My Fall Must-Haves

My Fall Must-Haves

My Fall Must-Haves

My Fall Must-Haves

I love Fall! I get really excited when September rolls around because not only is it my birthday month, but it also brings back the nostalgia of back to school shopping.  I always loved back to school shopping and occasionally my mother would take me to Atlanta to get ready for the new school year.  That was huge back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Don’t get me wrong, we have pretty great shopping right here in Birmingham, but who doesn’t love to take a trip to the capital of the south for a little shopping? I love to find things online as well, but it still works best for me if I can see, touch it and try it on.  Although, with online shopping, they have made it so easy to return if it doesn’t work out or you change your mind.

If you haven’t heard, Gus Mayer is my go-to place to shop in Birmingham and Nashville and, as luck would have it, they have most of my fall must-haves.  However, when I am out of town, I have a hard time passing up an Intermix store.  Recently, when I was in Chicago, my son wanted to go into a store I had never been into before, Uniqlo.  I found some great basics in there that I really liked.  This was my favorite that I just had to buy in two colors.  I also had to have this for layering and will be ordering more soon.

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These are just some of My Fall Must-Haves!  My style is pretty classic casual most of the time unless I have an event to go to.  I recently got this belt, which has quickly become my favorite.  In my opinion,  you must have a good black belt to bring it all together.  I also love scarves as an extra accessory, preferably like the one above. Gus Mayer carries the Brightly Twisted scarves along with many others.  Brightly Twisted is one of my favorite brands!  They have much more than just scarves.  Also, I am a jean addict!  I am always on the search for the latest and greatest denim.  There are so many brands it is so hard to choose.  I always recommend grabbing your friend (that will tell you the truth), go to a store that carries a lot of jeans and try on at least 5 pairs.  You and your truthful friend will know the right one for you.  For me, I always come back to Mother jeans.  They just fit me the best and are the most comfortable.  Lucky for me, they carry them at Gus Mayer.  One more thing, I can’t leave out is my velvet crush! I love everything velvet! It just feels so good and looks luscious. I love this pair of pants and this blazer.  Then there are the velvet shoes.  If I could only pick two I would pick these sneakers and these boots.

One trend, I do not think I will be following are the white booties.  I think they look adorable on other people but they just remind me too much of the go-go boots.  Who knows, I could always change my mind.

What about you, will you be trying the little white booties?  What are your fall must-haves?

My outfit:  You can find most of my outfit at Gus Mayer.

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