How To Get A Summer Body – Summer Body Tips

I know you have heard the saying “Summer Bodies are made in the Winter”? Do you want to know how to get a summer body?

In the winter we are able to hide our bodies with more clothes but this is when we need to get summer body ready. So how do we do that? Is there the perfect summer body workout or maybe even a summer body diet?  The things we do in the winter will get us ready for the summer.  In other words, our summer body is made in the winter.


Summer Body Tips


Summer Body Tips

First, we must shift our mindset to get that summer body.

Studies have shown that people with a positive mindset can accomplish so much more than someone that has a negative mindset.  If you are more positive you will have more joy.  If you have more joy you can accomplish more.

So if you talk negatively to yourself, “I am so fat” or “I look terrible in my bathing suit, look at my stomach” then what do you think will happen? This doesn’t make you feel good, it probably won’t even lead to making a change. On the flip side if you talk positively to yourself, “I love my body for what it can do for me” or “My stomach hasn’t gone down after having this baby but look at what my body accomplished by having my beautiful baby. Now I am ready to get in shape for summer.”

Positive self-talk is better all the way around.  Think of how you would talk to a friend.  Speak to yourself in that same kind of way.  Encourage yourself.


Summer Body Tips


The second thing we need to focus on to get a summer body is consistency.

Have you ever heard consistency compounds like money in the bank?  It is true. Little habits every day will add up along the way. My favorite book is Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg.  In the book BJ Fogg talks about the small changes that change everything.

Remember you don’t have to be perfect you just need to be consistent.  If you get off track remember what Maria Forleo says around “Progress over Perfection“. Forgive yourself and move on. LET IT GO!

At the first of the year, we have our “New Year’s Resolutions”, (I really don’t like that term, you can read why here) then somewhere either around 1st of February or mid-February we get sidetracked.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to forgive yourself and start over each day. Remember we are focusing on progress over perfection.

Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order.

-Anne Wilson Schaef


In Maria Forleo’s book “Everything Is Figureoutable“, she explains what progress over perfection should look like.

“Please understand, progress is never a straight line.  Progress zigs and zags. It expands, then retreats.  You will move forward then back.  Up and down. Then sideways and back again. To fight the erratic rhythm of progress is futile. Expect setbacks, stumbles, and big flops along the way.  They’re inevitable, and they’re also positive indicators you’re making progress.”

What we do right now, today can make a difference but first, we must be consistent to get in shape for summer.

summer body consistency


Next, we need to remember we are not going to get a summer body in 2 weeks.

Focusing on the bigger picture and realizing it is a marathon and not a sprint.  There are several programs that will promise you a perfect summer body but that is unrealistic.  To really get in shape for summer it takes work and effort.

Summer Body Diet

The summer body diet consists of the right amount of macros (proteins, fats, and carbs).  Yes, even carbs.  As women, we must have carbs for hormone function.  When we eliminate one food group completely we are missing out on what our body needs.  Figuring out your correct macro splits is important in your summer body diet plan.  Hiring a health coaching service to help you is a good option.

Focusing on whole food nutrition and eliminating processed foods is another key component of your summer body diet. So many times we are so quick to eat grab and go foods without realizing how processed they are.  A good rule of thumb is if it has 5 or more ingredients it is off the list. Preparing ahead will help you to eliminate or cut back on processed foods.


Low Carb Day

Summer Body Workout

Nutrition alone will not get you summer body ready.  You need to add the right type of workouts so that you can create lean muscle. Focusing on a variety of HIT workouts along with strength training workouts is a great summer body workout.

Building lean muscle is what it takes to get that summer body.  In order to do that, you must remember it takes time and effort.  The more muscle we have the higher our metabolism and therefore we will burn off the excess fat revealing your summer body.

If you are not familiar with weight training this would be a good time to hire a personal trainer or find a program that has summer body workouts that are easy to follow and you can do from the gym or even your home.


Summer Body Workout


And the final piece of the puzzle to get a summer body is support and accountability.

In Marie Forleo’s book, Everything Is Figureoutable, she quotes a study.  “A study by the Association for Talent Development found that you’ve got a 65 percent chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone.  Add a specific accountability appointment and you’ll increase your chances of success by up to 95 percent.  Yes, 95 percent.”

So where can you find support and accountability?  It can be as easy as enlisting your best friend that wants the same thing or even hiring a coach as I have done. As a As a Health and Nutrition Coach, I give my clients the support and accountability to help then achieve their goal to get in shape for summer and feel their best.


Are you looking for a way to feel your best and live your best life? Why not start a program today that is a lifestyle.  No quick fix, shakes, and/or supplements.  This is a lifestyle that is sustainable for the rest of your life.  You will feel better and look better no matter what your age or fitness level.  This is an opportunity to join with like-minded women to live your best life.

We all need more balance in our life especially as we hit midlife years.  Finding the right balance for YOU is my goal.

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