The Wonders of Peptides for Menopause

I only started learning about peptides within the past year and I have been loving them! They really have done such wonders for me. Perhaps you’ve heard about the benefits of peptides for skin but they extend far beyond that. If you haven’t heard about peptides, I wanted to fill you in so you could look into them for yourself. Everyone entering perimenopause would benefit from using them. 

Benefits of peptides for skin and more!

What are peptides?

Before I share all the great reasons to start using them, let’s break down what peptides are. Your body makes peptides which are strings of amino acids. These are the “building blocks” of proteins. They are these microscopic amino acids that code for different functions in the body. 

Many people are interested in peptides because they control different things like hormone production. It’s like chasing the fountain of youth with its anti-aging properties!


Why should I use peptides?

There are many benefits for using peptides especially for women in menopause or perimenopause. As mentioned previously, the benefits of peptides for skin is a primary reason people use them. They balance hormones to support anti-aging but there are so many other reasons you may want to consider using peptides:

  • Increase your libido and improve sex hormones
  • Change your body composition. If you want bigger muscles or you’re looking to drop weight or melt belly fat away.  It’s not instant but with time, it does work. 
  • Support the process of healing from an injury
  • Muscle repair
  • Improve cognitive function. 
  • Restore your sleep, wake cycle
  • Increase the number of hair follicles and increase the thickness and growth rate of your hair
  • Help heal the skin from age spots

With some of the common menopause side effects being sleep problems, weight gain and vaginal dryness, incorporating peptides could be a great solution.

How to use peptides    peptides for women

My personal experience in taking peptides

With some of the menopause side effects I was experiencing, I couldn’t wait to try peptides! Although I eat well and work out regularly, that extra belly fat has lingered! Over time I can tell a big difference in my body composition from using peptides.

Another side effect of menopause I experience is vaginal dryness and a decreased libido but the peptides have also worked wonders in this department!  

The peptides I use most often are called Ipamorelin + Sermorelin also known as the fountain of youth because they help with anti-aging.  I love this one and use it on a pretty consistent basis. Most peptides are taken by injection. I was a little nervous about this at first but fairly quickly I got the hang of it and now I can inject it with ease.  I use it for 3 months then go off for a month. Truly, I love the effects of using peptides, especially in my menopause journey.


What to know before starting with peptides

As with everything related to health, it’s important to talk with your doctor about peptides before diving in. They will know your medical history and will be able to help you oversee the use to make sure that your growth hormones are ok.  

Tune into my podcast with functional medicine doctor, Dr. St. Petery, to go deeper into the conversation around peptides. We talk about: reasons why someone shouldn’t take peptides, Peptides vs. growth hormones, Peptides for cancer survivors and so much more! 

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