My Favorites On 30A – The Best Florida Beach

Have you heard of 30A? It is in South Walton County, Florida. This is my favorite place in the world and the best Florida beach in my opinion. It really feels like home to me because my mother lived here for over 20 years. The number one thing you will notice right away are the beaches.  The sand is sugary white and the ocean is turquoise.

florida beaches

My Favorite Places To Stay On 30A

My favorite place to stay on 30A is my house.  But since everyone can’t stay at my house I would recommend calling Elite 30a. Elite 30a is a boutique management company on 30a.  They can help you find the perfect spot for your next vacation on this beautiful Florida beach.

My Favorite Places to Eat On 30A





  • La Crema – The hot chocolate molten cake with peanut butter and vanilla ice cream is out of this world.

florida beach

My Favorite Places To Shop On 30A

  • La Vie Est Belle – My most favorite pearls.  I wrote a post on it here.
  • Ophelia – The best swimwear on 30a.
  • Patchouli’s – I love to go in and browse and I always find something I have to have.
  • Willow – Be sure to check out all 3 locations. They each have something a little different.
  • Otium 30a – Best activewear on 30a.
  • For The Health Of It – My favorite place to get all my healthy food.
  • Kiki Risa – It is actually not on 30a but it isn’t that bad of a drive.

florida beach

My Favorite Places to Workout On 30A

florida beach

My Favorite Things To Do On 30A

florida real estate

Now that you know all of my favorite things on the best Florida beach you probably just want to call my favorite real estate person and buy a beach place for yourself.  Guess what he is not only the best real estate agent, he is my son, C.J. Adams. Click here to see all of his listings.

Have you been to 30a?  What are some of your favorites?

Photos by: Shelli Allen Roberts Photography

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