Why Carbs Are Important To Our Health

Keto is the big buzzword in “diets” right now.  I get it.  I did a Keto diet too!  You can read about it here.  I still think it is the right lifestyle for some people but not ALL.  Carbs have gotten a bad rap and I want to tell you why carbs are important to our health.

Whole Carbs

Let’s start with clarifying good carbs and bad carbs or whole carbs and refined carbs.  Whole carbs are unprocessed and contain fiber found naturally in food.  Refined carbs are processed food with the fiber stripped out.

Carbs are important to your health

Examples of whole carbs are fruits, vegetables, grains, potatoes, these are usually healthy.  Refined foods include white bread, pastries, fruit juices, white pasts.  You get the idea.

Why Whole Carbs Are Important

Carbs provide us with the energy we need just like gas fuels a car. Carbohydrates have micronutrients that are important for our overall health.

Also, carbs help regulate hormones, this has played a crucial role in why I love carb cycling. When I first started doing Keto, I loved it.  However, after time my body started feeling like it was missing something.  I didn’t have much energy and I wasn’t sleeping very well. Once I added carb cycling it changed all of that for me, I have more energy and I am sleeping better.

I do splurge occasionally and have a refined carb but I really try to stick to whole carbs.  Feeling my best is the most important part to me.

whole carbs are important to your health

Listen To Your Body

No matter what type of program or lifestyle you are on listen to your body.  We intuitively know what we need.  Each one of us needs different things at different times. What works for one person may not work for you.

Finding The Right Lifestyle For You

You may have to experiment with different eating lifestyles to find what works best for you.  But the bottom line is balance and whole foods.  Sticking to real foods and less processed foods.

Find a program that works for you and then be open to adjust it as you need to.

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