Practicing Gratitude for Menopause

Practicing gratitude for menopause is far from our minds when we’re going through all the symptoms. Who would be grateful for hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, mood swings, and anything else we’re feeling?! But we have to remember, how we think affects how we perceive our circumstances.

Mindset has a big effect on menopause. I was reading something recently that said if you have a negative mindset around menopause it can actually worsen your symptoms. Think instead about the benefits of this new season of life you’re in and how you have the power to care for yourself and feel better.


Practicing gratitude for menopause

No more birth control

Can I get an amen for that?! After all those years on different forms of birth control, we now have a built-in system! Enjoying intimacy without the stress of an unexpected pregnancy is wonderful.

Ok, but what if we no longer enjoy intimacy in menopause? How can we really be grateful for that?  This is one of the places I have struggled.  However, there are things we can do to improve this area of our life.  Hormone Therapy can be life-changing and has helped me along with focusing on hormone-balancing foods.

Another thing is focusing on what puts me in the mood and communicating that with my husband.  I think communication is key to helping our partners understand as we go through menopause.

No more periods

I’m so grateful for this one. It’s so nice not buying all the products that accompany your period or worrying whether you bled through your pants while out in public. I do not miss those cramps that showed up every month, wiping me out. When I finally had no more periods, I celebrated and wore white whenever I could!


I’ve made it this far

Making it to this point in life is something to celebrate. Getting older is a gift not to be taken for granted. Think about how amazing it is to watch your children grow; maybe you’re even enjoying time as a grandparent. Life is precious, and each new season we find ourselves in is cause for celebration.

Let’s face it we will all go through menopause if we live long enough, and I am all about celebrating each and every year.  You may remember my mother passed away at 75 and my father at 59.


As we approach Thanksgiving and the season of gratitude, let’s flip the script and continue practicing gratitude for menopause and this new season of life we are in! There is still so much good ahead.


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