9 Health Tips for Travel (without sacrificing a good time!)


There are lots of reasons I love this time of year but in particular it’s all the travel that comes with it. Routines get pushed to the side with warmer weather and longer days so I can get out and explore. But there are some health habits I keep in place which is why I’m giving you my 9 health tips for travel – without sacrificing good times!


1. Drink water 

Staying hydrated is always important but especially when traveling. With so much going on, it’s easy to forget to drink the daily amount of water but dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue and other issues and those are not things you want to feel on vacation! I suggest bringing your own water bottle and taking it with you on your daily excursions so you remember to keep hydrated.

2. Carry healthy snacks

Another one of my favorite health tips for travel is to pack healthy snacks. Airports and airplane snacks rarely have healthy options and when we feel hungry, we’re more tempted to grab whatever we can. Having a gallon sized ziplock bag of some of your favorite, protein packed snacks is great when you’re in a pinch. A few of my go-to snacks are the travel sized bag of raw almonds, RXbars and nut butter pouches that I can add to an apple or other fruit.


3. Choose your indulgences

Traveling is meant to be a time where we splurge and enjoy things we may not experience everyday. But for those of us women who are in the perimenopausal/menopausal season of life, a week of constant indulging can be tough to recover from.  

Instead, I choose my indulgences carefully.  For instance, I do not normally eat bread but I do make exceptions at times if it looks especially good.  I just limit myself to one or two pieces and not the whole bread basket! Or if my husband orders dessert I may have a taste but I limit it to three bites. Three seems to be the magic number for me, it satisfies me enough so I do not feel deprived.

Think through what some of yours might be and make a plan for yourself.


4. Plan daily movement

When choosing a place to stay, I like to check its walkability. If we can get around to shops, restaurants and other spots on foot, I’m happy. My husband and I also love to ride bikes when we’re in a bike friendly area. It’s a fun way to explore a new city and keeps you moving without feeling like it’s a workout.

If I have time when we are traveling I love to try out new exercise classes. It’s a great way to switch things up and meet new people. You can ask the hotel staff or your airbnb host for recommendations.

healthy habits for travel


5. Take time to do something you enjoy.

Use this time away from your daily routine to do things you enjoy and don’t always make time for at home. Relax with your favorite book on the beach, enjoy a long leisure breakfast, and go for a sunrise hike. When you fuel your soul with these activities you are caring for your whole self. 

6. Plan meals to make at home or look at menus before you go out

Part of the fun in traveling is not having to cook and clean the kitchen but making a few meals wherever you’re staying is a great way to stick to some healthy habits. I may choose to eat breakfast and lunch at home most days and go out for dinners for example. It helps keep me grounded and I enjoy walking around grocery stores in other countries. 

If cooking where you are is not an option than scan menus before you go out and decide what you’ll order before you’re starving! Choose which restaurants you want to indulge at and where you’ll stick to some of your healthier habits.


7. Stay in tune with your body

Giving pause in the morning and throughout the day to check in with myself has been very helpful. If I feel bloated or gassy, I think about what I have eaten and I try to get back on track. One tip that I have learned to help with all digestion issues is to drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Learn more here. If you’re feeling tired, give yourself permission to rest.


8. Opt for the mocktails

If you’ve been following me for some time, you know I’ve cut out alcohol from my lifestyle (you can learn more why in this podcast.) It’s always fun to have a pretty drink at a meal but now I opt for a mocktail (hold the sugar!)  On my recent Balance retreat in Mexico I tried a few delicious and beautifully prepared mocktails that I don’t miss the alcohol one bit!


9. Enjoy Every Minute 

Having the right mindset is one of my number one rules for healthy travel and that means to ENJOY EVERY MINUTE. Lose track of time, stay curious to the new surrounding you.  I remind myself that I don’t have to do everything “right”.  I know that when I get home I can do a 24 hour fast to get me back on track quickly.

Health tips for travel

What health tips for travel do you have?

My Balanced Eating method is starting a new session in June. It may be the perfect way to support you in staying healthy while traveling.

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