Mastering the Mind: How Your Mindset Shapes Your Midlife Reality

When it comes to midlife and how to be “successful” (i.e. how to look and feel our best), it’s easy to think that it all comes down to what we hear the most: more protein and more strength training.


But can I be honest with you?


While both of these things are wildly important and integral parts of the puzzle, there are other things that are equally important in sustaining well-being in midlife. I’m talking about things (like my MASS Method) that will equip you to create sustainable changes in midlife. 


As a midlife coach for women, I’ve spent years not just overcoming the well-known struggles of midlife (weight gain, fatigue, hormonal changes, etc) – but also weeding through all the information out there to figure out what actually works. 


In other words, I’ve done the trial and error part for you, and I now spend my life helping women just like you ditch their limiting beliefs about midlife and create healthy, sustainable rhythms that lead to a happy, healthy second half of life. This is precisely why I created my program REVIVE NOW, and today I want to let you in on one of the biggest secrets to looking and feeling your best in midlife, which I teach in depth about in this program.


Because again: it’s about so much more than weights and protein! 


💫 Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is impacted by what I want to share with you about today: MINDSET.


Now, before you think “okay, I’ve been hearing a lot about this word on social media and to be honest, it sounds pretty woo-woo”stay with me! 


Because I’ve been here too…thinking that mindset was just another trendy word that didn’t actually have any meaning, much less impact on my life.


But I have witnessed time and time again that MINDSET can truly change the trajectory of your wellness in midlife, just like it has for me. 


Here’s why → Mindset dictates how we see the world, how we show up for ourselves/others…and so much more. It’s the “set of attitudes” we show up with and choose to live life according to. 


Therefore, everything else stems from our mindset. 


In other words, the way we think about ourselves and midlife will become our reality…


  • If we dwell on the fact that everything we’ve done in the past is no longer working (instead of finding NEW things to try)…then we’ll stay in the zone of suffering/never changing.


  • If we camp out in the whole “I guess the nights of good, solid sleep are over (instead of optimistically seeking out new ways for how to get great sleep in midlife)…then yes, we’ll keep battling fatigue and lack of sleep. 


  • If we throw in the towel on eating foods that fuel our specific bodies and the changes they’re going through (instead of getting guidance on how to change things up with our diet in midlife so we can feel amazing and still enjoy every bite)…then we’ll keep feeling groggy and lack confidence in our clothes.


If you go into a workout thinking “oh my gosh…this is about to be terrible” then guess what? It will be! 


But if you go into that same workout thinking “I know this is going to be challenging, and I’m proud of myself for showing up” then I guarantee you will leave feeling accomplished, no matter what happened in the actual workout itself.


These are just a few examples, but do you see what I mean?


To paint an even clearer picture of the meaning of mindset and how it impacts our lives, I want to share the story of two women who are navigating midlife and all the things it throws their way…


First, we meet Sarah, whose negative mindset in midlife casts a shadow over her every endeavor. She views this season as a daunting landscape filled with insurmountable obstacles and dwindling opportunities. 


Each passing year feels like a weight pressing down on her shoulders, suffocating her aspirations and dreams. Sarah sees aging as a relentless adversary, stealing her youth and vitality with every passing moment. 


Instead of embracing the wisdom and richness of her life experiences and grasping the powerful tools that could transform her future, she dwells on regrets and missed opportunities. In short, she stays trapped in a cycle of self-doubt, believing her best days are in the rearview mirror


And speaking of mirrors…every wrinkle, every ounce of belly fat, every moment of pure exhaustion becomes a painful reminder of her perceived shortcomings, fueling a sense of inadequacy and insecurity. As she navigates midlife with a negative mindset, Sarah finds herself in a perpetual state of unhappiness, unable to do the things that will make her look and feel her best in midlife. 


Now, shift the scene to Emma, whose growth mindset in midlife illuminates her path with radiant optimism and resilience! She views each passing year as a gift, brimming with new opportunities for growth, discovery, and reinvention. Rather than fearing (or avoiding) aging, Emma embraces it as a badge of honor, a testament to a life well-lived and lessons learned. 


She approaches midlife with a sense of curiosity and determination, seeking out opportunities to learn more about how to navigate this new season in the ways that will best suit her body and her lifestyle. 


With each passing day, Emma cultivates a deep sense of gratitude for the blessings in her life, cherishing moments of joy and celebrating the ability to invest in her future.  Instead of dwelling on the past, she focuses on the present moment, doing all that she can to build strength and fuel her body so she can stay strong for years to come. 

As Emma navigates midlife with a growth mindset, she radiates a sense of confidence and empowerment, inspiring others to embrace their own potential and seize the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.


Wow. That’s a pretty big difference, right?


THAT is the power of mindset my friends. 



I love this quote from Mahatma Gandhi:


→ So let me ask you this, friend: What are you THINKING about midlife? Your body? Your hormones? Your sleep? Your food? Your future?


What if you could reshape those thoughts into hopeful, future-focused beliefs that could truly dictate where your life goes from here?


Yes, let’s eat more protein. Yes, let’s lift more weights. But most importantly, let’s build a foundation of a growth-oriented mindset that will allow everything else to trickle down, creating a midlife where we feel strong, confident, energetic, and hopeful.


You shouldn’t have to navigate this journey alone. As your personal midlife coach for women, I’ll help guide you through not just mindset in midlife, but also how to do everything else, too. Because I’ve been doing this for so long,  I’ll cut the fluff (aka the things that don’t matter) and help you start putting REAL things into action right from the get-go! 


It’s all here for you inside my exclusive membership, REVIVE NOW


Whether you JOIN THE MEMBERSHIP or simply FOLLOW ALONG ON INSTAGRAM, I hope this blog will propel you into believing the best, most beautiful things about yourself and about midlife. What you believe will become your truth! 💛

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