Easy Summertime Fashion – Check Out Your Closet First

Summertime fashion can be a challenge in this heat.  Most of the time in the summer you will find me wearing these shorts and a t-shirt like this. But on the rare occasion that I have to dress a little nicer, you will find me in a dress or some flowy lightweight pants.  As much as I love these jeans, I just can not wear them in this heat.

Easy Summertime Fashion

My Summertime Fashion

My Summertime Fashion

If you are like me, your closet is full of easy summertime fashion.  When I clean out my closet, I can really see what I have. The other day, I was meeting a friend for lunch and I put together this outfit.  These pants are lightweight cool and comfortable. I also have them in black.  I bought them a few years ago and they are some of my favorites for summertime.



I paired it with my go-to white tank. Any time I am out shopping and I find a white tank under $50 I have to buy it.  A white tank is a big part of my basic fashion at any time of the year.  Here is another one of my favorite white tanks.


These shoes I got about a month ago when I was in Chicago.  I have gotten more compliments on them and they are so comfortable.  You can still get them on sale here. Here is a couple of other’s that I found that I really like.


The bag I am carrying is from my Rachel Zoe Subscription Box.  If you missed my post on it check it out here. Don’t forget my favorite pearls that I am wearing.

As you know most of my clothes, shoes, makeup, skincare, jewelry and even gifts come from Gus Mayer.  But there is a rare occasion when I am out of town I find some items that Gus Mayer doesn’t carry and I have to have them or there is major sale like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts this Thursday, July 12 if you are a cardmember.  This is a great time to grab some fun trendy and transitional items for fall.  Check back Thursday and I will try to have up my favorites from the sale.

Easy Summertime Fashion

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