Aging Beautifully With Photorejuvenation Therapy

You may remember my post from last month, Aging Gracefully With A Little Help From My Dermatologist. Last week, I went back to visit Dr. Sawyer to follow up on a treatment she recommended Photorejuvenation therapy or IPL.

Dr. Sawyer recommends a proactive approach to anti-aging.  She recommends fillers as needed,  botox every 3 months,  SkinCeuticals Brightening System, and a series of intense pulse light treatments.

The best way to find out what would work best for your skin is to make an appointment with Dr. Sawyer for a consult. Everyone is different in what they want to achieve. My goal is to age as gracefully as possible.

Photorejuvenation Therapy Also Known As IPL

IPL is at the forefront of all anti-aging activity.  According to Dr. Sawyer IPL was proven to reduce pigment, discoloration, and sun damage.  But now it is known to turn back the clock.  Watch the video to see exactly what Dr. Sawyer has to say about IPL. (Sorry about the quality of the video) I am getting numbing cream on in the video.

Getting Ready For The IPL

After The IPL Treatment

The next day, I couldn’t tell that I had anything done.  My skin felt great. I really feel like my skin has improved from using the SkinCeuticles Brightening System along with the IPL.  I am excited to turn back the clock on my skin without having to do something that requires a lot of downtime and money.

What is your favorite treatment for anti-aging?


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