How to Cheat During the Holidays

How to Cheat During the Holidays

Splurging on dessert

By Bridget Kilpatrick

Do you cheat during the holidays? I don’t cheat very often but when I do I stick to a few rules. First, I make sure the cheat is worth it! Second, I decide what I’m going to splurge on, is it an extra cocktail? Dessert? Starch or dairy? And third, I surround myself with people I love.

Is the Cheat Worth it?

Being gluten intolerant and having high blood sugar, I rarely eat unhealthy. But, when I do, I want to know every bite is worth it. I only indulge when I’m at a favorite restaurant or a family/friend’s house that I know the food is amazing, savory and homemade. I never choose fast food, packaged foods or desserts that come out of a box. The food or beverage has to be of the highest quality. It’s so disappointing to cheat on something that’s not worth it. You end up feeling sick with no enjoyment!

Choose what to splurge on?

When I do splurge, I keep it to a minimum. If I want to have an extra glass of wine or cocktail. I definitely don’t have dessert. If I want dessert, I keep the drinks to a minimum. Same with splurging on sourdough bread or cheese. I would definitely not have dessert or that extra drink. If you are attending an event or going out to dinner, look at the menu in advance and decide mentally what you want to splurge on. This mental note makes it so much easier to resist temptation and be at peace with your decision.

Surround Yourself with People You Love!

Research proves if you feel joy when eating and full of laughter you digest your food so much better. Eating and drinking are social. Enjoy time together! Don’t obsess on what you are eating or drinking, of course as long as you follow my above rules!

My Recent Cheat!When to splurge on the dessert

Last month I went to my old stomping ground NYC for a girl’s reunion. In my mind, there’s no better place to cheat than New York City! I ate and drank my way through the city and felt amazing. Why? I laughed a ton, I stuck to my rules, and only cheated on foods I knew I loved and enjoyed. I didn’t have a single flare up and had so much energy!

Other helpful tips to Minimize the Effects of Indulging…

In addition to following my rules in NYC, I walked for miles, drank plenty of water, chose vegetables over fries, and took all of my supplements. Going for a walk after eating; drinking water before and after meals, consuming lots of greens, and taking a digestive enzyme; all aid your digestion, especially after cheating!!cheating during the holidays

This holiday season take the stress out of eating and drinking. Set parameters for indulging. If you eat to enjoy, don’t overdo it! You will feel so much better about yourself and not suffer the consequences. I love the 90/10 rule. 90% of the time I eat healthily and 10% of the time I cheat mindfully. Laugh, savor each bite and time with family and friends. Life is precious, enjoy each moment. If you want help creating a plan for taking on the holidays click here.

How do you cheat during the holidays?

Written By Bridget Kilpatrick, Integrative Health Coach

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