. We had over. Gosh, I could you remember like, was it around 375, 2 5, somewhere around in there. Women go through balanced eating method last year and so many great results and it was just amazing and we’ve improved it even more if that’s possible. But we have, we’ve listened to what people were wanting more of and we’ve added more recipes and just more information because in balanced wellness method, we definitely talk about nourishment.

We talk about eating, but we can’t get into all of it. And that’s one of the things that, that’s why Melanie, she was the perfect person to help create the balanced eating method. So sweet. It’s been such a blessing to me. I can’t thank you enough. Like, honestly, it’s been a, a blessing to both of us.

I mean, because it truly has been this blessing to me as well and to so many, so many women. It is different than any program out. Because guess what? We don’t talk about calories, macros, any of that kind of stuff. We teach you just how to eat sustainably. There are no tricks to this. Sustainable equal success.

That’s, there’s your right. You know, and so many people get caught up. When I tried to track macros, it did not work for me. Calories sure didn’t work for me. macros didn’t either. Not to say there is not a time and a place for tracking macros. There may be just to kind of get a baseline to see where you are.

But long term, that’s not gonna help you. , in my opinion, I have to always preface that because some people are very dedicated to tracking their macros. And if you are, this probably may not be the program for you. But but it’s, it. I think the great thing is, is that we teach you. Melanie really teaches you

How, how? I know we do it together, but we, we, that first week, wait, lemme say this, okay? Cause I want everybody to know this. We are simply, giving you a simple way to live that’s sustainable and it’s what we do. It’s a lifestyle. Mm-hmm. , it’s not a diet. And when, so when Deanna says Melanie, no, we, because all of us, all the coaches in the balance wellness program, we do this mm-hmm.

and it’s not a diet. It, there’s so much freedom. Mm-hmm. , it’s it’s nourishment. Okay. Yes. It’s nourishment. We’re just gonna teach you ways to nourish your bodies. And you know what I love? I think about this all the time. Are you, when you go to fix your plate, when you’re hungry, are you nourishing your body?

Are you eating just to be eating? Not knowing what’s in those foods and what those foods are doing to your body. and what vitamins and, and how they can help you prevent diseases. That to me is just the center of, of, of balanced eating method. We’re just showing what these foods do for your body protein.

We need so many grams of protein today. A day we’re gonna go over that fiber. Why is fiber important? How much do we. with today’s diet, the American, the standard American diet, you are not getting enough fiber. Most women are not getting enough fiber.

Yes. You have to really focus on eating whole foods, real foods. And look, Deanna, if you are fixing your plate and you are wasting calories, this is what I call wasted calories on, on processed non-nursing foods , you’re not gonna be satisfied. You’re gonna have cravings all day long.

You’re gonna peak and valley. You can’t eat a meal that will sustain you for three to four hours, right? Mm-hmm. , because you’re not feeling your body with the right foods. That’s right. You don’t have all the energy to do all the things. Right. And then what goes from. Do you have energy to exercise? Mm-hmm.

are you sleeping well? Are you eating the right foods that are balancing your hormones? Mm-hmm. , how does your skin hair now? How does that look? Mm-hmm. , all these things are just like spinoffs from eating real food. You know? I bet you get this question a lot too. I get this question all the time. . What, what skincare do you use?

What skincare do you use? I tell them, but , I don’t think it’s the skincare for me. Mm-hmm. I think it’s what I consume. It’s, it starts from the inside out. Right. And and so I think that’s where, where we, we have to start that inside out, you know, hydrating, you know, making sure we’re getting enough water.

But, but let’s talk about what we teach them and balance eating method. That first week we teach them what, how to clean out their pantry, their refrigerator, and then stock it back up. Cause you gotta plan ahead . Yeah. We’re gonna take you inside our kitchens. We’re gonna go into the pantry and we’re gonna look at ingredients because many of us don’t know what we’re eating. So we’re gonna flip over, look at the labels, we’re gonna go over inflammatory oils. We’re gonna go over things you need to make better choices. Like put that one aside, but maybe eat this. Remember we did that at your pantry at the beach? Yes. Oh yeah. Then we’re gonna go in, into your refrigerator and clean out your produce drawer.

we’re going to then restock with foods that we eat that are non-inflammatory back. So you have all these PDFs, all these downloadable PDFs that we’ve spent a long time on to help you make sure, because again, you can clean everything out, but then you’ve gotta stock it back up so that you can plan ahead and make life easy.

I think that’s the biggest thing, people don’t plan ahead. I know for me, Melanie, if I don’t have my pantry and my refrigerator stock, which it’s not stocked as well right now as it should be, that’s why I can’t wait for bla balanced eating method too. But I can eat so much better and nourish my body without even thinking about it cuz it’s there in my refrigerator, in my pantry,

I can throw something together so quick because then that second week we teach ’em about our plug and play formula, you know? And how easy is that? Then we’re gonna show you what a plate looks like and how your plate should always look. Always. Now, look, Deanna and I, we’re not perfect.

We eat cake, of course, of course. Of course we, that’s why I want freedom, right? We splurge guys, but there’s balance. Mm-hmm. , there’s balance and awareness. And awareness is everything because guess what? And mindfulness that, that when we decide to splurge on that cake, We are not just shoveling it in. I saw a video of this little girl.

This is the so funniest thing. Oh my gosh. It was actually one of my friend’s granddaughters and she was eating french fries and she couldn’t get those fries in quick enough in her mouth quick enough. And and you know, that’s, that’s mindless eating, right? When you’re just like, so fast. That sounds awful in the pocket.

and, and it goes back to what I said earlier. If you’re having those cravings and you’re wanting cake at every meal and you’re shoveling fries in your mouth, you’re not eating the right foods because, let’s see, what time is it right now? I had a protein smoothie. Filled with so many nutrient rich foods at nine 30.

Mm-hmm. , it’s 1230 right now. Awesome. Ask me if I’m hungry. Are you hungry? No. Oh, good, good, good, good. Yeah, but I, but I, look, we eat food. We eat real food. We’re not telling you to skip food and not eat meals. And we’re just saying, look, if you do cake, how do you feel? , how do you feel after? Well, and yeah, and, and savor that cake.

Really, you know, that’s where it comes, you know, instead of like, eat it so fast. I’ve been there, done that, where I want another piece. And, but if you really savor that, you know, we were talking about this I think yesterday on our zoom call too, that first bite of dessert or, or that first bite of anything that you just love so much, right?

That first bite is the best bite. Second bite, that’s pretty good too. And the third bite. But there is this law of diminishing returns. It doesn’t taste that fourth and fifth and sixth bite doesn’t taste as well as that first bite. But you know, and that’s why I think we live in such a time where we are so busy, we are going so hard, we don’t have time to sit down.

Enjoy our food. Our food was meant to be enjoyed. Right. And to chew. Mm-hmm. slowly. Mm-hmm. . And there’s a reason for that. Let the food get to your stomach to start digesting, to fill you. And then you may not want to clean your plate like we were taught as children. No. Why did we teach? Oh God. Why did our parents teach us that?

Well, and you know, honestly, I did it to my children and then I was sitting there with my son and daughter-in-law watching them make my granddaughter eat everything on her plate. You have to have this before you can have this. And I was. and she was like, I’m not hungry, I’m hungry. I’m like, Ugh. So I don’t know, you know?

That’s, Ugh. That’s so tough. So tough. But, but you know what, too, going back to time, we don’t take the time because we live in this fast paced world, but during the balanced wellness method, we’re going to. help you learn to make time. Mm-hmm. . And to make it simple. Cause honestly, we really do have the time.

Deanna, we do. Oh, yes. Yeah. This is where, this is what you need to think. Where are you wasting time? Mm-hmm. , what can you cut out of your day? Is it social media? Is it watching Netflix? Is it. What is wasting your time? That’s what I would ask anybody starting any of our programs that say mm-hmm. , I don’t have time for that.

Mm-hmm. , you do have time. Mm-hmm. you, you do have time. I promise you. You do. And with the app that we have. makes it so simple, right? Everywhere you go. I was on the Zoom call yesterday, had to take my son to the doctor because he couldn’t drive, and I knew I had that zoom call. Well, guess what? I logged on driving down the highway and heard every word and engaged and mm-hmm.

so you can. . Well, and that’s, I will say, that’s the beauty of it. You’ve got the recipes right there in your hand on the, on your app. You know, you can communicate. There’s no social media. So you know, sometimes with these Facebook groups, we get on there and it diverts us and takes us way off track of where we really All social media.

Yeah. , I’m like all that. Yeah. I mean, find yourself in a, in a rabbit hole. You’ve gone down. It’s the truth. The truth. I mean, and so that’s what, you know, another program I used to coach, we had a Facebook group, and I catch myself going down rabbit holes on that Facebook. I mean, th there’s a, a time and place for all social media.

I’m not gonna say it’s all bad stuff, right? But. because that’s really how we connect with Melanie. I mean, really, it’s so funny. But there, there is this, that’s the beauty of this app. You get on the app, you can converse with us, you can converse with all the group, everybody that’s in the group. We have a community of other women that are, maybe they’re in the membership program or maybe they’ve done another program and they are in the app, so, and they’re all women going through the same hormonal change.

you are, and I, I’ll tell you this too, talking about the app, so I love the cooking, the Zoom calls where we cook together, and most of our recipes are five ingredients or less. Wow, how freeing is that exactly. And so we do these Zoom calls together and, and they’re usually at noon. But if you can’t make it, no worries.

It’s in the app either that evening or the next day for you to watch on, on time. So you just make it super easy. But you know, another thing that I love about just one of the things about aging. and that I’ve learned, and I wish I would’ve known in my forties and in my, in my thirties, probably more so than my forties.

Cuz I think during your forties and when you really start learning to say no more, oh yes. And, and just if you know you can make time to better yourself, you just have to learn to say no to the things that are not the best for you, right? Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And it’s hard for a people pleaser to say, Right. And I’m a recovered people pleaser, so it, but I have learned, and I, I get better at saying no.

And it’s just, like I said, you know, from the very beginning, I, I love doing these podcasts so much. It was so hard for me to decide to do it every other week. You know, just do two, two a month. I was like, oh no. But I’m like, that is the best thing for me and for my life. So that, I have time to do all the other things that I wanna do and so that I can create more of a balanced life for me.

You know, I was talking to somebody else and we really, all three of us, me, you and Lori, we all three practice exactly what we preach. We met at the beach at Deanna’s for, for meeting like we work, we were in, we were in sync of waking up our MI morning routine.

Mm-hmm. what we eat, our movement, we prioritized our sleep and it wasn’t something that, . It’s our lifestyle. Yeah. And we all learned it through the balance wellness method. Yeah. But you know, and, and that is a thing. And like we, you know, and, and this is just the truth out there, cuz I see it all the time with other health coaches.

They say all the right things to do, they really do. They and they well meaning, right? But they are burnt out because of. , they are working themselves silly. They have either too many clients or too many groups going on or something. They are not truly, if you saw, you know, and we know on Instagram it’s just a small snapshot, but are they living the life that you wanna live?

And so I would really, you know, I can attest that Melanie really lives this way. Lori really lives this way. And if you came and spent a day with me, you would know, this is the way I really live. This is no show. This is no you know, see how many clients we can get because that’s not it. We do this because we love sharing and we love our lifestyle. Honestly. We love our lifestyle and it’s something we both have worked on. And you know, something we both like to educate ourselves on. We’re constantly learning. We want to learn, we want to read, we want to know more. Mm-hmm. And and why keep all that knowledge in yourself if you can’t share it with somebody else that you know that could gain from it?

I totally, totally agree and I think that’s why our passion for sharing it with so many women and why it does make a So anyway, I don’t know. We could, like I said, we could talk forever and never Melanie, but I’m so glad that you have joined me as a coach and I’m can’t wait for balance eating method to start.

I’m so loving our group of balance wellness method and I mean, it’s just great. Life is good. We’ve started 2023 off. Very good. Yeah. And it’s gonna be great. I’m excited to see where we go and all the new people we’re gonna meet. I am too. It’s fun meeting people from all over the world.

Ah, it sure is. It Sure. Okay, well we’re gonna wrap up here, but if you’re interested in joining us in balance eating method, you can click on the link in the show notes. Also you’ll just get on a wait list and that wait list will let you know when we open up balance eating method. If you thought, well, I want balanced wellness method or balanced movement method.

There’ll be wait list in there also, or you can buy all three programs in our balance bundle. So you can click on that link and check that out. You get a little bit of a discount when you buy all three programs, so it’s a great value. And you get me, Lori, and Melanie for 12 weeks . So if you buy the, that balance bundle.

Otherwise, each individual program is four weeks. Okay, and we have Zoom calls and everything with it, so, so much, so much excitement. Thank you, Deanna, for having me today. I really enjoyed it. I love you. Thank you, Melanie. I love seeing you and I will see you at the beach soon. Yeah, wait, I know. Me too. All of us.

Follow us friends and watch whole journey. That’s right. See you guys later. Thanks for joining us.

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did, but before we go, can you do me a favor and rate and review the podcast rating and reviewing the podcast? Not only helps others find it, but it’s also similar to that. No, like, and trust factor you have with your friends and family listeners, respect the reviews of other listen.

So your glowing reviews are like trusted recommendations for other listeners. Hey, and go ahead and hit that subscribe button. So you don’t miss an episode until next week. I hope you make those small consistent changes that lead you to your best to you

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