5 Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays (Menopause Edition)

With the holidays quickly approaching, our days start getting busier. Planning for travel or visitors can throw us off our routines, so it’s essential to have a plan for healthy eating during the holidays. These 5 tips are a great starting point, especially for those of you in menopause.

healthy eating during the holidays

1. Focus on Whole Foods

Tables and counters are filled with sweet treats and other yummy indulgences and it can be hard to steer clear when they’re in plain sight. Place these items in the pantry or avoid buying them altogether. Instead, leave bowls of fruit out so those are easy to grab. With a fridge filled with fresh veggies, hummus, and other healthy whole foods we’re setting ourselves up to make healthy choices during the holidays.


2. Prioritize Protein & Fiber

If we’re looking for tips on eating healthy during the holidays, we can’t skimp on protein or fiber! As fiber helps speed the process of digestion, it also helps the body extract nutrients that help relieve menopause symptoms. With how hectic the holidays can be, finding ways to stay grounded and relieve menopause symptoms is a must. Fiber also helps us feel fuller longer and prevents us from overeating! Having enough protein in our diet works to keep our metabolism running smoothly, decreasing the likelihood of weight gain.


3. Maintain Daily Habits

Those small habits we do on the daily need to be carried through during the holidays. The morning walk, drinking adequate amounts of water, and sticking to a sleep routine will help. At a time when routines feel out of whack, sticking to our small, daily habits will keep our bodies feeling regulated.


4. Manage Stress

It’s easy to stress eat during the holidays. Having a game plan of what to do if we’re starting to feel overwhelmed will allow us to make a different choice than turning to food. When stress creeps in, perhaps we choose movement, going to a meditation class, or journaling instead. Try to use something besides food to manage stress. 


5. Plan Healthy Dishes

Whether you’re going to someone’s house or hosting at yours, make sure to have one or 2 healthy items that you’ll prepare for the holidays so you’ll always have something on hand. Cut up veggies to dip in hummus as a great fiber-packed snack or prepare a big, delicious salad. We can still enjoy our favorite indulgence but having these healthy items to go to is a great balance.


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