How to Thrive in Midlife with Revive Now

Midlife women, you’re not alone

I’ve spoken to a lot of women in their 40s who are starting to notice changes in their bodies and mood and want to know how to thrive in midlife. I fully understand feeling lost and confused because I experienced the same thing. Perimenopause is most likely kicking in but women at this age feel too young to be starting the menopause journey so it can be confusing. 

In a recent reel I shared on Instagram, the comments section blew up with women sharing their experiences. As women engaged back and forth, I could see the power that comes with knowing you’re not alone in this season. 

How To Thrive in Midlife


What other midlife women are saying

  • Mine started in my 30’s and I had no idea. It wasn’t until I begged my doctor to test my hormones that I found out some levels were already too low to count. I’m in my early 40s now. I just cried and the doctor offered no advice or help.
  • For the past decade, I was feeling so miserable with fatigue, brain fog, and low libido, and I didn’t know until my period stopped for a year and now I feel like a new person!
  • Changing my eating saved me from pain and other health issues. It took away the horrible night sweats, hot flashes, itchy skin, acne, dry lady bits, and more. The way we eat is affecting us in ways we don’t even know! Dairy was the devil to my body and it has been 3 months now and I don’t have any anxiety or mood swings. I felt like I was dying before.
  • I wish I would have known so bad, I wouldn’t be where I am now, 49 and sick.
  • If I would have known this in my late 30s I would have done some different life-changing habits.
  • I am 45 and feel my body is out of control.
  • I wish doctors would recognize this, I just turned 40 and I’ve had symptoms for 2 years but I’m constantly told I’m too young.


Here’s how to thrive in midlife

So many people ask me, “What do I do?”  What you need to do is join Revive Now!

If I knew then what I know now it could have dramatically changed my journey through perimenopause and eased some of my symptoms. I didn’t have the tools to navigate and understand what I was going through. 

I assumed exercise was enough but that’s just one small part of the process. Sleep and lifestyle changes are extremely important. The lifestyle we live today has an impact on our menopausal journey. 

I don’t want you to have to go through all of that, feeling isolated and lost, which is why I started the BWM. You do not need to feel powerless. There are things you can actually take control of in this journey of health. We help you create your own program that fits your goals and what is sustainable for you and your lifestyle.


The BWM will EMPOWER YOU to transform your life & body through:

  • proper nourishment -whole foods & intuitive eating
  • effective exercise for this time in your life
  • mindset practices that foster positivity and greater happiness
  • plus much more – hormone health, optimal sleep, stress management.


This comprehensive and balanced approach to wellness will revive & renew your mind, body & soul. You’ll feel re-energized again. If you’re ready to learn how to thrive in midlife, join me in the next BWM starting Monday, September 12th. Sign up here.


Testimonial from BWM participant:

Being a nutrition and fitness coach for the last 17 yrs I thought I knew what to do when menopause hit and how to maneuver through that midlife change. Boy was I wrong! I had no idea how to navigate symptoms that seemed to hit me fast and furious. I didn’t know where to start tackling the changes coming at me and my Dr. didn’t really offer up any specific advice. It was at that point I reached out to Deanna. I knew she created a healthy living program for midlife women and was anxious to ask her all sorts of questions about it. She was a breath of fresh air! She took time to talk to me, listen to my concerns, and shared with me how her program works so that I could find my own personal “Balance” in midlife. I jumped in as a client to do her 8-week Balance Wellness program and was able to peel back the layers and really focus on my nutrition, daily habits, and my mindset.  You see, I truly thought there was no way I could help menopause symptoms without a bunch of meds, which I refused to do. But once I focused on a different nutritional strategy, a new fitness strategy, and my daily routines it all came together and my mindset focused more on the positive changes than the negative that goes along with going through menopause. Since being a client of The Balance Wellness Method I am feeling fantastic!  I feel energized again, my sleep quality has improved, I’ve lost the 9lbs I put on over the Fall & Winter and I love being in a community of like-minded women! Balance Wellness was a total game changer for me and I am thriving, just as I hoped I would be at 52!  Thank you, Deanna, for creating a program that realizes one size does not fit all, and we can find Balance in midlife!



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