Jump Start to Healthy Eating Habits

Whenever we ask women what they struggle with when it comes to meal planning and healthy eating habits, we hear the same things over and over again.

Which one of these sounds like you?

  • An empty nester struggling to cook healthy for 2? Is it harder than you anticipated and you don’t know where to begin?
  • A busy mom juggling ALL THE THINGS…planning and cooking healthy meals, especially during the week feels impossible. There never seems to be enough time!
  • The opposite of an aspiring home chef… you just want to get in and out of the kitchen quickly. Cooking is a little intimidating, so most of your meals are what you pick up from a local restaurant, get delivered, or are something frozen and ready to heat and eat.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could easily plan, cook and eat healthier, balanced, and more plant-based meals that you and your family really enjoy WITHOUT…

  • Overcomplicated meal planning that has you plotting your meals on a spreadsheet
  • Having to learn advanced cooking techniques meant only for a master chef, not for real life
  • Buying a ton of ingredients that you use only once a year
  • Spending hours in the kitchen using all the stove burners and every pot and pan you have

healthy eating habits

PhewWe’re sure you’re exhausted even thinking about all that!

We want to let you know that our new program, BALANCE Eating Method is now open for our new session starting August 8th!

Melanie and I will guide you towards a more balanced and healthier way of eating without all that stress – spending hours in the kitchen, following complicated recipes with a ton of ingredients, or becoming the next Master Chef!

Get all the program details here!  

We’ve got a quick breakdown of what your 4-Week Journey In The Balance Eating Method looks like over there too.  Plus you can read more about our signature Plug and Play Meal-Building Formula!


Ready to get started on your way to more healthy eating habits?! 

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