The Program You Need to Create Healthy Eating Habits

My eating journey

My eating has shifted dramatically over the years. When we know better, we do better, and that’s exactly what happened to me. Over the years, I’ve slowly evolved into a more whole foods way of eating to create healthy eating habits for longevity. It was quite the shift away from all the sugar-free foods and diet sodas I consumed in my 20s and 30s and even in my 40s!  


When I was younger, I didn’t think too much about how the food I was eating would impact my overall quality of life; I was in a mentality of the here and now. Losing my parents to cancer and hitting perimenopause was the jolt I needed to change how I was eating. I knew I wanted to live a long, healthy life and participate in my granddaughter’s life, so I needed to create healthy eating habits that would be sustainable for the long term. Instead of just eating to consume food that tasted good, I started paying attention to how I felt after I ate the food.  Did it make me bloated?  Did I have the energy, or did I feel like I needed a nap?  It was so eye-opening.  Even foods that are “healthy” can sometimes not be the best for us.  We are all so different. 


What does a balanced diet look like for me today?

I once believed that a balanced diet was everything in moderation, but as we get older, things change tremendously. Following the 80-20 rule isn’t sufficient anymore – eating 80 percent whole foods and 20 percent anything else. I have since adjusted that to the 90-10 ratio.


As we hit midlife, eating really well during the week and then going all out over the weekend with indulgences doesn’t work anymore! Today I am primarily alcohol-free thanks to everything I learned from my friend, Jen (sober sis). I also incorporate intermittent fasting into my daily routine and choose three nutrient-dense meals instead of snacking in the 8-hour eating window. I focus on eating whole foods and getting in all the macros (proteins, carbs, and fat) so I have the energy to keep up with my granddaughter!


For far too long, we’ve been told we should eliminate a particular food group to have a healthy diet, but that is the last thing we should be doing! This could hurt our hormones more than help us. It’s about taking in the right foods – whole foods, real foods. If you’re unsure if something is a whole food ask yourself, does it come from the ground or have a mother? If yes, it’s whole food! 


If you want to take a deep dive into the topics of alcohol and its effects on our health or intermittent fasting, check out these previous blogs and podcasts: 


Why we created The Balance Eating Method

Healthy Eating Habits

Over the years, I have been on quite the journey trying to find a healthy, sustainable way of eating that supported my overheal health goals. I don’t want other women to struggle as I did to find the support they need. It can feel overwhelming to plan healthy meals for ourselves and our families and know what foods will support our longevity!  


Perhaps you don’t know what is considered a whole-food-based meal, or you don’t have the time, energy, or cooking skills.  That was where I started…I felt like I wasn’t a very good cook. 


Melanie and I created The Balance Eating Method specifically for busy women in midlife that are ready to fuel their bodies optimally with more nourishing whole foods without spending huge amounts of time meal planning and cooking. We developed a simple method to help you plan and cook healthy balanced, and more whole food-based meals with ease using minimal ingredients (less than 5 ingredients!).


When you nourish your body with more whole foods, you’ll begin to reap the benefits of all those wonderful micronutrients – to help reduce body inflammation, manage your weight better and improve overall health so you can feel & look your best!


What’s included in the BEM

We show participants the Balance Plug & Play Formula to easily build healthy meals using only 5 ingredients or less! The Balance Plug & Play Formula breaks it all down very simply and will take the guesswork out of healthy meal planning. The 4-week program gives participants access to the Balance Eating Method online program and group community in the Well & Worthy Life App.


This online program is designed to help each individual reach their goal of balanced whole food-based eating with even GREATER success! Each participant will get our personalized help in the group community and be able to get their questions answered there.


Our next Balance Eating Program starts in Febuary. If you’re ready to create more healthy eating habits and find support in the move to more balanced healthy eating in 4 weeks join us! All the information is here.


Here’s what others are saying about BEM

My win for the week – I missed the zoom call on Wednesday because I had to go shopping to find a dress for a wedding. While I was out, I took the opportunity to shop and try on jeans – the girl in the store kept trying to get me to try a size smaller and I said “ha ha I have never been that size”, but I decided to try and guess what they fit!!! And just to test this, I tried on jeans at another store, different brand, also a size smaller than usual! I haven’t been on a scale because of a very unhealthy relationship with it. I don’t think I have ever felt more in control of my eating!! Now, let’s hope I will stay the course. 


I jumped on this program because I was freaking out at turning 60 which happened a week ago. You have not heard much from me but I have been very dedicated. Looking back over the last few weeks, it made my 60th transition easier and prepared me for what is happening right now. I’ve been eating delicious food, my digestive system has been functioning better (there is a history of colon cancer in my family), and my joint pain has disappeared. 

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