My Journey With Pure Barre And Fashionable Activewear

I can’t believe it has almost been a year since I sold my Pure Barre studio. Even though I sold it, Pure Barre will always hold a special place in my heart.  The people I met through Pure Barre are still some of my closest friends.  Pure Barre is not only a workout it is a community.


Activewear for workout


I still remember going to my first Pure Barre class over 8 years ago.  The minute I walked in the door I felt at home.  The owners, Lindsay and Danielle were adorable and welcoming. They inspired me to follow my dream even when I thought I was too old.  You can read about it here.

After owning a Pure Barre studio for 7 years with my partners Amy and Meredith, I realized I couldn’t devote the time I wanted to in order to connect with my clients. It was a bittersweet moment stepping away as an owner and becoming a client again.

High-Intensity Interval Workout


Pure Barre workout

Empower at Pure Barre

Pure Barre workout

Pure Barre has evolved so much over the past 8 years.  Last year they added a new class called EmpowerEmpower is a great way to cross train.  It is higher intensity with interval work that raises your heart rate, while still being low impact.

Heather is a teacher at the Homewood studio.  She also has a blog called My Life Well Loved. Make sure to check it out. Heather and I go way back to the beginning of Pure Barre in Birmingham.  We taught together at the Homewood studio.

The great thing about any of the classes at Pure Barre is they can be modified to accommodate your level of fitness. If you have any injuries or any limitations make sure to share them with your instructor and she will give you modifications.


Empower workout at Pure Barre

If you haven’t tried Pure Barre, I would highly recommend it.  There are three right here in Birmingham.  They are all great.  I would suggest finding the closest one to you.


My outfit is from Splits 59.  I discovered Splits 59 when I took my first Pure Barre class.  Not only did they offer a great workout but they had great active wear.  Once I tried on Splits 59, I was hooked on quality and fashion activewear.

Shop my outfit here:


My other favorites of Splits 59:


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What is your favorite activewear?


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