How to Get Into a Healthy Lifestyle and Get Back On Track For The New Year

How to Get Into A Healthy Lifestyle

So you overindulged a little during the Holidays? Did you miss some or all of your workouts in December? First, forgive yourself and let it go.  It is about to be a New Year!  This year can be your year for a healthy lifestyle.

What is a healthy lifestyle? At I found the perfect definition of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle leaves you fit, energetic and at reduced risk for disease, based on the choices you make about your daily habits. Good nutrition, daily exercise, and adequate sleep are the foundations for continuing good health. Managing stress in positive ways, instead of through smoking or drinking alcohol, reduces wear and tear on your body at the hormonal level. My goal is to help you have a healthy lifestyle by sharing my own experiences and providing information.

This time of year everyone seems to be making New Year’s Resolutions.  I think it can be good but be realistic in your goals.  Going on a strict diet is not a lifestyle.  Deciding to exercise 7 days a week is not a lifestyle.  The best advice I can give you is to find an eating plan and exercise program that can be a lifestyle for you.

Intermittent fasting along with the Keto Diet is my lifestyle choice.  Not just for maintenance of my weight, it is so much more for me than that.  There are so many health benefits to both of these lifestyle choices.  Check out my post on Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Diet. I do several different class type exercises and walking.  I will share those next week.

How to get into a healthy lifestyle

Making Good Choices and Accountability

There are so many choices and options on how to get into a healthy lifestyle.  Blue Apron is doing a Whole 30 program starting January 8th. If you are new to the program you get $40 off of your first month. This would be a great way to do the Whole 30 program.  There are also great facebook programs to help hold you accountable and give you different ideas.

Another great program that I did last year was the Faster Way to Fat Loss with Amanda Tress. This is an excellent way to get yourself into a healthy lifestyle and making good choices.  Amanda provides great information, workouts, and accountability.  She even has a great programfor the man in your life.

Accountability and Mindfulness are the keys to how to get into a healthy lifestyle.  One of the best ways I have found is to get a friend to join me.

Join me on this journey on how to get into a healthy lifestyle for 2018.




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