The Benefits Of A Great Fitting Bra And How To Find The Best One

Do you have a great fitting bra? Have you ever had a bra that the straps were falling down or maybe it kept riding up on you?  Even worse your breasts were spilling out the top?  The strap thing happened to me recently.  Since I have lost 10 pounds (check out the post here), I have not purchased a new bra.  Of course, the one place I didn’t want to lose weight I did.  So my bra was not fitting correctly and it was driving me crazy!

great fitting bra

great fitting bra

great fitting bra

The benefits of having a great fitting bra are the comfort, how we look in our clothes and confidence in our appearance.  A well-fitting bra can make all the difference in the world.

I decided it was time for a new bra.  Thankfully, not far from my house is The Lingerie Shoppe in Mountain Brook Village.  It has become a living institution of Mountain Brook for over 70 years.  Helping several generations find the perfect fitting bra.

great fitting bra

great fitting bra

Brenda, the owner of The Lingerie Shoppe, helped me find several bras that fit me perfectly.   First, she asked me what type of bra I wanted, tee-shirt, lacy, pushup, minimizer, etc.  Then she asked me what size I was currently wearing.  There are so many different brands and style to choose from and she started with a few that she thought would work.  I tried on several to find just the right fit for me.

great fitting bra

When you go for your fitting be sure to bring a clean, usable bra. They will give  10 percent off the purchase of a new one and will donate the bra brought in to First Light, a center for homeless women and children.  This is a great way to help another woman while you are helping yourself.

While I was in there looking around, I bought a beautiful robe and pair of pajamas.  They have so many wonderful items to choose from.  They even have great ideas for graduation presents like monogrammed satin pillowcases, monogrammed travel/bathing suit bags and PJ Harlow satin shorts.

Go visit Brenda and all the women at The Lingerie Shoppe today and find your perfect fitting bra for your body.

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