What I Will Be Wearing For The Holidays – Anna Cate

Do you already know what you will be wearing for the Holidays?  I do!  I am loving a specific brand right now that Gus Mayer carries, Anna Cate.

According to Anna Cate’s website, the “brand represents timeless staples and special occasion pieces. The unique silhouettes are a twist on the traditional basics and add an effortless style to your wardrobe.”

I have a couple of her tops and a couple of her dresses.  They are so easy and versatile.  The colors she uses are vibrant and intense which is usually the complete opposite of what I go for in clothing.  I usually like very neutral.  However, I love a pop of color especially in the wintertime when everything seems so dull.

wearing for the Holiday Sesaon

This is the Nina top and it is made from 100% washable vegan suede. I have it paired with some navy pencil pants that I got a few years ago, here they are in black. I will also be wearing this top with my favorite jeans. A few days ago, I wore this to a girl’s night out.

Holiday Dress

Holiday Dress

This is the Meredith dress and it has the same easy fit that the Nina top has.  It is made out of velvet and is so soft and easy. It is the perfect dress to wear to a Christmas Party or to Christmas Eve Services at church.

Gus Mayer Is My Place To Shop

So if you have been following me for a while you know that Gus Mayer is owned by my husband’s family.  When we got married 5 years ago, I had so many friends tell me how lucky I was to now have “Gus Mayer as my closet”.  I can’t help but laugh, because I was shopping at Gus Mayer way before I even started dating Jeff.  In fact, I think he liked it better when my ex-husband was paying the bill! (just kidding)

If you live in Birmingham and you haven’t been into Gus Mayer in a while or ever you are missing out.  There are so many things to chose from and they have great gift options with complimentary gift wrapping.  You will get unbelievable customer service as well.

If you need some help picking out what you will be wearing for the Holidays go to Gus Mayer and ask for Brittney our store manager.  Tell her I sent you.


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