How To Find Time For Fitness Everyday

I have heard the statement “I don’t have time to workout” so many times and even occasionally I have felt the same way.  So why do some people find time for fitness and other’s don’t?

Finding Time For Fitness

The biggest obstacle that stands in most people’s way is finding the time.  It can be different for everyone.  Morning has always been the best time for me.  If for some reason, I don’t get to workout in the morning, it is difficult for me to find the time later in the day.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Are you a morning person or a night person?  If you are a morning person, like me, you should find time in the morning to workout.  That may mean waking up an hour earlier or rearranging your day.  If you are more of a night person, then find time in the afternoon or evening that you can dedicate to working out.
  2. What are your fitness goals?  Are you trying to lose weight or just maintain your weight?  Are you trying to build muscle and strength? Knowing this will help you decide how much time you will need for your workout.
  3. Why do you want to find time for fitness? You must know your why.  This will help you stick to whatever plan that you come up with.

Finding time to workout

Working out

Home Workout

When I feel like I don’t have time for fitness it is usually because I have filled my time with something else.  Working out has to become a habit.  It needs to be scheduled in our day just like work, eating, and other daily activities.  We all have the time, we just have to find it.

One big misconception about working out is that we need at least an hour.  This just isn’t true.  I have actually found a great program that I have been using on the days I don’t have much time.  It takes about 25 minutes from start to finish and I have gotten a great workout. It is called TMAC Fitness.  Check it out right here.

If I have more time I like to go to yoga, Mpower, or Pure Barre.  There are so many boutique fitness studios today to choose from.  Finding one that you love and connect to will also help you stick with your routine.  It becomes more than fitness or a workout, it becomes your community.

When do you find time for fitness?



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