The Stages of Menopause


I wish I would have known more about menopause before I started going through it! It wasn’t something anyone talked about with me and I want to change that.  As someone who has been through all the stages of menopause, I want to share my expertise and experience. I hope it will offer you insight into some of your own journey.

Before we dive into menopause, let’s talk about the first stage called perimenopause. This is the time around menopause when your body is in transition. A woman can start having symptoms of perimenopause seven to fourteen years before menopause sets in. Women are all different so we can’t put a standard timeline on this process. A common symptom can be irregular periods as your estrogen levels are rising and falling. You may even begin experiencing symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, trouble sleeping, mood swings, vaginal dryness, etc.

So how do you know when you officially reach menopause?

Menopause is defined as the 12 months after your last period or in other words, you’ve gone 12 months with no period. In this episode I share a few tips for how to best care for our bodies and minds through this transition. You don’t have to throw in the towel and accept the belly fat that’s increasing or be taken over by the mood swings. There are practical things you can do to live well through this transition. Tune in to hear some changes I’ve made that supported me in my menopause journey.

If you have questions about changes going on in your cycle, with your mood or sleep, it’s important to talk to your doctor. 

We have to advocate for ourselves and be sure to care for ourselves well in this transition.

What questions do you have about the stages of menopause? I would love to hear and keep discussing on the podcast! Email me at and join me over in Balance to kick start a lifestyle of healthy habits.

About the Host

I too, struggled in my late 40s when I hit peri-menopause! I was experiencing all those not-so-fun physical changes in my body, as well as mental and emotional fatigue. What worked for me before was not working anymore. 

And the mainstream wellness advice I was following was not for women my age but for women years younger. I also realized very quickly that there is no one formula that works for all women. We are all different and need a customized approach. This aha moment was the first step to my transformation…