The Fashion Influencer to Follow Today

Episode Overview

Whether you’re a fashionista or in serious need of style support, Susie is a fashion influencer to follow! She loves guiding and inspiring women while creating practical versatile stylish outfits. Putting all her knowledge and passion in one place and sharing it brings her so much joy. Her blog, So Susie, combines many years of expertise as a stylist with a desire to make recommendations that help women put together the perfect wardrobe. The work she puts in the world is informative, beautiful, and inspiring.

Tune in to find out which of her classic pieces I’ve had my eye on for years!


Questions Answered

  • What pieces of a wardrobe are worth splurging on?
  • What are the trending colors for the summer season?
  • What is the best denim to be wearing?
  • What is it like to be a midlife woman growing a business online?
  • Why Deanna chooses Susie as the fashion influencer to follow.

Action Items

  • We mention Fashionphile on the episode which is an online fashion resale website where consumers can buy and sell women’s luxury designer used handbags, accessories, and jewelry.
  • Keep up with all of Susie’s fashion tips and insights on her Instagram and her website where she deep dives into topics on her blog.

Key Moments in the Conversation

[4:30] The cool thing about this little journey is that everyone has a lane and we’re all doing our own spin on something and there’s room for everybody.

[11:21]  I think there comes this stage where our kids get a little bit older and we have to do something for ourselves. I’ve got 30 or 40 more years and I don’t want to just lose my brain!

[25:39] If you want to get good jeans online, stick with the best-selling brands and fits. They’re best sellers for a reason, they fit nine out of ten women.

[30:28] I think adding in a few trends and adapting them to your style is a way to make your wardrobe more interesting and it keeps us more current.

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Welcome to the Well and Worthy Life podcast. I’m your host, Deanna Pizitz a certified integrative nutrition health coach. This podcast is designed to inspire and motivate you to become a better you through sharing solutions, to your biggest struggles and concerns. In this second half of life, let’s change how we age by focusing on creating a positive mindset that allows us to flourish.

Nourishing our bodies for longevity, optimizing our hormone health for better balance movement that keeps us feeling young and active and managing our stress to improve our mental health. Things are different now in our second half, and we have to do things differently. Welcome to Well and Worthy Life. I am so excited that you are back with me on this podcast. , so I have another wonderful guest with me today, Susie Wright. Susie, oh my gosh, you probably are already following her. On Instagram, but she has, she has taught me so much and I keep buying all your products, Susie, so, oh, good.

So Susie, thank you so much for joining me here on the Well Unworthy Life Podcast. Thank you so much for having me. I’m happy to be here. Well, you know, it’s funny cuz I’ve been following you for a while and we kind of made the connection on a phone call earlier. We have a mutual really good friend Kathy Williamson, the middle page blog and and so I love.

Well, I love everything. In fact, every part of your style, I’m like, oh, I could wear that. Oh, I like that. And yeah, so we were just talking and we are about the same age, so that’s, that’s probably part of it. Yes. But, but I don’t find that everywhere. I don’t you know, I follow a lot of different. Fashion influencers and I, yeah, there’s some things that I’m like, no, I would not wear that.

But I think almost everything that you’ve put out there, I would wear. In fact, just this weekend I bought some of the shoes that you had shared, so Oh, good. . So anyway, yeah. But let’s talk about how you got started doing this. Yes. And how long ago that. Yes. Well I was working at Nordstrom, so I basically worked at Nordstrom for maybe half my lifetime.

Could be a little bit more . Right. And one time I was in my early fifties and my 20-something managers came up to me and was like, Susie, I think you should start an Instagram. And I was like, oh. , that’s a good idea. And so I, I’m one of those that I just jump in. I don’t really, I think that’s kind of almost the best advice I tell people.

And obviously it doesn’t work for everybody cuz some people need to really think things through and there’s obviously, there’s room for that too. But I’m just one of those that I just dive right in. So literally I came home, I told my husband, I hired a photographer cuz I had never taken a selfie of myself.

And so that’s when it started. I think I was maybe 50. or 51 I think it was, but. So that’s awesome. That was about the same time I started. And it’s funny cuz we talked about this because I started off just a blog and but I was real confused at first of who I was, . Cause I was, my friend Kathy was helping me and that was trying to do what she, and I’m like, no, no, no.

That’s not what I wanna do. I wanna share about helping wellness, not, not fashion, although I do love, love fashion. So so, okay, so you just jumped into it and that’s, I jumped into That’s a great piece of advice because I think some people, especially as you get older, you overthink it. Yes. Don’t you think?

Yes. And you’re scared of what other people are gonna think. Yeah. Were you scared of what other people think? Yes. I mean, as a matter of fact, I mean, I live in a pretty, you know, tight community here in Portland and you know, our, my kids have, I have three kids and so I just basically, my daughter told me the other day, mom, you know more people than like, I, you know, you just know people, especially when I’ve grown up here.

And so in the beginning I would have people say to me like, What are you doing? And you know, cuz it’s a bit strange all of a sudden to like be all over social media and taking selfies. And so I think to an outside person, when you don’t really know what you’re doing, you’re like, what are you doing? Who do you think you are?

And so sometimes that’s was hard. It’s not so much now, but yeah. And back to what you were saying when you first started and you were doing fashion, I think the cool thing about this little journey is that, , everyone has a lane and we’re all doing our own spin on something and there’s just kind of room for everybody.

And so I really do firmly believe that. And so it’s just fun seeing what everyone does. I agree. In the community, it’s, it’s funny because I’ve met. So many people on Instagram that I really would consider friends. I mean, I may not have met them in person, you know, some people do end up meeting in person, but but you know, I’ll talk through the dms or will actually get on a call and I, I love that part of it.

So it can be a very supportive and empowering community, which I think is really definitely says a lot for women our age, you know? Yeah. To support each each other. . I think that might be one of the biggest surprises of this whole journey, is meeting either creators, other creators like Kathy, who have met in person twice and then yourself.

And so that’s been a lovely little surprise in life. and then also connecting with the women that I’m helping get dressed and those relationship, like if you would’ve told us 10 years ago, you’re gonna go on the internet, you’re gonna like meet really cool people, you’d be like, that’s so strange. No, and it’s true.

I mean it. I, and they’re all kind of, we’re all in the same boat together. So yeah. It’s a really amazing thing. Yeah. I I, I do love it. And that’s beauty of it too. You can connect from across the world. Yeah. Cause you’re, you’re in Portland, Oregon Way across from me. Right? You’re in Alabama, so yeah.

and so but that’s the beauty of it. Okay. So let’s go back to when you first started. Okay. You said something you know about how people can, because when I first started, I had people, I had somebody actually in my family, not a close relative, but she would kind of make fun of me when she, when I was doing my stories, because I was new, you know?

And so you right. Come on there and you like, and she would kind of make fun of me. , and she would do it in front of my face. It wasn’t like she was doing it by my back. Right, right, right. But later on she was like, wow, you’ve really done something. Did you have anything like that?

Anybody that kind of, or they said, I remember Kathy and I talking about this. People would go, oh, so how’s your little blog going? Like, it’s just like this little. Pastime. Yeah. And that’s, it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work. Yeah. I think I don’t think I, I knew that I was onto something. I started the blog.

I actually, you know, my whole Instagram thing was one thing, and so I started that in 2006, 17, I think. But the blog was 2018 and after. Four. I knew I was onto something I like, I just did. Wow. And, but I don’t think even my husband, my kids, no. And I could see all the numbers and I’m, I analyze stuff all day long.

And I just knew. But anyway, I don’t think anyone, even my husband right now, he’s like, wow, . And I don’t think anyone really thought that, you know, it was this little that it would, not, that it, I don’t mean that people didn’t believe in me. Mm-hmm. , I just don’t think even, I didn’t know that you could kind of build a business, I guess, on.

So, yeah. And it is crazy what you can do. Yeah. And so how did your children feel about it when you first started ? Well, my daughter who’s 25, and it was a joke in our family, mom, you take the worst photos in the family. Oh no. And it was true. I’d be like this, or, I mean, it’d be terrible. My kids would be like, mom, just relax.

You know? And so, but they’ve always just been so supportive. And when I first got on Instagram or whatever, I had to always ask my kids for help. I still have to ask my, the other day, my Zoom wouldn’t work. I’m like to my son, you know, help. And so my kids have just been super supportive. And actually my daughter now works with me.

And talk about a mom’s dream. Come. Oh, exactly. That is so amazing. Yeah. Yeah, so it’s funny cuz I found out later I didn’t, I thought my children were pretty supportive and really they, they really, really were fairly supportive. Yes. But I heard. From somebody else that my oldest son told somebody. Oh my gosh.

Mother’s on Instagram, and , and then surprise, you know? Yeah. Anyway, it was just kind of funny to see their reactions, but I think that I, I know I have run across clients before that they want to do something more. Yeah. And they’re afraid of what their children would think. And I actually had one client.

who she really had this passion to become a coach. And and she wouldn’t do it because her boys, she had three boys like me. Yeah. They did not want her on Instagram. Mm-hmm. And I was like, oh my goodness. I mean, yeah. I think we all support each other, and that’s part of, you know, I would want my children to support me.

They may think I’m silly or do something silly. I mean, I know that my children don’t always watch what I’m doing on Instagram, which is great. It’s fine. It’s fine with me. Yeah. And I’m sure they don’t listen to my podcast. . Yeah.

But but I do think it’s funny how how and what advice would you give somebody if they said their children wouldn’t want them? Gosh. I mean, that’s a tough one. I can’t imagine my kids. I mean, every now and then, I remember in the beginning I put a song up that had some swear words in it and for some reason I didn’t catch it.

You know, Uhhuh . And my kids are like, mom, you have to take that down, you know? But and of course I’m like, oh my gosh, cuz I obviously don’t wanna offend people either. But yeah, I don’t know. My kids have just been supportive. I, I think I would, I think it’s just about. Holding yourself. Not high standards.

I don’t know if that’s the right word I wanna say, but like, I’m gonna try to not embarrass my kids. Right. You know, and I’m gonna try to make sure I’m representing, but not everybody wants to do that. I have a friend in Portland, she’s a mom and she I’ll have to tell you off of this what her Instagram is, but it’s a little crazy.

And if I was doing, and, and no judgment cause to each their own and she has a lane and people are following her. But like, if I did that, my kids. Yeah, probably they would not like that. Follow me. Yeah. Yeah. They would not like that. So I, I still think it’s just, if you, you know, as, as women and moms, you know, we, many of us spend time either staying at home or working part-time, whatever, or working full-time, whatever it is.

But I think there comes this stage where our kids get a little bit older. We have to do something for ourselves. I mean, I feel like I’ve. I mean, I don’t know, 58, 60, 70, 88, like I got 30 more years or 40 more years. I, I like, don’t wanna just lose my brain . Exactly. And you know what else that . Exactly. Well, and the other thing is that when you talk about lose your brain, you know, we, if we’re not trying to learn new things, and yeah, let’s face it, some of this technology that we do, It really is challenging.

Yes. Like you said, you have to ask your children. I mean, my children, I mean, I can’t even ask ’em anymore. You’re like, mom. Yeah. I can’t either. Yeah. , I have a, my youngest son is it, and he built my website at first and then finally he was like, mom, I’m done. You gotta find somebody else. And I was happy to find somebody else that I could actually pay to do it because Right.

He was not working on my timeframe . Right, right, right. Oh my goodness. Yeah. So so, okay, so have you always loved fashion? Yes. Noro and everything, I would think so. . Well, I grew up in a small town and I worked in a little boutique when I was in high school, but then I got my Nordstrom job, the, the month that I graduated from high school.

So yes, so I have, I literally had just kind of grew up in Nordstrom and I worked there during the summers and stuff during Christmas and spring breaks when I was at college. Mm-hmm. . And so I did go four years of at Oregon State University. Mm-hmm. and then, yeah. So I. Fashion. And then as soon as I finished college, I went back to Nordstrom.

And within, I wanna say a couple years, I was a buyer for Nordstrom. And so, and off I was going to New York. So . Oh. And you know, it’s funny because I I’ve been a buyer for about that long, not very long, but I was a buyer when I owned my peer bar studio and I bought all the athletic wear, all the new stuff and I loved it.

Yes. But man, that’s a. Yes. Everybody thinks it’s so glamorous. Oh, no, . It’s not glamorous at all, is it? No, no, it’s not glamorous. And also just working at Nordstrom, you know, and, and Nordstrom is a little bit friendlier place to work at the na, probably many places are now. But when I was just outta college, it was.

Not to say things aren’t intense now, but it was just intense. And if you had bad business, they were just like all over you. Mm-hmm. . And so yeah, it was pretty stressful, but luckily I had good business in all the different areas that I bought in, so it was a super fun job. Oh, that’s great. Okay. And another thing you said is you analyze things.

So are you , would you co consider yourself an entrepreneurial person? Like that’s, you are a businesswoman? . Oh yeah, definitely. Mm-hmm. , I mean, it is obviously what people see on the face is me playing dress up in my closet. Right? Right. And I’m going on, you know, vacations or whatever. But no, I would say right now I’m working, I, I mean, I’m embarrassed to say I need to figure this, I need to, we need to have a separate coaching meeting for me,

Cause I am spending 24 7 and I haven’t been exercising, which I eat healthy, so that’s good. But yeah, I just have to start kind of changing things. But it is definitely a business and is and I analyze not too much, but I feel like I analyze kind of just the right amount. Plus I have a certain kind of gut feeling and I can see kind of by the numbers what blog posts do well and what people are interested in right now.

So I’ve always had, that’s kind of my. I don’t know if I’m, I’m not, I don’t wanna call it a gift, but it’s my I just have a gut feeling that’s usually pretty good. Pretty spot on. Not always. So, and, and, you know, well, not always right, but I think women in general, we, it’s, we have this intuition and a lot of times we do not listen to it.

But but anyway. Yeah, I agree. And I understand the, the. You know, trying to do it all. There’s so much to do and there’s so much opportunity. Right. And it’s so hard to say no to things . Right. But I, I’m kinda like you. By the time this airs I’m gonna be taking a little break because Oh, nice. Yes. And I just decided that I was constantly launching new programs, constantly on Instagram, constantly promoting something, doing a podcast, you know, and I’m like, now I do get my movement in, but it just mentally, I’m like, man, I need some.

To create. I don’t know if you get like this, but it’s like there’s just so much that I don’t have this space to be creative. Yeah. Because part of our job is being creative. Creative. Yes. Definitely. That’s actually a surprise or, or kind of a surprise to me, but I agree with you. I would say, I mean, I don’t know what percent I haven’t ever thought about the percent, but it is a big part is being creative.

Mm-hmm. and for me, I have a little team and I need to not work with them so I can, and, and I get creative when I’m. Driving and I’m not trying to be creative or I am, you know, I don’t know, trying at the garden store or whatever. And so I think that’s why I need to allow more time or probably would get, like, I would take a walk in my neighborhood, but our weather is so bad.

I’m using that as a bad excuse. But you know, I would go on an hour walk and I’d maybe listen to a podcast or maybe I wouldn’t listen to anything. Mm-hmm. and the ideas I’d come back with like, Five ideas that I’d be typing on my phone or, you know, so yeah. I do think a big part of what we, you and I are doing is I’m creative and so making space for that.

But I wanna know where, where are you gonna go or what are you gonna do? Well, so, and, and I’m, that’s why I love your post so well for I’m, so we’re, we’re getting ready to launch a program, bounce movement method, so that will run till mid. April, then I’ll have a couple of weeks, just some downtime. Now I’m gonna be on Instagram some, but I’m not gonna be promoting any products of any any programs or anything.

Yeah, I probably won’t really promote programs until the fall, but in May I’m headed to Italy or about 10 days, and then France for about 10 days, 20 days I’m gonna be, oh, what and who are you going? Well, so first, the first part is with some girlfriends. Mm-hmm. , and we signed up for this retreat back in gosh, we signed up last May.

It’s a retreat in Lake Como. This company Oh my, is called Cottage in the Oaks is putting it on. And it’s a creative retreat. So we will we’ll be staying at this beautiful house or Chateau or whatever it is. I don’t know. Yeah. And. I don’t know my roommate, but I’m okay with that. I’m like, I don’t care.

And you have to have a roommate. Well, you have to have a roommate because the way it’s set up. Yeah. My friend already had another friend that she was going with, so yeah. So anyway, but one day we do flower arranging. One day we do cooking, one day we do pottery, we do all these things, journaling. I’m like, I’m really excited about that.

But we’re going a few days early and we’re going to Venice. Nice. Or one night. And then we’re gonna stay in Milan for a few nights, like I said. Then we go over to Lake Como, Uhhuh from, it’s like a Monday to Sunday, I think, and then on Sunday I’m flying from Milan to Denise and meeting my husband, and we’re doing Provence.

Oh, I love the Provence area. How fun. Yeah. So I’ve never been to these areas. Yeah. And so I’m super excited and I’m gonna, And pack everything. Oh, gosh. In carry on . I’m going to, I may be packing some stuff in my husband’s , but, but I’m going to try my best and that’s why I love all your travel inspiration, your travel clothes and everything, because yeah.

if you’re, you, you know, it’s almost like having the capsule wardrobe, right? Yes. You do that. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it’s luckily for you, it’s easier to go in the summer because you can just like pack easy dresses. Mm-hmm. That are like daytime dresses and they take up no room. So that’s, Good. I can’t decide.

There’s a tiny part of me. I think. Packing in a carryon is overrated.

So, but anyway, hats off to people. I don’t know. Well, I’ll tell you the only reason we’re gonna do it and yeah. And because I was thinking about this and the other two girls are doing it, and I’m. My gosh, I don’t really wanna do that. Yeah, I kind of like you. I’m like, why not Just check your bag.

Right? But we’re going to be moving. So, so when we get to Milan, we are taking a train and going straight to Venice, staying there one night and then, and so the thought of dragging a bigger space on a train and then coming back, that’s, that’s the part Yeah. That has got me like, okay, so I’m gonna really.

I’m gonna do my best, but I, I, I bought a specific suitcase that good that and the cubes and all that, along with another bag that fits on top that’s kind of bigger. Good. Yeah. So I’m trying to be very smart about it. And the shoe I bought, one of the shoes I bought from that you shared was it, was your, the clear, I can’t remember who made it.

Yeah, the. It’s the shuts. Does it have the court heel? Yes. Yeah, that shoe’s perfect. It goes, it’ll go with every single dress for when you wanna get a little bit dressed up. Right? Right. And then you need flat sandal. You probably only need. , you could wear sneakers on the plane. You need a flat sandal to wear every day for comfortable.

And then that one And you’re good. Yeah. That, that’s what I’m planning on. Yeah. I mean, like, I, and that’s what I, I loved about, I was like, okay, I can do this. Yeah. And then just like you said, you know dresses and you know, in, in may it’s gonna be a little bit cooler. Yes. So, you know, a couple of.

Throw on some. I don’t know. I’m gonna keep watching everything that you, I have saved a lot of your blog posts and everything. Oh. Cause it’s so helpful to kind of look and think, okay, I can do this. Yeah. So well, you can, and I agree with you moving all around. You’ll, it’s better to not have to I overpacked and I, when I went with my son, even though I was going on this carryon and my son, I think , I, I hadn’t even.

The sea. We had to fly Portland to Seattle. I hadn’t even left Seattle on like my bag tipped over and I almost fell. And he like, mom , I was, he got mad at me like two times. I think that was one of ’em. I kept tripping. He was like, you overpacked your carryon. But, well, it’s so funny. When I went with my son and daughter-in-law, we went to Seattle for my niece’s OH’S wedding last year.

Uhhuh . And and so I pack a regular suitcase and these people now, we had to go to a wedding and rehearsal and all this, so I’m like, I pack a regular suitcase. Suitcase, yes. And they all, both of ’em, they had. a carryon. I’m like, and it wasn’t a big carryon. I’m like, how do people do this ? I’m like, I dunno.

Yeah. So, but you know what, I, I think the older we get, it’s like I have when I was younger it didn’t matter as much, but the older I get, I have things that like I can’t live without. Like I can’t, I have to have like my chap, like, it kind of just ruins my day if I don’t have. Chapstick I use every day and just these little things.

I don’t know. Right. Yeah, it’s, it’s funny cuz we get in our routine too and I’m like, yeah, I gotta have all my supplements with me. Yeah. it kinda, in fact, when I travel with all my supplements, my husband’s like, That is ridiculous. I’m like, I know I’m trying to cut back. I’m trying not to have so many supplements, but , but I feel so much better when I take ’em all.

So, yeah. Anyway, there you go. So what would you say, I know you get messages every day from all kinds of women. What, what are some of the questions that some people are asking you? . Well definitely right now everyone wants to know what to wear to a wedding, so that’s tops. Woo. Yes. And then another question I get all the time is, what length should denim be at?

Because, you know, it’s hard and obviously we’re all different heights and so that’s definitely as lots of denim questions. Length certainly is a top one, but yeah, lots of denim questions, dress questions. What’s your I A lot question. Go ahead. Go ahead. What were you saying? Oh, lots of, oh, I said lots of travel questions.

I’m going to, yeah. Italy for 10 days. What do you recommend? Yeah. Oh wow. That’s good. And you’ve done some great posts on that. Okay. So what is your favorite denim? Do you have a favorite? Yes, I do. Definitely . What? I mean, I have. Too many jeans and I need to tell myself I need to stop buying jeans because what I tell people is like, I’m to the point if I buy another gene, it’s not gonna make or break any of my outfits.

If you see me in a new gene, I’m gonna look just the same as I did in last month’s gene. But I’m kind of using the blog excuses. If people wanna know how the Ag Fair Boot cut fits, I need to kinda know . So. Say my favorite gene probably could be Mother Jeans. They just fit me really well and they have like three different fits that I love.

But then I also like certain couple fits from page and a couple fits from frame. So those would be like kind of my three go-to brands. And by the way, they’re the top three selling brands in the denim department at Nordstrom. And so I always tell people, if you wanna buy jeans online, this is so funny to me, but I’m always saying buy best.

Because it’s, I mean, obviously there are people, I have a fashion friend in my neighborhood and she’s so cool. She can go buy, she bought a pair of Gucci crazy jeans that look amazing on her, but that’s not who I’m talking to. Like she’s the, The outlier I’m talking to, just like most of us that just wanna get some good jeans online.

If you stick with these best selling like brands and fits they’re best sellers for a reason, they fit like nine outta 10 women. So that’s what, so then people will write me like I’ve been trying so many jeans on and I, you know, I haven’t had any luck. And so I’ll write back like, well, tell me what the genes are that you’ve tried on, and there are these one-offs that are, and I’m thinking to myself, well, no.

If you just like, I can tell, you could probably tell most women buy these four jeans and br bring ’em in. I’m sure one will fit. So anyway, so I’m pretty convinced on that that. Buying strategy when you’re buying online. Of course, if you wanna go in store, then it’s a different thing, then try on a bunch.

But yeah. Mm-hmm. . Yeah, I, I totally agree. And Mother is one of my favorites also that, gosh, I’ve been wearing mother jeans once I discovered them. I mean, yeah, I probably, I don’t know. I, it was one of the first brands of Well, I, I know who helps me discover it. It was Kathy. Yeah. I was in Dallas with her and it was on a girl’s trip, and so this had to have been like 10 years ago.

10 or 11 years ago. Yeah. And and the other thing Kathy taught me, and she taught me this years ago, was I was buying my jeans too. . Oh, right. Cuz they stretch. Mm-hmm. . Exactly. Yeah. Do you see people doing that same thing? Oh yeah. , we all do. Even sometimes I make a mistake and buy them, you know? So yeah, it’s a fine line of type, but not too tight.

And then of course now jeans are getting a lot looser and that’s hard for a lot of people to pull off. I mean, for some reason our. Seem to pull it off perfectly. . But then I try to put that on and I look like I’ve gained 10 pounds and so I’m not really into looking like I’ve gained 10 pounds . Oh, me either.

How tall are you, Susie? I’m five one. Okay, so you’re short like, I’m like, how tall? Two. And so, yeah, and I definitely. Think you have to be very careful. Yes. On these jeans when you’re, especially, I’m not willing to wear a platform anymore. I might occasionally, but for the most part that my, if, if I wear any kind of heel, it’s gonna be a low heel.

Because what I’ve decided is if it’s not comfortable, I’m wearing it. Yeah. I’m like, yeah. Mm-hmm. . Yeah, I agree. No, I think when we’re five, you know, we’re kind of in that five, two and under jeans can be pretty tricky. Mm-hmm. , do you see any colors that are gonna be really hot for summer? . Well, I just got the new Neiman Marcus catalog and I was reading it this morning while sipping my coffee.

And yellow is definitely a color I they talked about in their magazine today. That’s a hard color for some people to wear. Mm-hmm. . But shades of. Purple and you know, li kind of lilac and lavender all the way to a little bit deeper purple. And that is usually a pretty universally flattering color on most skin tones.

Mm-hmm. . So anyway, yeah, I’d say that’s kind of one. And then of course green, that kind of, Kelly Green is still trending. It’s still kind of showing up, so that’s another killer. Everyone like. . I love that. Yeah. So do you try to go with trends or do you settle into more of classic basic style? Well say.

I kinda have a feeling on that, and that is that I think the older we get, I think our wardrobes, I mean this is, I always preface, I always used to tell people in the dressing room, I work at Nordstrom, so I have a slant of being a little bit more like, Stylish and up on Trent. That’s just who I am and I’m not for everybody.

Right. So so my little lane is, I think obviously we need some of those basic pieces like jeans and, you know, maybe a black blazer and a couple Dr. Like we, we need our basics. Mm-hmm. , but the key for us to feel , I don’t know if this is the right word, but youthful and current is to add in a few trendy pieces now.

And again, trendy pieces mean something different to everyone. I’m not saying like crazy, like for me, I just think platforms. I don’t know. I do see J Lo in some platforms and I’m like, okay, well she can pull that off. I don’t know, I just feel like that’s just a little, I might have to skip that trend. I’m not talking all trends you have to find, and it could be a color trend, right?

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. So it could be bringing in a, a pretty shade of Lila in a green, or it could be making sure your jeans are current. Mm-hmm. And and then like I’m skipping the cutout trends cuz you know, I’ll sit down in like my role will come outta the cutout . Right. I mean, there’s like some trends that I think that we have to skip.

But then again, if you’re my age and you’re kind of got a ripped tummy, well then wear a cutout, you know? Right. So I just think adding in a few and adapting it to your style is a way to it makes your wardrobe more interesting for starters, and then it keeps us kind of current. . And I always say working at Nordstrom all these years has kept me young because I don’t, I’m not trying to be my daughter’s age, you know, I’m not trying to dress like that.

But it has kept me young, just kind of knowing what’s current but still keeping in my style. Yeah. Oh, I’m sure. So do you do you have like your favorite splurges, like things that you’re. Paying more for mm-hmm. that you recommend others do too. I mean you know, sometimes you don’t wanna, you know, overpay for a major trend that you’re only gonna wear right for a year, but are there some splurges.

Yeah. I mean I think that that’s, I think that’s the art of dressing, honestly. And I helped women in the dressing room that some of them, even the ones that had larger budgets than others, mm-hmm. , they still want to, to. Have a high low mix and loved a deal. So I think so like for example, t-shirts, you know, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on, and even, like I’m seeing you’re wearing a white shirt, like you, you don’t really need to spend a lot on that.

So if you had a kind of, but I do think spend the money on jeans under 300, but, you know, in the 200 ish dollar range and then only buy two and wear them all the time, right? Mm-hmm. , right? So you don’t need 10 jeans. But I think splurging on items like handbags. Mm-hmm. and a, a couple of designer pieces.

I, and for me, like I love a little bit of a heel mm-hmm. . And so I try to remind myself, I’m not gonna buy a designer flat. because I wanna make sure I wear it all the time. So I will buy a designer heel. I’m not talking crazy heeled. Mm-hmm. , but you know, whatever heel. And so I have to remind myself, cuz every now and then I’ll see a designer flat.

I will buy a designer flat sandal, but I have to remind myself I’m not gonna buy that cause I just don’t wear it that much. Mm-hmm. . And so yeah, so I think adding in a piece or two is, and handbags and shoes are probably the first place that comes to. Yeah, I agree totally. And there’s a, a handbag, I keep watching you and you’ve had it for a few years that I’m getting ready to purchase myself because I want it so bad.

it’s your little Gucci bucket bag. Yes. Such a great bag. And here’s the other thing is like, my sister-in-law was always a good example cuz she didn’t wanna spend the money on jeans. And I think by the time she bought five $50 pair of jeans she could have bought the one.

$250 Jean. Right. And wore, isn’t that every day? And nobody would know. Yeah. Every single day. So I think like that handbag, I have it in the ivory color and I’ve had it for three years. I still love it. I wore it the other day. So you tend to, if you choose carefully it’s the best money that you’ll.

Spin. And again, it, it doesn’t have to be a Gucci bag. It can be, you know, a, a $500 bag, whatever your right designer purchase idea is. Mm-hmm. . But if you do choose wisely, you will wear it all the time. And I think that’s the biggest thing I try to help people with on the blog is when you’re splurging, make sure it’s stuff that you wear all the time.

And you can wear it most seasons and with multiple outfits. Yeah. So, yeah. That’s a good, you’ll love that bag and the chain on that bag. It’s just, Well, I saw it in person cuz another friend of mine, actually a coach that works with me, she came to visit last October and she had gotten it because you had posted about it.

Oh funny. And me and this, my other friend were like, oh, we want that bag. So I kept looking at it, kept looking. And then when I saw you doing it again, I’m like, I’m getting that bag. Yeah. But I am gonna save a little bit of money because I’m doing it on through fashion file. Have you ever heard of fashion?

Fashion file? Yes, so I’ve gotten a couple of purses that way I will always watch and look and make sure it’s really good, you know, cuz there I have a little bit of things, but as rough as I am on things, I’m like I, it doesn’t have to be brand spanking new, as long as it’s in good condition and you can save some money that way.

So, yeah, definitely fashion file is cool. I actually did a. A partnership, a collaboration with fashion file. And I was in LA I think a year ago, and I was in the Neiman Marcus kind of off-road day drive, and I was just shopping around and all of a sudden I’m like, oh my gosh, there’s a fashion file office in Neiman Marcus.

Oh. And so I think they’re, I don’t know if they own it, but they’re somehow partnered. And so fashion bile is definitely Reputable. And it’s a perfect way to buy a bag. Mm-hmm. , you know, because they, and they have different, very, as, you know, different conditions Good. And whatever, so. Yeah. Right.

Yeah. Yeah. Great. I mean, I have save money. It’s been, I, like I said, I’ve bought two other bags like that, that I have loved so much. Yeah. So I’m like, okay, so I’ve already saved it, my favorites and I’m gonna go and get it in a little while. . So so anyway okay. Wedding. What do you, when somebody’s asking you about wedding, what, what are you saying right now?

Okay. Well, here’s the problem. I haven’t been to a wedding in like 20 years. I mean, I, oh my goodness. Are your children not at the ages where they’re No, they’re just, my daughter is 26 today. Today. That’s, so she’s finally, you know, I’m like, okay. She’s kind of finally at the age. She’s not married there, you know, but right.

So, no, I mean, I’ve been to two I right. But I’ve been to two weddings, but they weren’t like big fancy ones that I’m helping some of my online friends with. And so, right, and actually today I have a good plan. I used to help at Nordstrom and she’s, I’m helping her Today we’re gonna go over, so I just need to do more research, and then I finally have my own wedding to attend my nephew’s getting married this summer.

So now, and of course my daughter Emily’s like, mom, we gotta get some really cute dresses cuz you know, I’m hosting a shower and so anyways, so I’m still in the research mode for weddings, let’s just say that. But I will be writing about it soon on the blog. Oh, that’s good. Well, I went to mass. Niece’s wedding last year in Seattle.

Yes. And and so everybody that knows Meme falls along knows that my husband’s family owns a store called Gus Meyer and we carry Zimmerman and I had two perfect dresses that were Zimmerman. And then when my son got married, my son eloped in. In October to Scotland. I didn’t go just he and his wife, but when they came back in December, we had a big party and I wore another Zimmerman.

So Zimmerman has been like one of my go-to, and I, I have, when I post pictures, everybody’s like, oh my gosh, yes. Zimmerman is, as a matter of fact, I bought a Zimmerman dress to wear. Did the, I went to a special event in Dallas with the Ltk. Mm-hmm. . And that was my special dress. And I actually just photographed it last week.

And my daughter was like, mom, this is my favorite dress you’ve ever owned. Mm-hmm. . And there’s just something, so they’re splurge. They’re a splurge. , they’re a splurge, but they, there is just something. Feminine and pretty and they make the perfect, like if you’re going to a wedding. I couldn’t agree more.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I felt like, and I do feel like, you know, if you are dress, you know, there’s nothing like putting on an outfit and feeling like a million bucks, and I really did what whatever price range you’re, you’re getting into. Yeah, I definitely think try on, make sure that everything fits and nothing’s hiding.

And I, you know, there’s nothing worse Yes. Than . You’re like, oh, I hate this. I do not feel comfortable in this. You know, it’s funny that I say that because I’m, I’m on my third marriage, . Yeah. But that’s my last one for sure. . But on my third marriage, I really wanted to just go off with my husband and get married because, I mean, it’s just ridiculous.

Three weddings. But yeah, , my husband’s family, my, my husband’s father he really wanted to be there. And so we got married at his house, so I needed a dress. And so I looked and looked and had the hardest time, and finally at the last minute, I just found a dress that they actually had in the store. And and I had it altered to fit me, and I didn’t really try it on again after they altered it.

I wore it on my wedding day, but that was, it looked fine in the pictures, but can I tell you, I did not feel like a million bucks. Oh, and it was just like, like the, it just was the alteration not right. It was probably right, but I just, you know, I had looked and looked and I was like, what do you even freaking buy for your third wedding?

You know, it’s before I found Zimmerman if I’d known about Zimmerman. Right, right, right. You know, but this was nine years ago. And I just I did not feel beautiful and so I, I do, in fact, I was just telling my husband the other day so we’ve been married almost nine years and. Said when we hit 10 years, we’re gonna have another wedding and I’m gonna get fabulous dress

Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. round two. Yes, that’s right. So, well, I agree with you on making sure when you have something altered to try it on, because I also did something like that and I had it. Special black tie event that I was going to, and I knew about it all year and it was something I just wanted to look like extra.

Extra pretty. I splurt, I spent the most I’ve ever spent on a dress and I had it altered and I didn’t try it on either, and I wore it to the event and I was like, I don’t feel comfortable. And finally I, I don’t know why I was kind of, Touching there, and I’m like, the darts, you know, are supposed to be like there.

Oh. And they had lifted it up and my darts were like an inch above my boobs. And the whole night I just felt not cute. I mean, and I, that was the same. I had worn a Zimmerman dress earlier and I felt like a million bucks. Right. And anyway, so yeah, so definitely learn from both of us. And if you have something altered, try it on

Yeah. And have it re altered if need be. Exactly. Then the other time I bought something that looked, I mean, I tried it on, it was this beautiful sequin jumpsuit. Oh. It was stunning. But I didn’t sit or move in it before the event. Oh. Can I tell you? Okay. It, it was like a halter, but it came up almost like a little turtleneck neck from the sequin.

Oh, it hurt so bad. And then it had this big cut down the middle, and when I sat it was like . Oh no. It was a disaster. All I was like, let’s go. It’s time to go. . Yeah. Can we please go? I’m so uncomfortable. No, you’ve got to try it on. You gotta move around. Sit down, do all the things in it, because that was miserable.

Yes. M. Susie, let’s tell everybody where they can find you. I know most of my listeners are already following me, but for those that aren’t already following you, where can they find you? Yes. Well, you can find me on my I bought that because it was $7 at the time. Wow. But now I recently bought so, but it’s not up and running yet.

So anyway, so Suzy Wright, do. . Okay, great. And on Instagram, you are on Instagram, Susie dot, right? Yes. And you write, your blog posts are, I mean, most everything you’re doing is geared on fashion, travel. What else? Anything else? And a little bit of beauty, a little bit of, as a matter of fact, today I’m about to talk about the Keels Friends and family sale coming up.

But yeah, keels, I love their lotion I’ve been using forever. Okay. I love it. . So funny that you say that cuz literally when we hang up mm-hmm. , I am getting on Instagram and I’m talking about that lotion. And it’s so funny cause my girlfriend has been telling me about that forever. And I remember thinking, I don’t even understand what the big deal is.

And then I bought it and even my photographer said, what do you put on your legs? And you know, our photographers, they can zoom in on some crazy stuff. . Yes. And so, yes, the lotion, the creme de. Amazing . It is my favorite. I have it on right now. Yeah. You know? Oh yeah. Yeah. I always wear it. So yeah. And then so they’re having to sell.

Okay, good. I’m gonna, they got 30% off, so. Oh wow. Yeah. That’s huge too. So yeah. So anyway. Well, Susie, thank you again for taking the time outta your busy, busy day, cuz I know you are super busy and I hope you do find some time to kind of slow down and get all the things you know. It, it, it does. Take intention to slow down sometimes, but because it’s hard, it’s hard to say no to all the things that we wanna do at this stage, you know?

Yeah, it is. Well, that is my, that is top of mind right now, so I’ll, I’ll circle back and let you know. Yeah, you do that. Well, thank you again so much for joining me today. You’re welcome. Thank you so much.

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did, but before we go, can you do me a favor and rate and review the podcast rating and reviewing the podcast? Not only helps others find it, but it’s also similar to that. No, like, and trust factor you have with your friends and family listeners, respect the reviews of other listen.

So your glowing reviews are like trusted recommendations for other listeners. Hey, and go ahead and hit that subscribe button. So you don’t miss an episode until next week. I hope you make those small consistent changes that lead you to your best to you

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