How I Lost 10 Pounds On The Keto Diet

Have you had the feeling where you are not happy with the way you look and feel?  That was me.  Here is my journey a couple of years ago on how I lost 10 pounds on my version of the keto diet.

When I started this journey I felt out of control with my eating and more importantly, I felt bloated constantly. Also, I now realize I was most likely in adrenal fatigue because of the stress that I had been under from my mother passing away and becoming a caregiver for my stepfather.

how I lost 10 pounds

Between 2014 and 2017, I put on a solid 7 pounds.  I half-heartedly tried to lose the weight but just couldn’t stick with it.  Honestly, I thought it was because I was 50 and it was menopause related.

In July of 2017, Jeff and I traveled to Napa with some friends of ours.  It was a wonderful trip with great wine and wonderful food. But for the first time in a long time, I felt miserable in my bathing suit.  At that moment, I realized I had to take control and figure out a way to get the weight off for good.

When we got home from our trip, I decided to cut out bread, potatoes, rice, and deserts.  I also tried to steer clear of as much sugar as I could.  I started reading labels more carefully and realizing how much sugar was in so many things.  Also, I got more serious with the intermittent fasting that I wrote about here.  I had thought about doing the Whole 30 thing but I knew it was too restrictive for me.  Tell me I can’t have something and that just makes me want it more.

The Keto Diet

Around the same time, I had a friend that started telling me about exogenous Ketones and being in Ketosis.  I had heard about being in Ketosis before and I had thought it was a bad thing.  After researching it more, I started making little adjustments to my diet by adding more good fats and cutting out more carbs. Here is a beginner’s guide to a Keto Diet. You can also check out my Pinterest board Keto Friendly.

The first thing I noticed was that I was feeling so much better.  Then I noticed my clothes were not as tight.  After a couple of months, I finally got on the scale and was thrilled to see that I had lost 10 pounds.

A great resource I have found is Leanne Vogel with Healthful Pursuits.  She has a podcast called The Keto Diet.  Some of my favorite podcasts are:

The most important thing I learned through this is that I want to feel good. It all goes back to balance as I wrote about in this post.

For me, the keto diet is not a sustainable lifestyle but was a way to quickly get the weight off.  Now I practice the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lifestyle which is a sustainable lifestyle for me.

If you are interested in figuring out which program is best for you email me at to schedule your free 20-minute consultation. Together we can help you live your best life!

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