My Favorite Workout Clothes

Well, I haven’t been shopping very must except for new workout clothes.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorite brands and my favorite workout clothes.  I have been a fan of workout clothes ever since I owned my Pure Barre studio.

Studio to Street Workout Clothes

If you buy cute workout clothes you can wear them straight from your workouts to whatever you are doing for the day.  Now, your day may look a lot different than it did before because of Covid-19, I know my day does.  We use to call this from studio to street but now it might be called home basement to the home office for me. What about you?

Thankfully, some of the studios are opening back up and you can wear some of your cute new workout clothes there but if not you can still wear them around your house and feel put together.

Street Clothes vs. Stretch Yoga Pants

I would suggest trying on your regular clothes now and then just to make sure everything is still fitting.  It can be hard to tell with your stretchy yoga pants. If you do feel like those regular clothes are fitting a little tighter it might be time to learn some strategies to fit back into your favorite clothes and find a sustainable lifestyle where you can look and feel your best.

As a health coach, I have found the healthiest approach to feeling your best and looking your best is balance.  In FASTer Way to Fat Loss, I teach you strategies that you can use for a lifetime. It is not about deprivation it is about finding the right balance for you.

My Favorite Brands Of Workout Clothes

My favorite brands haven’t really changed much, they are Beyond Yoga, Alo Yoga, and Lululemon. These brands have been around for a while and just keep getting better to me. I love the fit and the fabrics.

Right now, I am walking more than ever so I am wearing my favorite Alo shorts or Lulu shorts.  I do also love the biker shorts with Beyond and Alo but I do not walk in these, I wear them at home to do my FASTer Way Workouts.

My favorite fabric is the Space Dye by Beyond Yoga and Alosoft by Alo. It feels so soft! The colors are all so pretty too. It seems lately everything I buy is pink, grey and white.

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