Dating After 40 – Things To Consider

Dating after 40 can be so different from dating in your 20’s.  As I shared in an earlier post about divorce, I have been divorced two times and I am on my third and final marriage.  Before I married Jeff, I went on dates with a few really good guys and then some not so good guys.

dating after 40

First, I want to start with a disclaimer, I never did like dating even when I was younger. Looking back now, I can see how I might have done things differently. We can always see things better the further we get away from them.

Technology Has Changed The Way We Date

When I was in my 20’s we didn’t have a cell phone and therefore did not have text messaging. I remember someone told me I would have to get used to being asked out by a text message.  That was something I did not want any part of and I believe that if a guy cannot call you on the phone or ask you out in person, you shouldn’t go out with him. Ok, now you can call me old fashion.

The other thing about text messaging when dating or just in general, it can be misinterpreted.  I think text message has its place but not really at the beginning of dating.

dating and text messaging

Online Dating

I did try online dating a little.  Online dating can be a great way to meet someone.  I have actually known a few people to have long-term relationships meeting someone online. If you do decide to try this check out this article here to help you get started.

online dating

Keep Your Self Open To Possibilities

After two failed marriages, you might wonder why I would want to try again.  The truth is I like being married.  Even though marriage is one of the hardest things I have ever done (more on that later).

Do not prejudge people or rule anyone out until you give them a chance.  I would never have thought I would have ended up marrying Jeff but I am so thankful I did.

I knew Jeff as an acquaintance for many years before we started dating. But knowing someone from a distance and really knowing them is two different things.  On our first date, I was surprised at how little I really knew about him.

dating after 40

One of the most important things I will tell you about dating after 40 or any age is to be the type of person you want to date. What I mean is to really be happy with yourself and don’t look for someone else to fulfill something for you.  Only you can do that.

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